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FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
Application example Guide for Migrating PC-based Controllers: from SIMATIC WinAC RTX to the SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller and TIA Portal

This guide supports your migration to the new software controller generation. It explains the advantages of the new technology and helps you migrate your system (including the controller, programs, hardware configurations and HMI).

ID: 109478804
Application example Monitoring and Control of Network Components with a SIMATIC S7-PN CPU with the aid of SNMP

SNMP blocks for SIMATIC S7-PN CPUs for monitoring, controlling and configuration of SNMP capable network components.

ID: 57249109
FAQ How do you configure communication via Modbus/TCP with WinAC RTX (F) in TIA Portal V13 SP1?

This FAQ offers step-by-step instructions on how to use the SIMATIC Modbus/TCP software with a WinAC RTX (F) software PLC in TIA Portal V13 SP1.

ID: 109482560
FAQ Which PROFINET nodes support the extended PROFINET diagnostics and what do you have to configure?

With the extended PROFINET diagnostics it is possible to have functions like the diagnostics and parameterization of integrated Ethernet interfaces (fiber-optic diagnostics and topology configuration, for example).

ID: 23678970
Download Current correction revisions for SIMATIC WinAC RTX

This download contains the information on the current correction revisions for SIMATIC WinAC RTX

ID: 15227402
FAQ Which versions of WinAC (Basis, RTX, Slot) and SIMATIC NET are compatible with each other?

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 21169761
FAQ SINAMICS S120, CU310-2 PN, CU320-2 PN: Maintenance request when allocating NameOfStation

Maintenance request when allocating NameOfStation. The MAINT LED of the CPU lights up yellow.

ID: 109478287
Download PCDiagBridge

PCDiagBridge is a software tool that makes available to the SIMATIC applications WinCC and WinCC flexible the diagnostics data provided by the DiagBase diagnostics software as well as messages from SITOP UPSs, WinAC RTX and WinAC RTX F.

ID: 42674746
Application example Wizard for creating connection data for Modbus/TCP communication for reading of values from PAC devices with help of PN-CPUs (Modbus/TCP PAC Wizard )

Task All newer SIMATIC S7-CPUs contain an integrated PROFINET interface which in addition to PROFINET also enables Modbus/TCP communication. The measuring devices SENTRON PAC3200 and PAC4200 provide a variety of values, which can be read out via Modbus/TCP. ...

ID: 49973600
Application example Security guideline for PC-based automation systems with Windows embedded operating systems.

Problem Each plant or each automation system must be protected against the various risks of plant manipulation. This includes for example appropriate access controls, authorizations for plant operation, protection against plant manipulation, password-protected data access etc. ...

ID: 55390879
Manual SIMATIC PC-based Automation Security for Windows Embedded Operating Systems

10/2011, System manual

ID: 90883279
FAQ Which modules can you use when implementing software redundancy?

Description Software Redundancy (SWR) is a software package for configuring fault-tolerant controllers with standard components. The controller part consists of standard CPUs of the S7-300 and S7-400 series. The redundancy link for synchronizing the redundant CPUs is achieved with standard communication mechanisms like CPs or via an MPI interface. Connection to I/O devices is via two redundant PROFIBUS DP segments to the ET-200M stations with redundant IM 153-2 interface ...

ID: 42614519
FAQ When is the Runtime license not recognized with a Windows Embedded System?

Description The license is displayed correctly in the Automation License Manager, but not taken by the corresponding Runtime software. When you start WinAC RTX and/or WinCC flexible Runtime or WinCC Runtime Advanced, you get this message: 'No valid license key can be found'. This behavior can occur when a CF card from a third-party manufacturer is being used in the SIMATIC IPCs. Some of these CF cards are recognized as removable media. However, a license can only be used if ...

ID: 77306232
Application example Reading and Writing RFID Data with SIMATIC S7-300/400 and SIMATIC RF670R

Problem   For incoming goods, stock keeping, production logistics and distribution, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) provides complete tracking and documentation of all delivered, stored and sent goods. Information of a mobile data storage unit (transponder) is read and written wit...

ID: 23626344
Application example Industrial Security with SCALANCE S Modules over IPSec VPN Tunnels

Task The task of this application is to demonstrate how data integrity, confidentiality and security can be ensured in industrial communication. Service employees are to be enabled to connect their PGs / PCs to the automation network via a secure connection and to run selected services. Access to...

ID: 22056713
Manual SIMATIC Windows Automation Center WinAC Time Synchronization

03/2013, Operating manual, A5E00449689-02

ID: 22205381
FAQ "How can you collect the diagnostics and system information from a computer with WinAC RTX (F) installed?"

Description You have three ways of gathering together diagnostics and system information for comprehensive error diagnostics of WinAC RTX: System information of the WinAC RTX with 'SysInfo' ...

ID: 67811839
Application example Multimedia-based Demonstration System "PC-based Getting Started IPC227D"

Topic Embedded Bundles - an easy, cost-effective entry into the world of PC-based automation ...

ID: 66911920
FAQ What should you watch out for when using the SFC 82-84?

Description If, when executing a system function that accesses the load memory, the operating system crashes or the PC is switched off, the content of the load memory might be destroyed. This might cause WinAC RTX (F) to lose the program and the configuration. ...

ID: 58064282
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