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Digital input modules
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FAQ How do you change the parameters of the SIMATIC ET 200SP modules dynamically via the data record 128 during the CPU runtime?

Data record 128 is a parameter data record of the SIMATIC ET 200SP modules.

ID: 109764573
FAQ Why does the delivered module have a different article number to the one ordered?

If a substitute product is provided for a module, as soon as the last produced previous modules have been sold, incoming orders are automatically converted to the substitute product.

ID: 109763472
FAQ Sirius ACT Sensor Buttons in Two-Hand Control Station

This FAQ describe how can a two-hand control station including sensor buttons 3SU1 get the IEC62061 (SIL3), respectively ISO13849-1 (PL e).

ID: 109479531
FAQ What are the relationships, differences and typical fields of application of input delay, pulse stretching and oversampling when acquiring fast digital signals?

Input delay, pulse stretching and oversampling are digital input module functions. These functions pre-process input signals before they are transferred to the CPU.

ID: 109736504
FAQ What should you watch out for when loading the program of a CPU S7-1500 SIPLUS online to a SIMATIC memory card?

A CPU S7-1500 Standard (6ES7*) of the same type must first be loaded on the SIMATIC memory card.

ID: 109746261
FAQ How do you configure a SIPLUS extreme component with the TIA Portal?

You have a SIPLUS extreme component for extreme environmental conditions with article number (6AG1*) and you want to configure this with STEP 7 (TIA Portal).

ID: 109746275
FAQ Which modules of the Siemens portfolio support PROFIenergy functions?

In production sites, breaks occur consistently. With PROFIenergy you can turn off specific consumers that are not needed during the break and in this way significantly reduce energy costs.

ID: 95848378
FAQ What are the differences between the Basic (BA), Standard (ST), High Feature (HF) and High Speed (HS) modules of the ET 200SP and ET 200MP?

This entry provides you with information about the function classes of the interface modules and IO modules of the distributed IO systems ET 200SP and ET 200MP.

ID: 109476914
FAQ Which function successor modules can you use for the ET 200B, ET 200L and ET 200L-SC?

You can replace the above-mentioned systems in function with the modules of the ET 200SP, because the modules of the ET 200B / ET 200L and ET 200L-SC can no longer be ordered. The modules of the ET 200L are available as spare parts until September 30, 2022.

ID: 109744814
FAQ Where can you find the manuals and operating instructions for products of the SIPLUS extreme family?

SIPLUS extreme - Manuals and Operating Instructions

ID: 92052303
FAQ What are we to understand by corrosive environmental conditions when using SIPLUS extreme?

SIPLUS extreme - environmental conditions

ID: 80584521
FAQ How do you recommission an ET 200SP station when the firmware update of the server module has not been completed successfully?

When you do a firmware update of the server module on an ET 200 SP CPU station, the ET 200SP CPU goes into the "STOP" operating mode.

ID: 109481468
FAQ What are the differences between the digital SIMATIC input modules of S7-1200/S7-1500 and ET 200SP with regard to standard IEC 61131-2?

The digital input modules of the SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 and the ET 200SP meet the requirements of the IEC 61131-2 standard. This is the only standard valid worldwide for programmable logic controllers.

ID: 109477921
FAQ How can a PLC Program be protected against unauthorized manipulation?

This security information lists measures to protect PLC programs by using appropriate PLC protection methods. The features can be used to reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access and configuration changes to automation components.

ID: 109481671
FAQ How do you obtain information about SIPLUS extreme when you have questions about ordering and delivery procedures?

Send your questions to one of the e-mail addresses listed below.

ID: 92052717
FAQ Which Base Units can you use for the IO modules of the ET 200SP?

This entry gives a brief overview of the assignment of IO modules and Base Units of the ET 200SP.

ID: 108894595
FAQ What is the meaning of the terms "sinking" (German: "P-lesend") and "sourcing" (German: "M-lesend") in digital modules of SIMATIC?

There is a variety of terminologies for characterizing digital inputs and outputs; "P-lesend" and "P-schaltend" (PNP), "M-lesend" and "M-schaltend" (NPN) in German and sinking/sourcing in English.

ID: 23451499
FAQ Videos: Installation of ET 200SP

Here you will find the video sequences for installing the ET 200SP distributed I/O system: Install configuration Wire BaseUnits Replace terminal box on BaseUnit Connect BusAdapter BA 2xRJ45 to the interface module ...

ID: 95886218
ID: 50274607
FAQ How do you print the labeling strips of ET 200SP?

The ET 200SP adds more IO modules to the ET 200 product family.

ID: 81524595
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