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FAQ How do you determine the access strings (node IDs) of data points of the certified OPC UA server of the SITOP PSU8600 and UPS1600?

It is necessary to know the access strings (node IDs) of the relevant data points to read and write values of a OPC UA server. The client needs these to query and influence the required data correctly from the server.

ID: 109764546
FAQ How do you connect the RS485/RS422 interfaces of SIMATIC and SIPLUS modules for serial communication?

Serial communication is possible via the RS485 and RS422 interfaces with the modules below, . The terminal assignments are given in the diagrams.

ID: 109736665
FAQ Which IO controllers and IO devices support the following functions in STEP 7 (TIA Portal): IRT, prioritized startup, MRP, MRPD, PROFIenergy, Shared device, MSI/MSO, I device, clock-synchronized mode and option handling?

An overview shows which PROFINET functions you can configure in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) for the PROFINET IO controllers and IO devices.

ID: 102325771
FAQ How do you change the parameters of the SIMATIC ET 200SP modules dynamically via the data record 128 during the CPU runtime?

Data record 128 is a parameter data record of the SIMATIC ET 200SP modules.

ID: 109764573
FAQ Which SIMATIC HMI products and SITOP products support OPC UA?

Discover without time-consuming searching in the manuals the forms in which SIMATIC HMI products and SITOP products support OPC UA.

ID: 109763315
FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
FAQ What additions are included in the firmware changes of the heating control system SIPLUS HSC4200/4300?

The operating system (firmware) of the heating control system SIPLUS HCS4x00 is updated continuously.

ID: 109764072
FAQ Why does the delivered module have a different article number to the one ordered?

If a substitute product is provided for a module, as soon as the last produced previous modules have been sold, incoming orders are automatically converted to the substitute product.

ID: 109763472
FAQ How do you calculate the cycle time of the S7-1500 analog input module AI 8xU/I/R/RTD/BA according to the number and type of channels used?

The cycle time of the analog input module AI 8xU/I/R/RTD/BA of the S7-1500 (6ES7531-7QF00-0AB0) is the time interval in which the module receives new values. It depends on the type and number of activated channels.

ID: 109761283
FAQ Why does the error message 2988:2074 appear when quitting the window for setting the IO address of a fail-safe ET 200M module in the HW Config?

When setting the IO addresses of a fail-safe ET 200M module it might happen that you get the following error message when quitting the configuration window: Object Properties (2988:2074): "The IO address: [IO initial addresses] must not exceed the maximum process image of the CPU. For the set process image and used module the maximum permissible address is [xxxx]."

ID: 109763508
FAQ Which connectors and cables can you order for the distributed IO systems ET 200eco, ET 200eco PN and ET 200pro?

Overview of the connectors and cables that can be ordered for the distributed IO systems ET 200eco, ET 200eco PN and ET 200pro.

ID: 50102465
FAQ How do you download changed data blocks into the S7-1200/S7-1500 without putting the CPU in STOP and without affecting the values of the tags already loaded?

With the S7-1200 V4 and higher and with the S7-1500 you can change the interfaces of function and data blocks in running operation.

ID: 76278125
FAQ How do you get support for commissioning your heating control system SIPLUS HCS 4200/4300 PROFINET?

PRONETA is a free tool for analyzing and configuring in PROFINET networks along with support of the heating control system SIPLUS HCS4200 / HCS4300. The IO Test provides support for the examination and documentation of your plant's wiring.

ID: 109762953
FAQ Which modules support the "S7 Routing" function in S7 subnets?

This entry shows which modules support the "S7 Routing" function in S7 subnets to be able to operate cross-network PG/OP communication through S7 Routing.

ID: 584459
FAQ Contact expansion of a fail-safe controller with 3SK1

Contact expansion of a fail-safe controller with 3SK1

ID: 76676971
FAQ Where can you find information about the S7-300/400 backup batteries?

The data sheets and latest transport regulations for the backup batteries are available for downloading on the Internet sites of the manufacturers.

ID: 12067424
FAQ How do you use more than 8 TM Timer DIDQ modules with the TIO_SYNC instruction on a CPU?

The TIO_SYNC can synchronize up to 8 modules of the TM Timer DIDQ type. If you want to synchronize more than 8 modules, you have to use further instances of the TIO_SYNC instruction.

For products: 6ES7138-6CG00-0BA0, 6ES7552-1AA00-0AB0
ID: 109762199
FAQ How do you do a fail-safe switch-off of standard modules?

You can do a fail-safe switch-off of various SIMATIC standard modules. This entry shows which modules apply here.

ID: 39198632
FAQ What are the system requirements for Online Software Delivery (OSD)?

In order to be able to download and transfer software and license products provided for downloading in the OSD you should check the following system requirements and make any necessary settings.

ID: 109476109
FAQ How can you read input words in the address range from 9999 to 65535 with the SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 via Modbus RTU?

In STEP 7 V14 (TIA Portal) and higher the "Modbus_Master" instruction provides with V2.4 and higher for SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 the option of reading out the extended address range (9999 - 65535) of input words (function code 04) of a Modbus slave.

ID: 109474481
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