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PG 702
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Certificate General Product Approval, UL, UL

UL-Approval USA of "Information Technology Equipment" PC, PG, SIMATIC NET, TD, OP (English) Certificate NWGQ.E115352

ID: 17797670
FAQ Why can't you load the TD configuration for your text display into your CPU?

Description Loading the project into the CPU triggers the message 'non fatal error'. If you delete the subprogram 'TD_ALM_0', you can load the project without occurrence of this error message. ...

ID: 39217172
FAQ What should you watch out for when operating multiple TD100/200(C) text displays on a SIMATIC S7-200 CPU?

  Configuration Notes: You can operate multiple TD100/200(C) text displays on a SIMATIC S7-200 CPU. Here you must make the following parameter settings in the TD Setup and in the Micro/WIN Text Display Wizard. Operating instructions and more information is available in the manual 'Text Display (TD)' (Entry ID 1087140) and Addresses of the configuration data records ...

ID: 22723014
FAQ Under which circumstances can expansion modules or the TD 200 (C) lose their parameterization?

Description: At each startup, the relevant expansion modules and the TD 200 (C) read the parameter block in the tag memory of the S7-200 CPU. Now, if during the program processing the parameterization in the DB is mistakenly overwritten between the last program download and a subsequent switch-off of the power supply, then when the power supply returns the components to be parameterized adopt incorrect data and the paramete ...

ID: 21811806
Certificate General Product Approval, CSA, CSA

CSA Approval of SIMATIC PG, PC, TD, WinAC Slot PLC (English) Certificate

ID: 16651076
FAQ SIMATIC PG/PC does not revert to suspend mode after pcAnywhere installation 

QUESTION: Why does the SIMATIC PG/PC with operating system Windows 2000 or Windows XP not revert to suspend mode after installation of pcAnywhere (Manufacturer: Symantec)? ...

ID: 14571304
Download FM 357-2 Firmware Patch Version 3.3 for Operation with CPU 318 and Hand-held Programming Device

DESCRIPTION: The present firmware patch upgrades the FM 357-2 to the firmware version V3.3. ...

ID: 5280454
Manual PG 702 Programming Device

01, Manual, C79000-G7076-C709-01, 6ES7702-0AA01-8BA0

For products: 6ES7702-0AA01-0YA0
ID: 1198846
Product note SIMATIC S7-200 PG 702 - New Version with New Catalog No.

Concerns products with Catalog No.'s: 6ES7 702-0AA01-0YA0 S7-200, PG 702 programming device 6ES7 702-0AA01-8AA0 S7-200, PG 702 manual, German 6ES7 702-0AA01-8BA0 S7-200, PG 702 manual, English 6ES7 702-0AA01-8CA0 S7- ...

For products: 6ES7702-0AA01-0YA0
ID: 4342981
FAQ Connection of an OP3 on the MPI interface

PROBLEM: OP3 has a plug connector (male) on the MPI interface. How do you get to an MPI network using it? ...

For products: 6ES7705-0AA00-7BA0, 6AV3503-1DB10
ID: 36506
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