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LOGO! Software
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Download Notes on instructions for updating the LOGO! 8.2 SP1 operating system

Instructions for updating LOGO! 8.2 SP1 operating system

ID: 109767413
Product note New V1.82.02 firmware available for LOGO! 8.

New V1.82.02 firmware available for LOGO! 8.

ID: 109767410
Application example Distance and Level Measurement in Industrial Applications (Set 3)

You would like to monitor the filling level of a storage tank which is to be filled automatically. This application demonstrates by the following example how you can configure an automatic filling level monitoring based on LOGO! ...

ID: 21689394
Application example Building Automation: House Control with LOGO! 8 and Master-Slave Communication (LOGO! Set 9)

The LOGO! 8 controller together with further LOGO! 8 controllers is used to control and monitor various functions in houses or other buildings. A smartphone can be used to monitor and control the house functions via WLAN.

ID: 64143308
Application example Monitoring Energy Consumption with LOGO! 8 and LOGO! CMR (Set 2)

The energy consumption of street lights can be monitored by means of a LOGO! 8 connected to an energy meter. If the energy consumption is above or short of a certain value, a warning message is sent by the LOGO! CMR via SMS. In addition, it is possible at any time to request the current energy consumption via SMS.

ID: 109062859
Application example Time-controlled lighting with LOGO! 8 and LOGO! CMR (Set 1)

The lighting is controlled by LOGO! 8. This is connected to a LOGO! CMR. By selecting different operating modes, you decide whether the lighting is switched on or off at sunset or sunrise. In addition, it is possible to manually enter a switch-on or switch-off time for the lighting via SMS or locally onsite.

ID: 109063024
Application example LOGO! – Control of a sliding gate with reversing contactor

Control of a sliding gate with LOGO! 8 via a reversing contactor

ID: 109755868
Application example LOGO! - Pump control for a cistern

A building is to be supplied with a continuous supply of service water. With LOGO! 8 a pump control for a cistern is implemented.

ID: 109755866
Application example LOGO! – basic light circuits

Basic light circuits using LOGO! 8

ID: 109755863
Application example PI Controller with LOGO! for Simple Applications - Optimum Motor Speed Control (Set 23)

A LOGO! 8 regulates the pressure of a cooling water system by means of controlling a pump. On a display all associated operating data are shown. The set value can be adjusted on the display. The water pressure and the level in the storage tank are measured with appropriate sensors.

ID: 23753479
FAQ Why are user-defined web pages not displayed completely when called via the VPN connection of a LOGO! CMR20x0?

When the user-defined web page of the LOGO! BM is called via the VPN connection of the LOGO! CMR the display might be restricted in the browser, which in turn restricts the user-defined web page. In this FAQ response we consider the cause of this and the possible solutions.

ID: 109763463
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, Manufacturer

Morocco - Declaration of Conformity M3071

ID: 109763865
Product note Product information on LOGO! Soft Comfort V8

On the installation DVD for LOGO! Soft Comfort V8.x, the license is included in the following folder: CD-ROM/CoL

For products: 6ED1058-0CA08-0YE1
ID: 109763720
Application example Building Automation: House Control with LOGO! 8 and Touch Panel KTP700 Basic (LOGO! Set 10)

The house control application example (set 9) is expanded by a SIMATIC HMI Touch Panel KTP700 Basic. House functions can easily be controlled and monitored with the central Touch Panel. The color display of the touch panel can be modified individually.

ID: 68585344
Application example Building Automation: House Control with LOGO! 8 and Weather Sensors (LOGO! Set 11)

With LOGO! 8, data can be exchanged between several LOGO! modules via network communicaiton. In the application, a weather station is connected to an existing house automation with a LOGO! 8 and a Touch Panel. Depending in the weather data, various house functions are controlled automatically and weather warnings are generated.

ID: 68585346
Application example LOGO! Home Automation - Access control

A building shall be equipped with various access controls via keypads, or other coded access. Different requirements have to be considered. You get three ready-made switching programs for LOGO! 8 with an increasing complexity, with which you can integrate a CODE input, e.g. for a door access control.

ID: 109758541
Catalog/Brochure Catalog - ST 80/ST PC: Human Machine Interface Systems/PC-based Automation

2018, Catalog

ID: 109744146
FAQ Which external storage media can you use with the current SIMATIC panels and which memory card interfaces do they have?

Interface-compatible operator panels and storage media.

ID: 21847868
FAQ Why is the selected communication driver marked red in the "Connections" menu in the HMI configuration?

Cause and solution and information about which current and older panels can communicate with SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs.

ID: 109475049
Application example LOGO! Web Based Trainings

In these free Web Based Training courses (WBTs) you will meet some basics facts of LOGO! and LOGO! Soft Comfort.

ID: 109757017
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