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Product note SIMOTICS XP explosion-protected cast iron motors – delivery release: New explosion-protected motors SIMOTICS XP - 1MB15/6, SH 225-280, 1MB55/6, SH 315, IE3, in type of protection Ex eb, based on the SIMOTICS SD - 1LE1 /1LE5 motor platform.

SIMOTICS XP cast iron motors 1MB15/6, SH 225-280, 1MB55/6, SH 315, in type of protection Ex eb IIC T1-T3 are released for delivery with immediate effect.

ID: 109768500
Product note Release for sale, SIDRIVE IQ Fleet for SIMOTICS CONNECT 400

Effective June 4, 2019, SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 and SIDRIVE IQ Fleet will be released for sale in the European Economic Area (EEA) – including Switzerland (CHE) and Turkey (TUR).

ID: 109760251
Product note Shaft key default installation update for SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotors

With immediate effect, the default installation of the shaft key for SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotor is updated for production and delivery.

ID: 109768287
Product note Type cancellation of MICROMASTER 4 family, effective Oct 1st, 2019

Type cancellation of MICROMASTER 4 drives family, including options, selected accessories and spares, effective Oct 1st, 2019

ID: 109768220
Product note Discontinuation of Dynavert „I“ series 06

ID: 109768074
Product note DRIVE-CLiQ Disclosure for measurement system manufacturers

The DRIVE-CLiQ interface has been disclosed for measurement system manufacturers. Thus, rotary and linear measurement systems from different manufacturers will be provided with an integrated DRIVE-CLiQ interface in the future and can be directly connected to SINAMICS. New measuring systems from BALLUFF GmbH have been certified.

ID: 65402168
Product note Customer Obsolescence Letter - ROBICON PERFECT HARMONY GEN4 Phase 1, 2, 3, 12-cell

This letter serves as formal notification that Siemens has begun a phase-out of the SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GEN4 product as of April 1, 2019.

ID: 109767976
Product note Coupling adapter SIMOGEAR KQ / KQS / K8 (808/810) - announcement that the product will be phased-out

SIMOGEAR adapter KQ/KQS is a solution for coupling SIMOTICS S-1FK7 and 1FT7 servomotors with SIMOGEAR gearboxes. SIMOTICS M-1PH8 motors can be mounted to gearboxes using adapter K8.

ID: 109767900
Product note Compatibility list of software products in the SIMOTION environment

A number of additional software products can be used in conjunction with SIMOTION. For SIMOTION, it must be ensured that these software products (with the corresponding versions) are fully compatible with one another.

ID: 18857317
Product note Delivery release for SINAMICS DCB Studio V2.1

The product version of SINAMICS DCB Studio V2.1 for the programming of DCB Extension blocks has been released for delivery.

For products: 6SL3070-0CB03-0BA5
ID: 109765474
Product note SIMOTICS S 1FG1 Servo Geared Motors – Option G47, oil expansion unit

The design of the oil expansion unit type 1, option G47 has been changed. The new shape and dimensions can be taken from the diagrams in the attachment. The new oil expansion unit has already been included in Catalog D41, May 2019 (Chapter 2, page 18) (link: www.siemens.com/41).

ID: 109767747
Product note SIMOTICS S - 1FG1 Servo Geared Motors – Absolute encoder AM20DQI with nickel-plated round connector M17

Absolute encoder AM20DQI with nickel-plated round connector M17 is available for ordering and shipping, with immediate effect.

ID: 109767797
Product note SINAMICS G120C frame size FSAA to FSC PROFINET versions – Dimension Improvement.

In line with our policy of continuous improvement of our products, we are making a small change to the PROFINET versions of SINAMICS G120C. (Frame size FSAA-FSC only), making it more compact

ID: 109767110
Product note SIMOTICS S 1FG1 Servo Geared Motors – Update of Option N16

Order restrictions for Option N16 = increased resistance to chemicals, have largely been lifted.

ID: 109767544
Product note SIMOGEAR coupling adapter for servomotors (KS-Adapter) - Sales release for SIMOTICS S-1FT7 and SIMOTICS M-1PH8

By combining the Siemens servomotor portfolio with SIMOGEAR geared motors, applications with the highest demands on precision, dynamics, compactness and weight can be catered to. The SIMOGEAR KS-Adapter is the flexible solution for connecting the various gearbox types with defined Siemens servomotors.

ID: 109767684
Product note Sales- and delivery release SINAMICS V5.2 HF2 for SINAMICS S210

SINAMICS Version 5.2 HF2 is now available for the SINAMICS S210 drive system in 1AC 230V and 3AC 400V (FSA/FSB) versions.

ID: 109767582
Product note Sales release of SINAMICS V20 firmware V03.96.00.00

With immediate effect, SINAMICS V20 firmware version V03.96.00.00 is released for sale.

ID: 109767473
Product note Update: Release for sale SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 for line motors

Effective March 18, 2019, SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 will be released for sale (first orders will be able to be entered effective March 25, 2019) in the European Economic Area (EEA) including Switzerland (CHE) and Turkey (TUR).

ID: 109760264
Product note New Servomotor SIMOTICS S-1FK2 for Applications with SINUMERIK - Release for sales and delivery: 1FK2 SH40, SH63, SH80

Release for sales and delivery for SIMOTICS S-1FK2 in combination with SINUMERIK and SINAMICS S120 Booksize/Booksize Compact and S120 Combi. First step: High Dynamic: SH40 Compact: SH40, SH63 and SH80 UPDATE 30.04.2019: Sales- and delivery release for 1FK2 Compact SH100

ID: 109764389
Product note SIMOTICS GP/SD/XP/DP low-voltage motors 1LE1/1MB1/1PC1: General harmonization of the motor design

ID: 109766928
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