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Manual Compact Operating Instructions KA 2032: SIMOGEAR Worm geared motor S

02 / 2018, Compact Operating Instructions, A5E36801139A/RS-AD

ID: 109480875
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, Manufacturer

EC declaration of conformity A5E36964102

ID: 109481348
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, TÜV (technischer Überwachungsverein)

SIMOGEAR_EU_Declaration_of_Conformity_Motors_for_direct_mounting_ATEX A5E43968682

ID: 109755253
Manual Freigegebene Schmierstoffe NT 7300

21.11.2017, Operating Instructions, A5E43774560A

ID: 109753864
FAQ SIMOGEAR, 2KJ1/2KJ3: Storage up to 36 months with long-term preservation

What does storage for up to 36 months mean for the geared motors?

ID: 109755293
FAQ SIMOGEAR, 2KJ1/2KJ3: Oil specification on rating plates

Which oil has been used for the gear unit?

ID: 109755294
FAQ SIMOGEAR, 2KJ1/2KJ3: Quick test to evaluate the condition of oil

How is the oil condition evaluated

ID: 109755312
FAQ SIMOGEAR, 2KJ1/2KJ3: Installing the oil expansion unit

How is the expansion unit installed?

ID: 109755298
FAQ SIMOGEAR, 2KJ1/2KJ3: Checking the pressure breather valve

How is the pressure breather valve checked and activated?

ID: 109755264
FAQ SIMOGEAR, 2KJ1/2KJ3: Tightening torques for fastening bolts

What are the correct tightening torques for the fastening bolts?

ID: 109755249
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, TÜV (technischer Überwachungsverein)

SIMOGEAR_EU_Declaration_of_Conformity_DIN_EN_80079-36_ATEX A5E43968284

ID: 109755250
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, TÜV (technischer Überwachungsverein)

SIMOGEAR_EC declaration of conformity_DIN_EN_13463-1_ATEX A5E36964069

ID: 109481069
Product note Sales and delivery release for SIMOGEAR for high shaft loads – VLplus and XLplus (frame sizes 89 to 129)

The VLplus and XLplus solutions do not just replace the mixer and agitator versions of MOTOX-N, they can also be seen as an additional reinforced version. They have been designed with a larger output shaft and flange, and a longer bearing distance. This makes it possible to absorb higher loads on the output shaft.

For products: 2KJ32.., 2KJ34.., 2KJ31.., 2KJ35.., 2KJ33..
ID: 109750633
Product note Rapid support around the clock – our SIMOGEAR service

Our service is your partner for comprehensive support and innovative services for increasing your productivity. The original parts and manufacturing expertise we offer help you to achieve maximum machine availability and productivity.

ID: 109752549
Product note Shortened delivery times for SIMOGEAR geared motors via the 'fast lane' option (W50).

The "fast lane" option (W50) is available for the SIMOGEAR product range SIMOGEAR gearbox size 09 to 189. • SIMOGEAR motor frame size 63…200 • Products and product options in delivery time category A (10 working days) and B (15 working days)

ID: 109752559
Manual Compact mounting instructions KA 2530-2: SIMOGEAR oil temperature monitoring

11 / 2017, Compact Hardware Installation Instructions, A5E39219255A/RS-AA

ID: 109752593
Manual Compact Hardware Installation Instructions KA 2530-1: SIMOGEAR Oil expansion tank

11 / 2017, Compact Hardware Installation Instructions, A5E35127197A/RS-AB

ID: 109480511
FAQ SIMOGEAR, 2KJ1/2KJ3: Rating plate data and serial number

In addition to the most important technical data, the rating plate also includes the serial number and the coded production date.

ID: 109752290
Manual Operating instructions BA 2730: SIMOGEAR Geared motor with encoder for safety-relevant applications

07 / 2017, Operating Instructions, A5E36448105A/RS-AE

ID: 109479557
Certificate Functional Safety/Safety of Machinery, SIL-Declaration of conformity, TÜV (technischer Überwachungsverein)

EC/EU declaration of conformity, functional safety A5E38058903

ID: 109736322
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