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SINAMICS G120C Built-In Units
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FAQ SINAMICS G120, G120C, MICROMASTER MM430, MM440: Notes on complying with EMC limit values with unfiltered devices

An external line-side supplementary filter must be used so that the unfiltered SINAMICS G120 with PM240, PM240-2, PM240-2 PT, PM240P-2, PM250, PM340, SINAMICS G120C and MICROMASTER MM430, MM440 power units comply with EMC Class C3 according to EN61800-3.

ID: 109750634
Certificate China-RoHS, Manufacturer

SIPLUS - Information for Hazardous substance restrictions identification marking (SJ/T 11364-2014) A5E38634688A-001

ID: 109738757
Product note SINAMICS technical documentation

Irrespective of the particular application, whether you require online help for a specific machine message when operating a product, you wish to take the time and get to know a product or you wish to compile documentation for your own individual purposes: With us, you can find the current editions of technical documentation electronically, on data carrier and printed out.

ID: 108993276
Product note Grounding the 24V power supply for SINAMICS drive systems

Basically there are two different types of grounding systems, both of which have specific advantages depending on the application.

ID: 109760646
FAQ The ferrite core in the line cable for G120C FSAA 2.2kW filtered is removed

With the new design, the supplied ferrite core in the line cable is removed from G120C FSAA 2.2kW filtered variants (USS/DP/PN) supplied box.

ID: 109760715
Download SIMARIS therm 2.3

Power loss calculation for the right design of system cabinets

ID: 109482729
Application example SINAMICS S/G/V: Simple acyclic Funktions Blocks for Controlling a SINAMICS in TIA Portal

This entry contains additional SIMATIC function blocks that support you in various functions of the SINAMICS drive system.

ID: 109760317
Application example SINAMICS S/G/V: Simple cyclic Funktions Blocks for Controlling a SINAMICS in TIA Portal

ID: 109747655
FAQ SINAMICS G120C: Swapping out G120C FSA for FSAA in Starter

Motor related parameters have reverted back to default when the uploaded from a G120C and loaded back into the G120C FSAA. This is because the MLFB has changed with the last digit changing from a 1 to a 2.

ID: 109758277
FAQ SINAMICS G120C/CU240B-2/CU240E-2/CU250S-2/CU230P-2 with firmware V4.7 SP9 HF1: Firmware upgrade using MMC/SD card

This FAQ applies to SINAMICS G120C/CU240B-2/CU240E-2/CU250S-2/CU230P-2 delivered with firmware V4.7 SP9 HF1 (all communication protocol and safety variants).

ID: 109760219
Catalog/Brochure Catalog D 31.1: SINAMICS Inverters for Single-Axis Drives Built-In Units

PDF Update 06/2018, Catalog, E86060-K5531-A111-A1-7600

ID: 109755273
FAQ SINAMICS G: Currently available firmware releases and the upgrade/downgrade options

Summary SINAMICS G inverters are supplied ready to use. The functionality of the devices offered depends on the installed firmware version. Most of the inverters have loadable firmware versions and can be upgraded as required.

ID: 67364620
Application example SINAMICS Positioning a G110M/G120 (Startdrive) with S7-1500 (TO) via PROFINET/PROFIBUS with Safety Integrated and HMI

This application example shows how to configure the positioning function of a SIMATIC S7-1500 and offers a HMI to test the functions.

ID: 81666970
FAQ Placement of Siemens Eplan macros with placeholder objects

This FAQ describes how to use Siemens Eplan macros with placeholder objects in Eplan electric P8.

ID: 109758230
Application example SINAMICS G: Axis positioning with the "SINA_POS" block

The positioning of the SINAMICS G120 drive works with the function of the Basic positioner (Epos) and the function block "SINA_POS".

ID: 109736845
Application example SINAMICS G: Controlling a speed axis with the “SINA_SPEED” block

A SINAMICS G120 drive is used as a speed axis and is controlled with a SIMATIC S7-1200 with the “SINA_SPEED” block.

ID: 109485727
Application example SINAMICS G: Retrieving status messages with VPN connections

A VPN connection (virtual private network) allows you to access an automation system from anywhere.

ID: 109746858
Application example SINAMICS G: Speed Control of a G120 (StartDrive) with S7-1200 via PROFINET/PROFIBUS DP with Safety Integrated (via Terminal) and HMI

SIMATIC S7-1200 can be operated as PROFINET controller as well as PROFIBUS master (with CM 1243-5). A SINAMICS G110M or G120 shall be connected as as PROFINET device or as PROFIBUS slave. The PLC shall have read/write access to the process data and parameters of the drive.

ID: 70155469
FAQ SINAMICS PM240-2: Connecting a 3AC line choke to a 1AC 230 V inverter

Line reactors are used to smooth voltage peaks and to bridge commutating dips. In addition to that line reactors reduce the effects of harmonics on the inverter and the line supply.

ID: 109486005
FAQ SINAMICS PM240-2/PM240P-2/SINAMICS G120C: Advantages of an integrated DC link reactor

The new PM240-2 Power Modules – in frame sizes FSD … FSF replace the previous PM240 Power Modules, they replace the PM340 Power Modules – and therefore also extend the power range of the SINAMICS S120 AC/AC. The PM240P-2 Power Modules replace the PM230 Power Modules in IP20 of the SINAMICS G120P – and therefore also extend the power range here.

ID: 109749021
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