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Certificate General Product Approval, CCC

China Compulsory Product Certificate 2018-J-355165-04

ID: 109744489
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, Manufacturer

EC-Declaration of Conformity 664.NRo.K.02.1711.010

ID: 109741572
Manual Catalog D 21.4 N: SINAMICS S120 and SIMOTICS

News 10/2017, Catalog, E86060-K5521-E141-A1-7600

ID: 109751875
Manual Catalog NC 82: SINUMERIK 828 Equipment for Machine Tools

2017, Catalog, E86060-K4482-A101-A5-7600

ID: 109746977
Manual Catalog NC 62: SINUMERIK 840 Equipment for Machine Tools

2016, Catalog, E86060-K4462-A101-A2-5Z00

ID: 109746845
Product note MOTION-CONNECT power cables for SINAMICS S120 Booksize Motor Modules 3 A to 30 A - announcement of product phase-out as of October 1, 2016.

In line with the product phase-out announcement for the SINAMICS drive system S120 Booksize Motor Modules 3 A to 30 A as of October 1, 2016, product phase-out is also announced for the related MOTION-CONNECT power cables.

ID: 109739633
Download Power cables for SINAMICS S120 Motor Modules up to 30A (Basic cables)

Assembly drawings. including configuration and assignment plan

ID: 109739277
Product note Delivery release: MOTION-CONNECT power cables for SINAMICS S120 booksize motor Modules C/D types

New MOTION-CONNECT power cables are available, which are harmonized and coordinated with the new SINAMICS S120 booksize Motor Modules C/D types and which are used to connect SIMOTICS motors. They supplement the previous range of MOTION-CONNECT PUR MC800PLUS, which are typically used in drag cable systems - and PVC MC500 cables, typical for fixed installation. Release for sale and delivery is planned for the end of October, 2015.

ID: 109480406
Product note Sales and delivery release for MOTION-CONNECT 800PLUS cables sold by the meter 4x10 mm2 w-w/o, 4x16 mm2 w/o and 4x50 mm2 w. brake wires and the relevant cable assemblies

With immediate effect, SIEMENS offers new innovative cables and connections on the basis of the proven MOTION-CONNECT 700 and MC800 products: ...

ID: 51401754
Product note Release for sale and delivery MOTION-CONNECT 800PLUS, 4x2.5 up to 4x16 mm2 with/without brake conductors

According to announcement 45977319, the new MOTION-CONNECT 800PLUS power cables are released for sale and delivery: Cables sold by meter, with/without brake conductors 4x2.5 mm2 (6FX8008-1BA21/-1BB21) 4x4 mm2 (6FX8008-1BA31/-1BB31) 4x6 mm2 (6FX8008-1BA41/-1BB41) and Cable sold by the meter with b...

ID: 50304213
Product note Maximally permissible lengths of pre-assembled DRIVE-CLiQ cables

In accordance with the specifications made in the SINAMICS Equipment Manual GH2, maximally permissible lengths must be observed when using DRIVE-CLiQ L cables (70m with 6FX2002-1DCxx, 100m with 6FX5002-2DCxx and 50m with 6FX8002-2DCxx). ...

ID: 45634208
Product note Power connector with 90° rotary locking (twistlock) as innovation for the power cables for SINAMICS S120

Effective immediately, the MOTION-CONNECT power cables to connected 1FT/1FK/1PH motors to SINAMICS S120 Motor Modules with plug connection (3 A to 30 A), will have a new connector with 90° rotary locking (twistlock). ...

ID: 41827022
Product note Release for sale and general availability MOTION CONNECT 500 and 800 cables with SPEED CONNECT connectors

The new pre-assembled cables with SPEED CONNECT connectors can now be immediately ordered and supplied. They are based on the well-proven MC500 and 800 cables that are sold by the meter as well as the new SPEED CONNECT connectors with quick release mechanism. ...

ID: 35943607
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