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SIMATIC HMI TP700 Comfort, Comfort Panel, touch operation, 7" widescreen TFT display, 16 million colors, PROFINET interface, MPI/PROFIBUS DP interface, 12 MB configuration memory, Windows CE 6.0, configurable from WinCC Comfort V11

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Application example HMI design with the HMI Template Suite

Give your machine an unmistakable face and turn the interface between machine and human into the trademark of your automation solution. The templates are available for SIMATIC WinCC Basic Panels and SIMATIC WinCC Comfort Panels.

ID: 91174767
Application example Library of Basic Processes (LBP) for TIA Portal V16 (STEP 7 Basic / Professional, WinCC Comfort / Professional, WinCC Runtime Advanced / Professional), WinCC V7.5 SP2 and WinCC Open Architecture 3.17 with documentation, libraries and demo projects

Global library (TIA Portal) with 23 SCL function blocks for the control level and with faceplates for visualization with Comfort Panels, WinCC Runtime Advanced and WinCC Runtime Professional V16. Libraries for WinCC V7.5 SP2 and WinCC Open Architecture 3.17.

ID: 109749508
FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
Application example Monitoring Machines and Plants with Network Cameras and SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels

SIMATIC Comfort Panels and the KTP Mobile Panels providing a camera control. It shows videos from IP cameras in HMI Runtime.

ID: 62383298
Application example SIMATIC HMI Option+

SIMATIC HMI Option+ offers you completely new functions for your SIMATIC IPC and your SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panel. Apart from the configuration of the device interfaces from Runtime, the new application also offers you possibilities for user identification via RFID card, functions for monitoring remote access or simplified handling of OPC UA certificates.

ID: 109754400
Application example Demo projects for HMI Control Panels with WinCC V16 (TIA Portal) for Basic Panels (2nd Generation), Comfort Panels and WinCC Runtime Advanced (TIA Portal)

Current demo projects that are made available for use with various HMI Control Panels.

ID: 109793851
Application example Printing with SIMATIC Comfort Panels

By means of a control panel, it should be possible to output data such as a screenshot, a shift report or a fault messages report via a printer or an alternative. It should be possible to print, independent from the manufacturer and type of the printer.

ID: 58205602
Application example User Administration in WinCC (TIA Portal)

This application example shows you how to successfully implement a user administration in WinCC (TIA Portal) and thus configure access protection for functions. Moreover, you will see the difference between local and central user administration. Configuring a central user administration using SIMATIC Logon is also documented.

ID: 109738532
Download Image downloads for HMI operator panels

Download HMI operator panel images.

ID: 109746530
FAQ How do you replace a defective operator panel, or how do you send a defective device for repair?

Contact persons and instructions for the purchase of spare parts or for the repair of devices

ID: 22639376
Certificate For use in hazardous locations, ATEX-EC-Type-Examination-Certificate, Manufacturer

Certificate Type Examination Operator Panels HMI Comfort Type TP ..., Type KTP ..., Type KP ..., Type ITC ... and Type IFP (English) DEKRA 11ATEX0005 X Issue 15

ID: 55997578
Product note Description of the product lifecycle for SIMATIC HMI products (PLM)

The general product lifecycle or "Product Lifecycle Management" (PLM) describes all lifecycles of a product. Regarding products, a differentiation is made between core products/system components, spare parts and accessories (memory cards, connectors, etc.).

ID: 91688124
Certificate For use in hazardous locations, ATEX-EC-Type-Examination-Certificate, DEKRA EXAM, DMT

Certificate Type Examination for Operator Panels HMI Comfort Type TP ..., Type KTP ..., Type KP ..., Type ITC and HMI Comfort Outdoor Type TP ... (english) DEKRA 19ATEX0111 X, Issue 1

ID: 109792100
Application example Long-term data archiving with WinCC Runtime Advanced and SIMATIC HMI operating devices with WinCC (TIA Portal)

Create practically any number of extensive long-term archives independent of the quantity structures of the operator interfaces and display them on PCs and HMI panels using trend views and f(x) trend views.

ID: 109477071
Application example Security guidelines for SIMATIC HMI operator devices and SIMATIC WinCC Unified

Security strategies for more security when configuring and operating SIMATIC HMI operator devices and SIMATIC WinCC Unified projects.

ID: 109481300
Application example Quality Assurance by means of Weighing, Controlling and Logging with the SIMATIC S7-1200 (Set 6)

This filling plant offers you the selection of the product via recipes, weight control via SIWAREX and logging via data logging with access via the integrated web server of the S7-1200.

ID: 82454336
Certificate For use in hazardous locations, CCC-Ex, CNEX

CCC (Certificate for China Compulsary Product Certification), SIMATIC Operator Panels HMI Comfort (chinesisch / englisch) 2020312309000381

ID: 109784006
Application example Energy efficiency evaluation and media analysis for machines with Simatic Energy Management (S7-EE Monitor)

The concept and the application examples for the standardized efficiency evaluation of machines according to VDMA34179 or ISO14955 allow an evaluation of the energy efficiency of machines (all media).

ID: 109753230
FAQ Which ports are used by WinCC Advanced, WinCC Runtime Advanced, WinCC Runtime Professional, Basic Panels, Comfort Panels, Panels and IPC?

Single ports are assigned to different IP services in the communication. This entry provides additional information to the manual information about ports used by WinCC (TIA Portal).

ID: 80917729
Application example Communication between SIMATIC HMI Panels and SINAMICS frequency inverter G120 for operating and for displaying of alarm- and error messages (direct connection, without PLC)

Direct connection between SIMATIC HMI Panel and SINAMICS G120 frequency Inverter. Made possible to operate frequency Inverter and dispalying alarm- and error Messages via text list, without PLC.

ID: 109481157
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