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MOD LVR 320A 2G 3P/IN 1P/OUT W/250A/250A
Siemens Low Voltage's Multi-Family Metering Line of Power Mod Lever Bypass Meter Stacks as part of the Power Mod Commercial Meter Stacks Group. Type: POWER MOD Features: LEVER BYPASS, EXTRA JAW, RINGLESS Appn: GARDEN - STYLE, METER RISE, HIGH RISE Std: UL V. Rating: 120/240 V AC A. Rating: 320A Phase: 3PH IN/1PH OUT Size: 13.000x24.000x72.000 No. Of Cutouts: 4 Cutout Size: 2,2-1/2,3,3-1/2,4 Cable Entry: BOTTOM FEED Terminal: QUICK CONNECT. Insulated. Mounting rails. Enclosure: TYPE 3R

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