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Manual SIMATIC Ident Configuration Guide

07/2019, Operating Instructions

ID: 67384964
FAQ Which modules support the "S7 Routing" function in S7 subnets?

This entry shows which modules support the "S7 Routing" function in S7 subnets to be able to operate cross-network PG/OP communication through S7 Routing.

ID: 584459
Download Support Packages for the hardware catalog in the TIA Portal (HSP)

Attached are the latest Support Packages for several TIA Portal versions ready for downloading.

ID: 72341852
Certificate Radio Equipment Type Approval Certificate, Radio Equipment Type Approval Certificate

ANATEL, Certificate of technical conformity for telecommunication products, Brasilia, CP1242-7 V2 GPRS 00091266

For products: 6GK7242-7KX31-0XE0
ID: 109741054
Certificate EMC, RCM, Manufacturer

Suppliers declaration of conformity 94-6GK1-20110610

ID: 53484519
Certificate Marine / Shipping, ABS / American Bureau of Shipping, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)

Certificate of Design Assessment, ABS, for SIMATIC S7-1200 (English) No. 15-GD1413994-1-PDA

ID: 46334682
Application example RFID Basic Examples

With the SIMATIC Ident product portfolio, Siemens offers a wide range of hardware and software components to make your automation solutions as simple and efficient as possible. On the topic of RFID, we provide you with minimalist basic examples as a configuring aid for standard configurations to explain the basics of engineering.

ID: 109483416
FAQ Information about product-related environmental protection

Validity: Products of the Operating Company DI (Digital Industries) and Business Unit SI CP (Control Products) of Siemens AG.

ID: 39200038
Manual SIMATIC S7-1200 CPU firmware update V4.3

02/2019, Product Information, A5E44115569-AC

ID: 109764327
Application example RFID basic examples: SIMATIC RF200 via RF120C

With the RF120C communication module you can integrate proprietary SIMATIC RF200 readers into a S7-1200 control system. The S7 block “ident blocks" or “ident profile" are used to control this configuration.

ID: 109483367
Application example RFID basic examples: SIMATIC RF300 via RF120C

With the RF120C communication module you can integrate SIMATIC RF300 readers in a proprietary manner into a S7-1200 control system. The S7 block “ident blocks" or “ident profile" are used to control this configuration.

ID: 109483368
Application example Overview: Secure Remote Access with VPN

An introduction to IP based remote Networks and to the related product range of Siemens. For the possible configurations of an IP based remote network there is an overview along with the requirements and the link to the configuration description.

ID: 26662448
Product note  New version V15 of the Ident Systems Software & Documentation DVD

Effective immediately, the Ident Systems Software & Documentation DVD (6GT2080-2AA20) will be delivered with version V15.

ID: 109768155
Application example PI Controller with LOGO! for Simple Applications - Optimum Motor Speed Control (Set 23)

A LOGO! 8 regulates the pressure of a cooling water system by means of controlling a pump. On a display all associated operating data are shown. The set value can be adjusted on the display. The water pressure and the level in the storage tank are measured with appropriate sensors.

ID: 23753479
Catalog/Brochure Catalog ST 70: Products for Totally Integrated Automation-SIMATIC

2019, Catalog

ID: 109744167
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, Manufacturer

EU-Declaration of Conformity for Antenna Cables, Serial Cables, PROFIBUS / PROFINET / ETHERNET Cables, Power Cable, USB Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Assembled / Not Assembled PD-PA-CI-021-171025

ID: 109752275
Application example SIMATIC S7-based Telecontrol via DNP3 Protocol

The control station communicates with the outstations via Ethernet using the DNP3 telecontrol protocol.

ID: 87447188
Download SIMARIS therm 2.4

Power loss calculation for the right design of system cabinets

ID: 109482729
Certificate Marine / Shipping, BV / Bureau Veritas, BV (Bureau Veritas)

BV, Type Approval Certificate, SCALANCE CP / CM / S / X and W series for SIMATIC NET 11554/D0 BV

ID: 90039616
Application example Connection of an S7 1200 RTU, an S7-1500 and an ET 200SP RTU to a ST7cc central station

With the integration of the SINAUT project planning in the TIA Portal, the complete communication configuration takes place in one tool. The TeleControl portfolio has been expanded with the TIM 1531 IRC, which can be connected to the central control station as a stand-alone device. This means that one or more RTUs can be used as substations in TeleControl systems with the SINAUT ST7 protocol.

ID: 109761107
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