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SINAMICS G General Performance Converters
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FAQ Information about product-related environmental protection

Validity: Products of the Operating Company DI (Digital Industries) and Business Unit SI CP (Control Products) of Siemens AG.

ID: 39200038
FAQ SIMATIC S7: What is the meaning of the following event IDs: "16# 08:9000" to "16# 08:9013"?

The event IDs "16# 08:9000" to "16# 08:9013" indicate faults and warnings for a drive.

ID: 109764509
FAQ SINAMICS G120: Which screws have to be used to mount a IOP-2 or BOP-2 into the door of a cabinet?

Please check which version of the Operators Panel you have and select the correct screws before installing the door mounting kit.

ID: 109766997
FAQ SINAMICS G120: Automatic restart after main power failure but with external 24V supply still on

This FAQ shows the way to implement automatic restart after main power failure but with external 24V supply still on.

ID: 109767371
FAQ SINAMICS G120: How to change message type, response and acknowledge mode of a fault

This FAQ describes how to change message type, response and acknowledge mode of a fault.

ID: 109767372
FAQ SINAMICS G120: Why can’t the value of p1800 (pulse frequency setpoint) be modified?

There are restrictions to change p1800 (pulse frequency setpoint). Modification of p1800 has something to do with p1910 (motor data identification selection) in SINAMICS G120.

ID: 109767398
FAQ Which IO controllers and IO devices support the following functions in STEP 7 (TIA Portal): IRT, prioritized startup, MRP, MRPD, PROFIenergy, Shared device, MSI/MSO, I device, clock-synchronized mode and option handling?

An overview shows which PROFINET functions you can configure in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) for the PROFINET IO controllers and IO devices.

ID: 102325771
FAQ Alternative SINAMICS V20 products for SINAMICS G110

SINAMICS V20 offers restricted compatibility compared to SINAMICS G110. This document advises about main migration products of SINAMICS G110.

ID: 109766919
FAQ Why does your Smart Access Module (SAM) remain in the "Initializing database" state?

Possible reasons for a persistent "Initializing database" state

ID: 109765499
FAQ Clarification for the use of the STO terminals on the Power Module PM240-2 and PM240P-2

In the SINAMICS G120 Safety Integrated and SINAMICS S120 Safety Integrated function manuals, wiring examples according to SIL 3 and PL e are shown. The combination of the Power Modules with the CU240E-2 and CU250S-2 Control Units is described in the function manual. In addition, the STO terminals can also be used in conjunction with other Control Units.

ID: 109766026
FAQ Operation of SINAMICS G120X on the public low-voltage system

Equipment and systems operated on the public low-voltage grid must comply with the limits for electromagnetic interference (immunity and emission) defined in the relevant standards. The requirements are higher than for industrial networks, particularly with regard to interference emission.

For products: 6SL3220.
ID: 109763708
FAQ Damaged Pins on D-Type Connector of G120C, G120X and G120CU with BOP-2

Attaching the BOP-2 incorrectly can lead to a bent pin on the D-Type connector, please use the following to eliminate the possibility of damage to the inverter.

For products: 6SL3255-0AA00-4CA1
ID: 109763511
FAQ External EMC filters for unfiltered Power Modules SINAMICS G120

Electromagnetic compatibility of Power Modules PM240-2, PM240-2 PT, PM240P-2 and G120C

ID: 109763430
FAQ SINAMICS G120, G120C, MICROMASTER MM430, MM440: Notes on complying with EMC limit values with unfiltered devices

An external line-side supplementary filter must be used so that the unfiltered SINAMICS G120 with Power Module PM230, PM240, PM240-2, PM240-2 PT, PM240P-2, PM250, PM340, SINAMICS G120C and MICROMASTER MM430, MM440 power units comply with EMC Class C3 according to EN61800-3.

ID: 109750634
FAQ The ferrite core in the line cable for G120C FSAA 2.2kW filtered is removed

With the new design, the supplied ferrite core in the line cable is removed from G120C FSAA 2.2kW filtered variants (USS/DP/PN) supplied box.

ID: 109760715
FAQ SINAMICS G120C: Swapping out G120C FSA for FSAA in Starter

Motor related parameters have reverted back to default when the uploaded from a G120C and loaded back into the G120C FSAA. This is because the MLFB has changed with the last digit changing from a 1 to a 2.

ID: 109758277
FAQ SINAMICS G120C/CU240B-2/CU240E-2/CU250S-2/CU230P-2 with firmware V4.7 SP9 HF1: Firmware upgrade using MMC/SD card

This FAQ applies to SINAMICS G120C/CU240B-2/CU240E-2/CU250S-2/CU230P-2 delivered with firmware V4.7 SP9 HF1 (all communication protocol and safety variants).

ID: 109760219
FAQ SINAMICS G: Currently available firmware releases and the upgrade/downgrade options

Summary SINAMICS G inverters are supplied ready to use. The functionality of the devices offered depends on the installed firmware version. Most of the inverters have loadable firmware versions and can be upgraded as required.

ID: 67364620
FAQ Why, with GSDML files for SINAMICS drives, is the "Hardware interrupt triggers" field displayed with the selection box for hardware interrupt OBs?

The SINAMICS drives do not support hardware interrupts. The "Hardware interrupt triggers" field is displayed by STEP 7 also with SINAMICS drives, but it has no function.

ID: 109758575
FAQ Placement of Siemens Eplan macros with placeholder objects

This FAQ describes how to use Siemens Eplan macros with placeholder objects in Eplan electric P8.

ID: 109758230
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