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Product note SIMATIC IPC Operating System Packages

Microsoft has announced its termination of the Extended Support for Windows XP Professional effective April 2014. Without the security updates from Microsoft new potential security gaps will no longer be closed by Microsoft.

ID: 89056082
FAQ Creating a bootable system floppy disk for BIOS update

QUESTION: How do I create a bootable system floppy disk for a BIOS update? ANSWER:...

ID: 7239285
FAQ Changing the keyboard layout of the Windows logon mask

QUESTION: There is always the English keyboard layout enabled in the logon mask of the PC, even though the German keyboard layout has been set after logon. How can I set the keyboard layout of the Windows logon mask? ...

ID: 13494263
FAQ SIMATIC PG/PC does not revert to suspend mode after pcAnywhere installation

QUESTION: Why does the SIMATIC PG/PC with operating system Windows 2000 or Windows XP not revert to suspend mode after installation of pcAnywhere (Manufacturer: Symantec)? ...

ID: 14571304
FAQ Only the English keyboard is available when logging in

QUESTION: Why, when logging in to Windows 2000, is no German keyboard loaded, although the German keyboard layout is set as default in the Control Panel? ...

For products: 6ES764.-.
ID: 15355970
FAQ What should you watch out for when testing the insulation of a SIMATIC Box PC 627 or Panel PC 677 with AC power supply (as from Rev. G5)?

Instructions: With the SIMATIC Box PC 627 and Panel PC 677 devices the AC power supply as from Revision G5 is protected ex works against overvoltage by an arrester. ...

For products: 6ES764.
ID: 24272778
FAQ User with the name "Service" cannot be created

QUESTION: Why can't I create a user with the name 'Service' in Microsoft Windows XP/2000? ...

For products: 6ES764.
ID: 18553766
FAQ Tips on Using CD-RW/DVD Drives in SIMATIC PGs/PCs

QUESTION: What should you watch out for when using CD-RW/DVD drives in SIMATIC Box PC 620/840 and SIMATIC Panel PC 670/870? ...

For products: 6ES764.
ID: 18378188
FAQ Using AC UPSs for emergency power supply of SIMATIC PCs

QUESTION What do you have to watch out for when using AC uninterruptible power supply units with SIMATIC PCs? ...

For products: 6ES764.-.
ID: 17241008
FAQ Upon restarting, a driver cannot be loaded because of a conflict with LapLink

QUESTION: What can I do when after installing LapLink my computer cannot load the 'TSISTRM.SYS' driver and issues the fault code '0xC0000034'? ...

For products: 6ES764.-.
ID: 15196880
FAQ Conflict between the internal interface for the memory card and the Ethernet card

QUESTION: What can I do if in Windows NT the internal interface for the memory card no longer functions in conjunction with another PCMCIA network card that is slotted in addition? ...

ID: 15219831
FAQ Partitioning hard disks with FDISK

QUESTION: How can I create new partitions or delete existing partitions? ANSWER:...

For products: 6AG4011-0CA11-0XX0, 6AV772, 6ES764.-.
ID: 14450825
FAQ Definition of terms: FAT file system

QUESTION: What is to be understood by the 'FAT' file system? ANSWER:...

ID: 7222410
FAQ Installing and managing partitions in Windows 2000

QUESTION: How can I install and manage partitions in Windows 2000? ANSWER:  ...

For products: 6ES764.-.
ID: 14390199
FAQ How do you set the PCI interrupt lines in the BIOS Setup?

The table below explains how you can check the PCI interrupt lines in the BIOS Setup.   No. Procedure: 1 To enter the BIOS you have to press 'F2' while starting the PC. 2 ...

For products: 6ES764.
ID: 22421762
Product note SIMATIC PC/PG Image (& Partition) Creator V1.2 Released for Delivery

The improved software products for preventive data backup and easy hard disk management for SIMATIC PCs/PGs, the SIMATIC PC/PG Image Creator V1.2 and  SIMATIC PC/PG Image & Partition Creator V1.2 are herewith released for delivery. ...

ID: 22329624
Product note SIMATIC PC USB 1 GB FlashDrive Released for Delivery

The new SIMATIC PC USB FlashDrive with 1-Gbyte capacity has been released for immediate delivery. The previous version with 512 MB (order no.: 6ES7648-0DC20-0AA0) has been replaced by the new version and is no longer available. ...

ID: 24638909
Product note Price Reduction for SIMATIC PC USB 512 MB FlashDrive

The list price of the SIMATIC USB 512 MB FlashDrive will be reduced as per October 01, 2006. ...

For products: 6ES7648-0DC20-0AA0, 6ES764.
ID: 23979641
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