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FAQ SINAMICS G120: Which screws have to be used to mount a IOP-2 or BOP-2 into the door of a cabinet?

Please check which version of the Operators Panel you have and select the correct screws before installing the door mounting kit.

ID: 109766997
Certificate China-RoHS, Manufacturer

SIPLUS - Information for Hazardous substance restrictions identification marking (SJ/T 11364-2014) A5E38634688A-001

ID: 109738757
Catalog/Brochure Catalog D 41: SIMOTICS S-1FG1 Servo geared motors Helical, Parallel shaft, Bevel and Helical worm geared motors

PDF-Update 05/2019, Catalog, E86060-K5541-A101-A4-7600

ID: 109747093
Catalog/Brochure Catalog NC 62: SINUMERIK 840 Equipment for Machine Tools

PDF 2019, Catalog, E86060-K4462-A101-A3-7600

ID: 109746845
Product note Sales and delivery release for output reactor 400V G120X 18.5 to 250 kW

The output reactors for the 400 V voltage class, which can be used together with the SINAMICS G120X converter, are hereby released for sale. Release for delivery is granted upon sales release. This extends the range of output reactors in the 400V voltage range to include new variants for the SINAMICS G120X (more information on G120X is provided in 109762168) in den frame size

ID: 109766664
Product note Sales and delivery release for dv/dt filter plus VPL, for 400-V-G120X (18.5 kW to 560 kW) and 690-V-G120X (3 kW to 630 kW) for SINAMICS G120X with Power Modules FSD to FSJ

With immediate effect, the dv/dt filters plus VPL have been released for operation on Sinamics G120X.

ID: 109766019
Product note Sales and delivery release for C1 line filters, 400 V converters for SINAMICS G120X 0.75 to 110 kW with Power Modules FSA to FSF 380V-480V

With immediate effect, C1 FSA - F line filters have been released for sales with G120X.

ID: 109765931
Product note Announcement of product phase-out and product cancellation for SINAMICS G120 Power Module PM260

The SINAMICS G120 Power Module PM260 has been reached P.M400 "Announcement of product phase-out" in 01.10.2015. Update: The P.M410 "product cancellation" is planned for 01.04.2019.

ID: 109479482
Certificate For use in hazardous locations, ATEX-EC-Type-Examination-Certificate, PTB

EC Type Examination Certificate PTB 09 ATEX 3008

For products: 6SL3255-0BT01-0PA0
ID: 78534201
Certificate Functional Safety/Safety of Machinery, Manufacturer Declaration, Manufacturer

Safety Manufacturers Declaration 668.DCO.BC.1903.40.055

ID: 59441951
Catalog/Brochure Catalog DA 51.2: MICROMASTER 420/430/440 Inverters 0.12 kW to 250 kW

PDF Update 2007/2008, Catalog, E86060-K5151-A121-A6-7600

ID: 109746797
Product note Product discontinuation of SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel (first-generation IOP devices)

The SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel (first-generation IOP devices) will reach "Product cancellation/discontinuation" status on April 1, 2019.

ID: 109764357
FAQ Damaged Pins on D-Type Connector of G120C, G120X and G120CU with BOP-2

Attaching the BOP-2 incorrectly can lead to a bent pin on the D-Type connector, please use the following to eliminate the possibility of damage to the inverter.

For products: 6SL3255-0AA00-4CA1
ID: 109763511
FAQ External EMC filters for unfiltered Power Modules SINAMICS G120

Electromagnetic compatibility of Power Modules PM240-2, PM240-2 PT, PM240P-2 and G120C

ID: 109763430
Product note Sales release of SINAMICS G120 Smart Access FW 01.02.06

With immediate effect, a firmware version (V01.02.06) is available for the SINAMICS G120 Smart Access.

ID: 109762699
Product note SINAMICS technical documentation

Irrespective of the particular application, whether you require online help for a specific machine message when operating a product, you wish to take the time and get to know a product or you wish to compile documentation for your own individual purposes: With us, you can find the current editions of technical documentation electronically, on data carrier and printed out.

ID: 108993276
Manual SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Operating Instructions

12/2018, Operating Instructions, A5E43332487-002

For products: 6SL3255-0AA00-5AA0
ID: 109763172
Manual SINAMICS G120 Smart Access (option)

12/2018, Product Information, A5E43332647-006

For products: 6SL3255-0AA00-5AA0
ID: 109763170
Product note Release for sale and delivery of the SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel 2 (IOP-2) with firmware V2.3.x

The SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel 2 (IOP-2) with firmware V2.3 and a new commissioning concept was released for sale and general delivery on December 6, 2018. In this article you will find additionally the firmware update V2.3 SP1 which was released on April 30th, 2019.

ID: 109762019
Catalog/Brochure Catalog NC 82: SINUMERIK 828 Equipment for Machine Tools

2018, Catalog, E86060-K4482-A101-A6-7600

ID: 109746977
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