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Download Handling programs for authorizing or licensing SIMATIC products.

This page includes the latest versions of the various handling programs for authorizing or licensing SIMATIC products.

ID: 114358
FAQ In STEP 5, why do you get the error message "Hardware error" when you want to transfer your program to an EPROM?

The error message described above is displayed when you have the internal prommer preset as EPROM interface in the SIMATIC STEP 5 software on a Field PG M5 with S5 Option.

ID: 109744421
FAQ Which version of STEP 5 is compatible with which MS Windows operating system?

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 6002243
FAQ Why can you no longer start the STEP 5 software V7.2/V7.23 after the Windows XP security update KB2707511?

Description Installation of the Microsoft security update KB2707511 for Windows XP can lead to the situation where you can no longer start the STEP 5 software V7.2/V7.23 you have installed. For example, this concerns applications that access device drivers at the Start. STEP 5 is such an application. This security update was published by Microsoft on June 11, 2012. ...

ID: 62434701
FAQ How do you avoid a blue screen when using STEP 5 V7.23 for an online connection between a PC with multi-core CPU and an S5?

Instructions If you are using a PC or laptop with multi-core processor (multi-core CPU), your PC might crash with STEP 5 online connections to an S5 controller. You then get a blue screen and have to restart your PC. The behavior described does not occur in Windows XP in single-core mode. ...

For products: 6ES5684-0MA62-0UG4
ID: 44044935
FAQ What is the difference between the arithmetic and the comparison operations in STEP 5 and STEP 7 in STL?

Description: Table 01 below lists the operands in STEP 5 and STEP 7.  ...

ID: 365406
FAQ Which language must you select for the mnemonics when converting the STEP 5 assignment list to the STEP 7 symbol table?

Instructions: STEP 5 uses a standard text editor for converting the symbols from S5 to S7, so the conversion depends on the language and the mnemonics. Depending on the system there are restrictions when converting from S5 to S7 if the English mnemonics are used or if there is to be a switch between German and English. ...

ID: 32103172
FAQ "System message no. 0334" when attempting to go online with STEP 5 V7.2 in Windows XP

QUESTION: Why do you get the message 'System message no. 0334' when attempting to set up an online connection in STEP 5? ...

For products: 6ES5684-0MA62-0UG4
ID: 18548070
FAQ "Cannot load application" error message

QUESTION: Why do you get the message 'Cannot load application' when using the 'Compare Blocks' function in STEP 5? ...

ID: 11376026
FAQ How do you activate the Full Screen mode with STEP 5 on a Field PG running MS Windows operating systems?

Description: When you activate the 'Maximize' icon in the title bar, the dialog box remains small. ...

ID: 7993416
FAQ How can you change the keyboard layout for STEP 5 to "QWERTY"?

Description: In Windows you have a 'QWERTY' keyboard layout on your Field PG. In STEP5 however you have an 'AZERTY' keyboard layout. The Field PG has Windows ME installed in French. In Windows the 'QWERTY' keyboard layout is active, in DOS applications (e.g. STEP 5) however the 'AZERTY' keyboard layout is active. Now for DOS applications you must switch to the 'QWERTY' keyboard layout: ...

ID: 8275417
Manual STEP 5/MT Basis Package

01, Operating instructions

ID: 19417353
Manual STEP 5

01, Operating manual, C79000-G8576-C800-01

ID: 1175533
FAQ What is the serial cable assignment for transferring the configuration to a Windows-based device?

Instructions: To connect a PC/PG via the COM1 or COM2 interface to the RS232 interface of a Windows-based device you need an RS232 cable, a so-called 'zero-modem cable'. In the following figure you see the cable assignment for an RS232 cable of the type 6ES7 901-1BF00-0XA0, which is used as the zero-modem cable. Such a serial cable can be used for transferring the ProTool configuration to a Windows-based device. ...

ID: 21401061
FAQ What is the pin assignment for the plug-in connecting cable TD/OP <-> CP521 SI (V24)?

Instructions: The pin assignment for the plug-in connecting cable 6XV1418-OC... for connecting a TD/OP to a CP521 SI via V24 is as follows. TAG TAG Connector 1: 25-pin Sub-D male ...

ID: 21923097
FAQ What is the serial cable assignment for transferring the configuration to an RMOS operator panel?

Instructions: For serial transfer via the V24 interface you should use only the cable TAG 6XV1 440 - 2K ... . The following length code applies: ...

ID: 21923977
FAQ What is the pin assignment for the adapter cable 6XV1440 - 2DE32 (TTY/V24)?

Instructions: The pin assignment for the plug-in connecting cable 6XV1440-2DE32 is as follows.  ...

ID: 21925289
FAQ How do you make an MPI cable extension for an OP3?

Instructions: The OP3 comes as standard with a 2.5 m long MPI cable. You can use this MPI cable for connecting an OP3 to an S7 and for the OP3's power supply. In this case, the OP3 does not need an external power supply. ...

ID: 21923867
FAQ How is an OP3 connected for the serial transfer of the configuration to the configuration PC?

Instructions: For the purposes of the serial transfer of the configuration, the OP 3 is ideally connected to the PC's RS232 port via the cable which is supplied. ...

ID: 21925297
FAQ Teleprogramming via PROFIBUS with STEP 5 (PG BUS functions)

QUESTION: Which settings do I have to make in order to operate STEP 5 teleprogramming via PROFIBUS? ...

ID: 1944514
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