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FAQ SINAMICS V/ G/ S: Supported SIMOTICS motors

With SINAMICS V20, G110, G110D, G110M. G120C, G120P, G120X, G120, G120D, S110 and S120 converters, you can implement a broad range of applications (see SINAMICS application examples).

ID: 100426622
FAQ SINAMICS: Information on error loop impedance according to IEC 60204-1

The inverters include electronic short-circuit protection and thus meet the requirements for automatic shutdown in the event of an error.

ID: 109780013
FAQ Operation of SINAMICS G120X on the public low-voltage system

Equipment and systems operated on the public low-voltage grid must comply with the limits for electromagnetic interference (immunity and emission) defined in the relevant standards. The requirements are higher than for industrial networks, particularly with regard to interference emission.

For products: 6SL3220.
ID: 109763708
FAQ Why does your Smart Access Module (SAM) remain in the "Initializing database" state?

Possible reasons for a persistent "Initializing database" state

ID: 109765499
FAQ How to obtain and install the G120X PROFINET GSDML or PROFIBUS GSD file directly from the G120X Control Unit into a TIA Portal project

Startdrive does not support SINAMICS G120X. If you want to establish a PROFINET or PROFIBUS network connection to a G120X, or add it to an existing configuration, you have to use a GSDML or GSD file.

For products: 6SL3220.
ID: 109772109
FAQ How to do tracing SINAMICS G120X parameters via SIMATIC PLC

In situation where faster sampling rate is needed for tracing more dynamic processes and operation conditions of SINAMICS G120X, the SIMATIC PLC together with PROFINET cyclic data communication (via Telegram 999) can be used. Freely configurable Telegram 999 allows tracing up to 17 drive parameters simultaneously.

ID: 109793202
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