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SINAMICS G150 Cabinet Units
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FAQ Which energy-measuring components and higher-level systems does the SIMATIC Energy Suite support?

The numerous communication options of the S7-1500 permit the SIMATIC Energy Suite to support any measuring and automation devices for acquiring energy data. Configuration is further facilitated by the standardized procedure of the Energy Support Library for reading out energy data from the hardware of the product families SIMATIC, SENTRON, SINAMICS and SIRIUS.

ID: 109482454
FAQ SINAMICS: Information on error loop impedance according to IEC 60204-1

The inverters include electronic short-circuit protection and thus meet the requirements for automatic shutdown in the event of an error.

ID: 109780013
FAQ The new Energy-related Product standard: EN 50598

Frequently questions relating to the standard

ID: 109474905
FAQ SINAMICS S110/S120/G120/G120C: Safety isolation of motor temperature sensor

Connecting temperature sensors (of motors) to SINAMICS components in accordance with EN 61800-5-1 / IEC 61800-5-1

ID: 36816625
FAQ SINAMICS G150/S120/S150: "Overcurrent" or "motor stalled" during motor changeover

Summary During changeover of the DDS the error 'overcurrent' or 'motor stalled' occurs. ...

ID: 81667026
FAQ Which spare parts are available for SIMOTION C/D and Terminal Modules and where can these be ordered?

Spare Parts for SIMOTION D, SIMOTION C and Terminal Modules

ID: 29727640
FAQ CCC certificates for the export to China

Information on CCC certificates for the export to China

ID: 46382761
FAQ SINAMICS S120, SIMODRIVE 611: Cable cross-sections

QUESTION: A) According to my installation instructions, a larger cable cross-section is required than is possible to connect to the components, ...

ID: 37570741
FAQ Bender´s Insulation Monitoring Device Option L87 for SINAMICS G150, S150, S120 Cabinet Modules


ID: 36280112
FAQ SINAMICS S120, SMC30: Encoder fault incorrect zero mark distance or failed zero mark

QUESTION: How to proceed if, when operating TTL / HTL encoders on the SMC30, the messages 3n100 and/or3n101 (n stands for encoder 1 or 2) are displayed resp. the higher-level controller is deactivated with encoder fault ? ...

For products: 6SL3055-0AA00-5CA0
ID: 35509461
FAQ AC-Drive Blocksize with Brake Relay, brake does not open.

QUESTION: For an AC-Drive with Brake Relay (not Safe Brake Relay!), the brake cannot be controlled, i.e. it does not open. ...

ID: 25843238
FAQ Temperature sensors with SINAMICS components

QUESTION: Where do I connect a temperature sensor with SINAMICS components? How is parameterization carried out?...

ID: 28951608
FAQ Backing-up (archiving) SINAMICS CU320 parameters.

QUESTION: Backing-up (archiving) SINAMICS CU320 parameters is quite important for documentation purposes and if the CU320 module was to fail. ...

ID: 23772703
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