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For the last 20 years the Siemens Industry Online Support has been the first point of contact for fast, comprehensive and free support for all Siemens Industry products. Not only does it provide you with important information such as technical data, manuals, FAQs and product notes, but also high-quality content that helps you build and expand your most important resource - your knowledge.

An example: You want to know how to access the diagnostic buffer of your SIMATIC S7-1500 controller via the integrated web server. Simply enter the keywords "Diagnostic buffer" and "Webserver S7-1500" in the product support search, set the entry type filter to "Application example" and the first result is an editorially prepared application example including a video, documentation and free sample project for download.

SITRAIN open in the Siemens Industry Online Support:
  • Nearly 2000 editorially prepared application examples, with which you get to know all the different products and their interaction in practice. The associated project files can be downloaded free of charge, adapted and integrated into your own application.
  • Multimedia-processed videos and media systems, with which different types of learners can acquire knowledge also in an entertaining way.
  • The Technical Forum. Join the community and exchange with more than 600.000 registered users.

Thanks to the notification system and the many other functions in mySupport you keep your acquired knowledge always up to date.

This is SITRAIN open: application-oriented knowledge elements and technical product information - anywhere and anytime

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