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Software redundancy
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FAQ In STEP 7 V5.x, how do you switch a variable table to the second CPU in the case of an H system?

With the variable table in Rack 0 you can also establish a connection to the CPU in Rack 1.

ID: 109764492
FAQ How do you install the Software Redundancy V1.2 (SP3) in MS Windows 7 (or higher)?

In MS Windows 7 (or higher) you can only use single components of the Software Redundancy V1.2. It is not possible to install the software completely.

ID: 109482402
FAQ FAQ collection for SIEMENS PLC soft redundancy

FAQ collection for SIEMENS PLC soft redundancy Question 1: What are the points for attention in hardware configuration? ...

ID: 87604432
Manual SIMATIC S7-300/S7-400 Software redundancy for SIMATIC S7

04/2010, Function manual, A5E02171565-02

ID: 1137637
Product note Software Redundancy, New Version 1.2 Now Available  

The new Software Redundancy version 1.2 is a software package for the design of fault-tolerant controllers with standard components on a software basis. The PLC part consists of standard S7-300 and S7-400 CPUs, the I/Os are redundantly connected ET 200M stations. The new version 1.2 supports the ...

ID: 15222081
FAQ Inserting/removing modules with S7 software redundancy 

QUESTION: Is the Insert/Remove function supported for I/O modules of the ET200M with S7 software redundancy systems? ...

For products: 6ES7862-0AC01-0YA0, 6ES7862-0AC00-0YA0
ID: 10127103
FAQ Error message "Exit Code 3" when installing the Software Redundancy

QUESTION: How can I avoid the error message 'Exit Code 3' when installing the Software Redundancy? ...

For products: 6ES7862-0AC01-0YA0, 6ES7862-0AC00-0YA0
ID: 8321830
FAQ Abortion of installation of the STEP 7 library "SIMATIC Software Redundancy"

QUESTION: Why, when installing 'SIMATIC Software Redundancy', do I get the error message 'General file transfer error...'? ...

For products: 6ES7862-0AC01-0YA0, 6ES7862-0AC00-0YA0
ID: 6137747
Product note SIMATIC S7 Software Redundancy - New Revision Level 1.1

Concerns products with the Order No.'s: 6ES7 862-0AC00-0YA0 Software redundancy, FB, single license 6ES7 862-0AC00-0YA1 Software redundancy, FB, copy license ...

For products: 6ES7862-0AC00-0YA1, 6ES7862-0AC00-0YA0
ID: 4356939
Product note Software Based Fault-Tolerant S7 PLC

Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s: 6ES7 862-0AC00-0YA0 Software redundancy, FB on CD ROM, single license 6ES7 862-0AC00-0YA1 Software redundancy, FB on CD ROM, copy license 6ES7 153-3AA00-0XB0 IM 153-3 redundant link ...

ID: 4339989
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