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Product note Delivery release: DC/DC Converter SITOP PSU3400, Delivery Stage 2

The new SITOP PSU3400 DC/DC converters with an output power of 120 W (delivery stage 2) are released for worldwide delivery effective immediately.

ID: 109766849
Product note SIMATIC delivery release for SIMATIC PN/J1939 LINK

The product SIMATIC PN/J1939 LINK (6BK1623-0AA00-0AA0) from the SIMATIC PN LINKs product series has been released for delivery. Start of delivery is February 28, 2019. SIMATIC PN/J1939 LINK lets you connect SIMATIC to a PN/J1939 network (CAN-based).

For products: 6BK1623-0AA00-0AA0
ID: 109766742
Product note Delivery release for the IO-Link Master module for S7-1500 / ET 200MP

An 8 Port IO-Link Master module (CM 8xIO-Link; 6ES7547-1JF00-0AB0) is available for the S7-1500 / ET 200MP with immediate effect.

For products: 6ES7547-1JF00-0AB0
ID: 109766005
Product note Delivery Release of the New Analog Input Module AI 8xU/I/R/RTC BA for S7-1500 / ET 200MP

A new basic version of the 8-channel analog input module for S7-1500 / ET 200MP is available effective immediately for the acquisition of current (mA), voltage (V), resistance (ohms), and temperatures (RTD).

ID: 109765134
Product note Online Software Delivery - What’s new?

You are provided a summary of the new features and functions for the Online Software Delivery platform. We are also including a more detailed description for select OSD features.

ID: 109748903
Product note Mounting rail adapter for convenient installation of S7-1500 components on a 35 mm standard DIN rail

With immediate effect, a mounting rail adapter is available for convenient installation of S7-1500 components on a 35 mm standard DIN rail.

For products: 6ES7590-6AA00-0AA0
ID: 109765253
Product note Hardware conversion for ET 200SP interface modules IM155-6PN/2 HF (PROFINET) and IM155-6DP HF (PROFIBUS)

The above-named interface modules are to be replaced with a reworked version with a new Article No. The IM155-6PN/2 HF (6ES7155-6AU01-0CN0) and IM155-6DP (6ES7155-6BA01-0CN0) are fully compatible with the predecessor modules and can replace them without the need for reconfiguration. After all the previous IMs have been sold, incoming orders will automatically be recoded to the new versions.

ID: 109765274
Product note Delivery release: SITOP PSU6200

The new power supply family SITOP PSU6200 has been released for delivery worldwide from the Logistic Center Nuremberg with immediate effect.

ID: 109763223
Product note Update to Preconfiguration of SITOP UPS1600

As of 01.03.2019 (starting from serial number: Q6L3...), we have updated the preconfigured values on the SITOP UPS1600 (all models).

ID: 109764217
Product note SINAMICS technical documentation

Irrespective of the particular application, whether you require online help for a specific machine message when operating a product, you wish to take the time and get to know a product or you wish to compile documentation for your own individual purposes: With us, you can find the current editions of technical documentation electronically, on data carrier and printed out.

ID: 108993276
Product note SIPLUS extreme – Delivery release for SIPLUS ET 200S EM 1SI RS232/422

The following products of the SIPLUS ET 200S product family from the SIPLUS extreme product range are being released for delivery.

For products: 6AG1138-4DF11-7AB0
ID: 109763010
Product note SITRAIN Training courses for SIMATIC S7-1500 with SIMATIC TIA Portal

SITRAIN offers a comprehensive training portfolio for know-how communication around the topic of SIMATIC S7-1500.

ID: 72297740
Product note SINAMICS G120: Sales and delivery release for firmware version 4.7 SP10 HF3

Effective immediately, SINAMICS G120 firmware version 4.7 SP10 HF3 is released for sales and general delivery.

ID: 109755811
Product note Product discontinuation SITOP-Anniversary Packages

For the SITOP-Anniversary Packages the product discontinuation is scheduled to take place on the 31st of December 2018.

ID: 109762988
Product note Release for sale and delivery of the SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel 2 (IOP-2) with firmware V2.3

The SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel 2 (IOP-2) with firmware V2.3 and a new commissioning concept was released for sale and general delivery on December 6, 2018.

ID: 109762019
Product note Delivery release: SITOP PSU3600 flexi

The single-phase SITOP PSU3600 flexi power supply with 3-52 V DC/10 A, 120 W output has been released for delivery worldwide from the Logistic Center Nuremberg with immediate effect.

ID: 109762059
Product note Firmware for the Interface Module IM 155-5 PN HF for ET 200MP

New firmware is available for the Interface Module IM 155-5 PN HF for ET 200MP (6ES755-5AA00-0AC0).

For products: 6ES7155-5AA00-0AC0
ID: 109762646
Product note Delivery release for SIPLUS HCS4200

Safer, more precise control of heating processes

For products: 6BK1942-2DA00-0AA0
ID: 109762514
Product note Erroneous calibration of some measuring ranges of the 2AI RTD HF analog input module (6ES7134-4NB51-0AB0 , SIPLUS : 6AG1134-4NB51-2AB0 ) of the SIMATIC ET 200S

On the modules concerned, the measuring ranges are not correctly calibrated in all cases. The measured values of the affected modules deviate considerably from the actual values.

For products: 6AG1134-4NB51-2AB0, 6ES7134-4NB51-0AB0
ID: 109762478
Product note Positioning and power module for stepper motors available for ET 200SP

The company Phytron GmbH offers a stepper motor positioning and power module for the next generation of the ET 200SP I/O device family. For further details on ordering and support please refer to the information in the text.

ID: 109761848
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