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IO systems for heating elements
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Product note Delivery release: SIPLUS HCS4200 (CIM4210C PROFINET)

Delivery release has been granted for the new CIM4210C PROFINET, which can now be ordered from the Nuremberg Logistics Center (Org ID AV000624).

For products: 6BK1942-1AA00-0AA1
ID: 109771199
ID: 109768169
Product note Delivery release for SIPLUS HCS4200

Safer, more precise control of heating processes

For products: 6BK1942-2DA00-0AA0
ID: 109762514
Product note Delivery release: SIPLUS HCS4300 with phase control

Control heating elements even more flexibly with SIPLUS HCS - Now also HCS4300 with phase control

ID: 109759220
Product note SIPLUS HCS4200

SIPLUS HCS4200, the flexible industrial heating control system, has been extended by two new power output modules (POM): POM4220 HighEnd and POM4220 Flexible.

For products: 6BK1942-2DA00-0AA0, 6BK1942-2FA00-0AA0
ID: 109755231
Product note Product discontinuation: SIPLUS HCS716I / HCS724I and HCS300I

The product range of SIPLUS HCS industrial heating control systems is being harmonized, and the SIPLUS HCS716I, HCS724I and HCS300I product series will be discontinued.

ID: 109749062
Product note Delivery Release for SIPLUS HCS4200

The new SIPLUS HCS4200 heating control system controls, switches and monitors industrial heating elements and other resistive loads in 230V AC networks.

ID: 109475327
Product note SIPLUS HCS Industrial Heating Control System now also with PROFINET

SIPLUS HCS4300 is the distributed I/O system for industrial heating processes at 400V/480V level. Product Description: The new SIPLUS HCS4300 heating control system controls and switches radiant heating banks and other resistive loads in 400V/480V AC networks. ...

ID: 108719235
Product note Delivery Release: Expansion of the SIPLUS HCS716I Product Range

The SIPLUS HCS716I heating control system is now also available for smaller configurations for up to 64 output channels. Date for the Release for Delivery : 2012-02-13 ...

ID: 58824815
Product note Delivery Release: SIPLUS HCS716I Innovation

The SIPLUS HCS716I industrial heating control is now even more powerful. ...

ID: 51482649
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