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SINAMICS G110M Motor-Integrated Frequency Converters
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FAQ Where can you find the manuals, operating instructions and CAx data for products of the SIPLUS extreme family?

SIPLUS extreme - manuals, operating instructions and CAx data

ID: 92052303
FAQ Restrictions on proxy upload of SINAMICS G110M/G115D AS-i slaves

​Startdrive Advanced V17 introduces an intuitive way of performing the hardware configuration and commissioning of SINAMICS AS-i drives with CM AS-i Master ST for SIMATIC ET 200SP. This document describes the behavioral differences of AS-i proxy devices for the SINAMICS AS-i drives compared to other AS-i devices in TIA Portal.

ID: 109798558
FAQ Migrating from SINAMICS G110M/D to SINAMICS G115D

What to observe when replacing a SINAMICS G110M/D with a SINAMICS G115D. What are the advantages of migrating my system to SINAMICS G115D?

For products: 6SL3511., 6SL3544-0., 6SL3520-0X., 2KJ8..
ID: 109792572
FAQ MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMCIS G120x/G110x: Information regarding the serial number.

This FAQ applies only to the SINAMICS G120x/ G110x and MICROMASTER 4 inverters.

ID: 7016746
FAQ SINAMICS G110D/G110M/G115D/G120D, SIMATIC ET 200pro MS and FC-2, SIRIUS M200D: Listing of supplementary products (cables, connectors and accessories) for distributed frequency converter and motor starters.

Valid for: SIMATIC ET 200pro FC, SINAMICS G110D / G110M / G115D / G120D distributed frequency converters and for the SIRIUS M200D / SIMATIC ET200pro

ID: 65355810
FAQ Which IO controllers and IO devices support the following functions in STEP 7 (TIA Portal): IRT, prioritized startup, MRP, MRPD, PROFIenergy, Shared device, MSI/MSO, I device, clock-synchronized mode, system redundancy and option handling?

An overview shows which PROFINET functions you can configure in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) for the PROFINET IO controllers and IO devices.

ID: 102325771
FAQ SINAMICS G110M, G110D, G120D: Which rating should be used when the SINAMICS is used on a Type B residual current circuit breaker?

Lists with ratings for Type B residual current circuit breakers used together with SINAMICS G

For products: 6SL3511., 6SL3525-0PE., 6SL3517-1BE.
ID: 109781216
FAQ Startdrive V14 SP1 and V15: Download fails with "Communication: A call to an internal xDD.component library function failed!"

When the Technology Unit (p595) is modified in the drive, the download may fail.

ID: 109780594
FAQ SINAMICS: Information on error loop impedance according to IEC 60204-1

The inverters include electronic short-circuit protection and thus meet the requirements for automatic shutdown in the event of an error.

ID: 109780013
FAQ SINAMICS G110D/G110M repair switch operation

This FAQ applies to SINAMICS G110D/G110M

ID: 109779387
FAQ G110M Braking Resistor ratings Internal and External

Minimum Braking resistor values should be adhered to, to prevent damage to the inverter.

For products: 6SL3501-0BE18-8AA0, 6SL3501-0BE22-0AA0
ID: 109771766
FAQ Restriction on enabling UMAC (User Management and Access Control) protection in Startdrive V15.1 and V15.1 UPD1

When you enable UMAC protection in a project with Startdrive V15.1 or V15.1 UPD1 and SINAMICS G drives in a group folder, the project becomes unusable.

ID: 109769004
FAQ SIMATIC S7: What is the meaning of the following event IDs: "16# 08:9000" to "16# 08:9013"?

The event IDs "16# 08:9000" to "16# 08:9013" indicate faults and warnings for a drive.

ID: 109764509
FAQ Placement of Siemens Eplan macros with placeholder objects

This FAQ describes how to use Siemens Eplan macros with placeholder objects in Eplan electric P8.

ID: 109758230
FAQ SINAMICS G120, G120C: Information on the operation of PM240P-2 and G120C FSF

As part of a robustness improvement for the affected PM240P-2 and G120C we recommend to operate only with the Firmware V4.7 SP6 HF5 or higher

ID: 109750399
FAQ Which energy-measuring components and higher-level systems does the SIMATIC Energy Suite support?

The numerous communication options of the S7-1500 permit the SIMATIC Energy Suite to support any measuring and automation devices for acquiring energy data. Configuration is further facilitated by the standardized procedure of the Energy Support Library for reading out energy data from the hardware of the product families SIMATIC, SENTRON, SINAMICS and SIRIUS.

ID: 109482454
FAQ SINAMICS G/S: Set PROFIBUS and PROFINET response monitoring time

In applications in which the communication sporadically fails and the setpoint timeout faults F01910 (PROFIBUS) and F08501 (PROFINET) are output, you can increase the PROFIBUS respectively PROFINET response monitoring time as remedial measure.

ID: 109748624
FAQ SINAMICS G/S: Direct connection HMI to Drive

Establishing a connection directly from the HMI to the Drive. This can be used to monitor/modify/Control the Drive.

ID: 109748667
FAQ What should you watch out for when loading the program of a CPU S7-1500 SIPLUS online to a SIMATIC memory card?

A CPU S7-1500 Standard (6ES7*) of the same type must first be loaded on the SIMATIC memory card.

ID: 109746261
FAQ SINAMICS G110M: Underwriters Laboratories approval

SINAMICS G110M is an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Recognised Power Conversion Equipment

ID: 109747500
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