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Product note Release for sale and delivery for SIMOTICS DP 1PC1341 and 1PC1361 low-voltage crane motors

Option code D47 for importing the motors into the Eurasian customs union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

ID: 109770317
Product note SITRAIN Trainings for Safety Integrated

With the Safety Integrated course offer from SITRAIN, you learn how to use the Siemens Safety Integrated products and solutions in an optimum way.

ID: 76494396
Product note Updated List of Software Packages with SIMATIC IPC

The list of available software packages (software with SIMATIC IPC) has been updated.

ID: 99860269
Product note Sales and delivery release of CM 1xDALI for SIMATIC ET 200SP

Effective immediately, the ET 200SP electronics module CM 1xDALI allows lighting applications to be controlled directly from the SIMATIC user program using the DALI lighting control system.

For products: 6ES7137-6CA00-0BU0
ID: 109769177
Product note Sales and Delivery Release: SIMATIC CFC V9.0

SIMATIC CFC is now available in version 9.0. SIMATIC CFC V9.0 is already integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineering System V9.0 SIMATIC CFC V9.0.

ID: 109753592
Product note SIMATIC IPC527G – Configuration options available

With immediate effect, the powerful, low-cost SIMATIC IPC527G Box PC is available for delivery as a freely configurable IPC and in 9 variants directly ex stock.

ID: 109768413
Product note Delivery release for SINAMICS MICROMASTER STARTER V5.3 HF3 and additive SSPs


For products: 6SL3072-0AA00-0AG0
ID: 109769755
Product note Update for PROFIsafe Starter Kit V3.5

The new PROFIsafe Starter Kit Version V3.5.1 is available ex store and for download for registered customers. The PROFIsafe driver included in the Starter Kit has been updated to V2.2.2.

ID: 109770094
Product note Delivery Release for the RUGGEDCOM FIPS and CC certified products

Siemens has released RUGGEDCOM products with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and Common Criteria (CC) certifications.

ID: 109769877
Product note CNC Shopfloor Management Software- Release for delivery for Optimize MyMachining /AC AUTO v01.02.02.00

Version v01.02.02.00 of Optimize MyMachining /AC AUTO has been released for delivery. This application can be integrated into SIEMENS 840D sl CNC controller. AC AUTO, built on proven and widely deployed OMATIVE™ adaptive feed rate control technology, reduces cycle time of NC programs automatically, without user intervention, program modifications, or interruptions to the machining process.

For products: 6FC5800-0AT00-0YB0
ID: 109768470
Product note SIMATIC IPC627E - New Options

With immediate effect, the SIMATIC IPC627E Box PC is available as a variant with 5-PCI(e) slots or with varnished housing.

For products: 6AG4131-3....-...., 6AG4131-3....-..C.
ID: 109768378
Product note SIMATIC IPC677E (Panel PC) is available with immediate effect

The new Panel PC: SIMATIC IPC677E with Intel Core i processor technology is now released for sale.

ID: 109769668
Product note Product discontinuation of SINAMICS G120 Power Module PM240 FSA-F

"Product discontinuation" is declared for the first generation of PM240 Power Modules for the SINAMICS G120 as of October 1, 2019. The PM240-2 will replace the previous series for applications up to 132 kW. Performance classes from 160 to 250 kW will continue to be available as SINAMICS G120 PM240.

ID: 109769092
Product note SIRIUS intreface converters Product change

Interface converters with the order number 3RS17 will be no longer available as of 30.09.2019. Here you can find information for the product change and the successing products.

ID: 109770016
Product note SIRIUS coupling relay Product change

Coupling relays with the order number 3TX70 will be no longer available as of 30.09.2019. Here you can find information for the product change and the successing products.

ID: 109770011
Product note SINAMICS & SIMOTICS S/M/L/T Motion Control Motors: Discontinuation of the KTY84-130 temperature sensor

Discontinuation of the KTY84-130 temperature sensor / Impact on SIMOTICS motors for Motion Control, motor spindles (Fa. Weiss) SINAMICS, SINUMERIK, SIMOTION

ID: 109478106
Product note Product information regarding express deliveries of SIMOTICS S-1FK2:

Notes regarding the express delivery service for SIMOTICS S-1FK2 servomotors. As from Aug. 1, 2019, SIMOTICS S-1FK2 servomotors with shaft heights 20, 30 and 40 will be available as express delivery within 2 working days (ex works*). The remaining shaft heights 48, 52, 63, 80 and 100 are scheduled to be available as from Jan. 1, 2020 (* depending on the material availability).

ID: 109767357
Product note Product cancelation of SINUMERIK PCU 50.5 for SINUMERIK 840D sl

We herewith announce the product cancelation of SINUMERIK PCU 50.5-C and SINUMERIK PCU50.5-P.

ID: 109769805
Product note Operation of the ET 200SP HA with STEP 7 V5.6

The I/O line SIMATIC ET 200SP HA can now be configured in STEP 7 from V5.6 onwards.

ID: 109768649
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