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HMI (Human Machine Interface)
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FAQ Which SIMATIC HMI operator panels and SIPLUS extreme HMIs does Siemens currently offer for hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmosphere (Ex2/22)?

SIMATIC HMI operator panels and SIPLUS extreme HMIs available for hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmosphere (Ex2/22)

ID: 291285
FAQ How do you replace a defective operator panel, or how do you send a defective device for repair?

Contact persons and instructions for the purchase of spare parts or for the repair of devices

ID: 22639376
FAQ How resistant to chemicals are the SIMATIC HMI operator panels and Industrial PCs?

Information about the chemical resistance of the fronts/surfaces of our SIMATIC HMI operator panels.

ID: 39718396
FAQ How do you determine the release status of a SIMATIC device or module?

The release status (also known as product status or functional status) describes the current hardware status of a product compared to the status at the time of market launch. It is used for "versioning" the hardware and is an important indicator of technical changes that have occurred over the product life cycle. This FAQ response shows you where to find this information on the device.

ID: 45047113
FAQ Which frame colors are used for the SIMATIC Panels and SIMATIC IPCs?

A list of the designs and frame colors of SIMATIC Panels and SIMATIC IPCs.

ID: 28510510
FAQ What connecting cables are there for connections between the operating units and the different controllers?

SIMATIC operating units can communicate with many different controllers. For this you need different cables and cable types. This FAQ response gives you an overview of the types of communication, the cables that can be used and their interface assignments.

ID: 29034071
FAQ Which connector cables are available for connecting to SIMATIC Panels?

This FAQ response gives you an overview of where you can find information about plug-in connecting cables of the various HMI operator panels for the configuration download, firmware updates and for resetting to factory settings, and about the process connection to CPUs.

ID: 19109408
FAQ Which HMI components can you connect with S7-200 CPU and what should you watch out for when doing so?

Configuration Notes:   You can connect a SIMATIC S7-200 CPU with different types of HMI devices. Here you must take into account differences in communications protocols, baud rates and the number of connections possible. The HMI device always plays the active part in the communication. This entry covers the following two aspects: One HMI component can communicate simultaneously with multiple SIMATIC S7-200 CPUs ...

ID: 14188898
FAQ An overview of Micro Automation in Industry Online Support

ID: 65395042
FAQ How do you dynamically modify static message texts of the TD200 by way of embedded ASCII data?

Description  The TD200 (up to firmware version V2.1) does not offer by default embedded data in ASCII format. However, since the TD200 loads stored static messages only during runtime, dynamic messages can be generated by changing these given texts. ...

ID: 19341692
FAQ How do you backup/restore with a Windows-based panel?

Instructions There are two option for making a backup of the configuration of a Windows-based panel without having to access the source data of ProTool or WinCC flexible: ...

ID: 28928853
FAQ How do you synchronize time/date between a TP170A and an S7-200 CPU with ProTool?

Instructions Since only an unbuffered system clock is integrated in the TP170A the panel's system clock can only be synchronized at regular intervals with the system clock of the S7-200 controller using the 'Date/Time PLC' area pointer. ...

ID: 18630804
FAQ Which panels are certified for the FM explosion protection standard for North America?

Product information This entry contains all the SIMATIC HMI panels that have an FM certificate for the explosion protection standard. The FM certification is valid exclusively for North America. ...

ID: 36489314
FAQ How do you back transfer the projects of an operator panel and what should you watch out for?

Contents: In this FAQ we describe how to back transfer projects, which operator panels support this function and what you should pay attention to. ...

ID: 21907703
FAQ Why can you not transfer the configuration from the PC to the Windows CE-based panel?

Description When transferring the project to the panel, you get the message below and the transfer is aborted. ...

ID: 5827904
FAQ What should you watch out for when setting up a connection between S7-200 and SIMATIC Panels or WinCC flexible PC Runtime and what are the options?

Description Below is a description of the settings you must make for configuring a connection between panels or WinCC flexible PC Runtime and S7-200. ...

ID: 28263099
FAQ Why can't you load the TD configuration for your text display into your CPU?

Description Loading the project into the CPU triggers the message 'non fatal error'. If you delete the subprogram 'TD_ALM_0', you can load the project without occurrence of this error message. ...

ID: 39217172
FAQ Which protective covers are available for panels?

Product note: The option exists to fit a protective cover on some panels. This protective cover allows the panel to be used in very difficult environments where the front of the panel is exposed to mechanical and physical forces, which may have a damaging effect on it. ...

ID: 12391908
FAQ How do you do a multilingual configuration of S7-200 Text Displays?

Instructions: The table below shows which S7-200 text displays support multilingual configuration and indicates the maximum number of language sets. ...

ID: 33960557
FAQ How do you have specific language character sets (e.g. Cyrillic) displayed in S7-200 Text Displays?

Instructions: Table 01 shows which S7-200 Text Displays support which character sets. ...

ID: 17980308
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