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FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
FAQ Are there lists for the compatibility of Microsoft operating systems and SIMATIC software products?

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 9061581
FAQ How do you remove the yellow triangle from a block in the block folder after deleting the S7-PDIAG monitoring?

Instructions: We recommend proceeding as follows if you have deleted all monitoring in the block and the yellow triangle is still displayed on the block concerned in the block folder. Right-click on the relevant block and select 'Object Properties...' in the pop-up menu. Switch to the 'Attributes' tab and use the 'Delete Row' button to delete the rows with the 'S7_pdiag' attribute. Click OK to close the dialog.  The yellow triangle has now been delete ...

ID: 11895294
FAQ Why can't you change any S7-PDIAG data in a STEP 7 project because the relevant fields are grayed?

Description: If you cannot change any S7-PDIAG data and the relevant fields are grayed, then you should check whether S7-PDIAG is actually installed on your PC. ...

ID: 18385271
FAQ Information on the topic of "Installing and upgrading software"

Instructions: Information on 'Installing and upgrading software' is available in the following manual and chapter/section: ...

ID: 27774605
FAQ How can you display the configured messages with the the "CPU messages..." function?

Instructions: The table below describes the procedure for displaying messages in STEP 7 with the 'CPU messages...' function taking the example of address monitoring configured in S7-PDIAG. ...

ID: 26517533
FAQ Why doesn't the CPU name appear for the formal parameter "$$CpuName$$" in the "Address Monitoring" dialog when the message with this formal parameter has been configured in an FC?

Description: If the formal parameter '$$CpuName$$' is used for configuring a message, after compiling in S7-PDIAG and after opening the 'Address Monitoring' dialog the CPU name doesn't appear as message text if the configuration has been made in a function. Instead only the formal parameter continues to be displayed. However, the name of the CPU, e.g. 'CPU 314C-2PtP' appears as message text for the same formal parameter if the message text has been configured in a function bl ...

ID: 23151151
FAQ Which rules are to be observed when programming with regard to the option "Initial value acquisition"?

Description: The table below gives a number of rules to be observed with regard to the 'initial value acquisition' option when programming in LAD/FBD/STL. ...

ID: 15006983
FAQ How can you copy blocks with messages from one project to another?

Instructions: The table below describes how you can copy blocks with configured messages (Alarm_S/SQ or Alarm_D/DQ) from one project to another without having to copy the entire project or delete the blocks beforehand in the other project. ...

ID: 23035755
FAQ Why do I get a message when compiling saying "Maximum number of operands for initial value acquisition in block ............. has been exceeded"?

Description: With the 'initial value acquisition' function S7-PDIAG gives you the option of monitoring the operands. When a new status is reported by S7-PDIAG, 'initial value acquisition' lets you identify the real reason for the change of status (i.e. the responsible operand). With initial value acquisition you can track through up to 64 operands for each condition analysis. The warning message [297:4008] means the maximum number of 64 operands has been exceeded. ...

ID: 11626000
FAQ Why shouldn't you use the blocks FB0 and FC0 when configuring with S7-PDIAG?

Description: For system-specific reasons it is not permitted to use the blocks FB0 and FC0 with the block attribute 's7_pdiag=true' in the block properties. In this way the number '0' should not be used for function blocks and functions when configuring with S7-PDIAG. ...

ID: 22180386
FAQ Why is diagnostic data only displayed as "#####" on the MP370?

Description If an associated value is called for the purposes of displaying a text value and this associated value is disabled in S7-PDIAG, the diagnostic data which is created with S7-PDIAG is displayed as '#####' on the MP370 (error code: #####@#####). ...

ID: 21689204
FAQ How can you reactivate the missing yellow marking for the addresses to be monitored in the LAD/FBD/STL editor?

Instructions: The table below describes how to proceed to activate the yellow marking after configuration of the addresses to be monitored in STEP 7 version V5.3 SP2 (Service Pack 2) and S7-PDIAG version V5.1. ...

ID: 21659289
FAQ Error definitions for S7-PLCSIM not displayed

QUESTION:   Why are the error definitions of S7-PDIAG V5.1 no longer displayed when I load the program in S7-PLCSIM V5.2? ...

ID: 19183792
FAQ Configuring process alarm without acknowledgment in S7-PDIAG V5.1

QUESTION: How can you configure a process alarm without acknowledgment in S7-PDIAG V5.1? ...

ID: 17371374
FAQ Displaying help networks in ProTool module comprehensive

QUESTION:   Why aren't the help networks displayed in ProTool? ANSWER:  ...

ID: 16739429
FAQ Determine the number of S7-PDIAG messages

QUESTION: How can I find out the number of messages configured in S7-PDIAG? ANSWER:...

ID: 16532940
FAQ S7-PDIAG ¿ symbol names are not updated in messages

QUESTION:   How can I update the symbol names in messages?  ANSWER:  ...

ID: 16504680
FAQ Loss of entered configurations with PDIAG V5.0

QUESTION: Why do I loose the configurations in my animated pictures in PDIAG V5.0 and how can I prevent this? ...

ID: 13870207
FAQ Generating PDIAG messages from multi-instance blocks

QUESTION: Why do I not get any messages about PDIAG from blocks that are configured as multi-instance? ...

ID: 13111791
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