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Geared motors
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Download SIZER for Siemens Drives

This contains the current SIZER versions.

For products: 6SL3070-0AA00-0AG0
ID: 54992004
FAQ SIMOGEAR, 2KJ1/2KJ3: Reasons why bearings fail

Bearing failures – identifying causes & avoiding failures

ID: 109759489
FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
Manual Operating instructions BA 2039: SIMOGEAR Adapter for gearbox

08 / 2018, Operating Instructions, A5E37431501A/RS-AE

ID: 76798783
Manual Operating instructions BA 2030: SIMOGEAR gearbox

06 / 2018, Operating Instructions, A5E37880173A/RS-AG

ID: 60666158
Product note SIMOGEAR coupling adapter for servomotors (KS adapter) - Sales release for SIMOTICS S-1FL6 standard servomotors

By combining the Siemens servomotor portfolio with SIMOGEAR geared motors, applications with the highest demands on precision, dynamics, compactness and weight can be served. The SIMOGEAR KS adapter is the flexible solution for connecting the various gearbox types with defined Siemens servomotors.

ID: 109757111
Manual Operating Instructions BA 2535: SIMOGEAR Gearbox for Monorail Conveyors

06 / 2018, Operating Instructions, A5E37106353A/RS-AD

For products: 2KJ38...
ID: 109738746
Manual Catalog MD 50.1: SIMOGEAR Geared Motors Helical, parallel shaft, bevel, helical worm and worm geared motors

PDF Update 02/2018, Catalog, E86060-K5250-A111-A5-7600

ID: 109746934
Product note SIMOGEAR input unit A - Sales release

For the majority of applications, directly mounting the motor on the gear unit is the optimal solution when it comes to compactness and weight. However, as this is not possible in all cases, SIMOGEAR gear units can also be fitted with an input unit.

ID: 109750640
Product note Sales and delivery release for SIMOGEAR and MOTOX-N 2nd Life with SIMOTICS GP-1LE1 in SH63 and 71

The SIMOTICS GP 1LE1 motors in SH63 and 71 for SIMOGEAR and MOTOX-N 2nd Life were released for sale on June 1, 2018.

ID: 109757912
Manual Catalog D 31.1: SINAMICS Inverters for Single-Axis Drives Built-In Units

2018, Catalog, E86060-K5531-A111-A1-7600

ID: 109755273
Product note ATEX marking according to EN ISO 80079-36/-37 for SIMOGEAR and MOTOX-N

In the non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres range, the previous EN 13463 -1, EN 13463-5, -6, and -8 standards have been replaced by the latest generation of EN 80079-36 and EN 80079-37 standards.

ID: 109757427
Manual Operating Instructions BA 2330: LA / LE motors for mounting on SIMOGEAR gearboxes

04 / 2018, Operating Instructions, A5E37460917A/RS-AC

ID: 60666508
Product note SIMOGEAR for high shaft loads – sales and delivery release for VLplus and XLplus (frame sizes 149 to 169)

The SIMOGEAR VLplus and XLplus solutions do not just replace the mixer and agitator versions of MOTOX-N, they can also be seen as additional reinforced versions. They have been designed with a larger output shaft and flange, and a longer bearing span. This makes it possible to absorb higher loads on the output shaft.

For products: 2KJ32.., 2KJ34.., 2KJ31.., 2KJ35.., 2KJ33..
ID: 109757124
Product note SIMOGEAR – Two-sided oil sight glass for bevel and helical worm gearboxes

The oil level of SIMOGEAR gearboxes is normally checked by means of the oil level control screw. An oil sight glass can be optionally selected for visual monitoring. For cases in which geared motors are mounted at both the DE and NDE ends (see illustration below), a two-sided oil sight glass is required.

For products: 2KJ35.., 2KJ36..
ID: 109757290
FAQ There is unclear description of the connection of external fan in the manual 56107000002015. What is correct?

There is unclear description of the connection of external fan in the manual 56107000002015. What is correct?

ID: 109757469
Manual Operating instructions BA 2010: MOTOX Gearbox

02 / 2018, Operating Instructions, A5E38104097A/RS-AC

ID: 24259520
Manual Compact Operating Instructions KA 2032: SIMOGEAR Worm geared motor S

02 / 2018, Compact Operating Instructions, A5E36801139A/RS-AD

ID: 109480875
Manual Operating Instructions BA 2012: MOTOX Worm Gearbox S

02 / 2018, Operating Instructions, A5E38105190A/RS-AB

ID: 44614775
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, TÜV (technischer Überwachungsverein)

SIMOGEAR_EU_Declaration_of_Conformity_Motors_for_direct_mounting_ATEX A5E43968682

ID: 109755253
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