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Field PG M3
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FAQ What do you have to watch when transporting a Field PG lithium-ion battery / a complete Field PG?

The safety data sheet and manufacturer certificate for the current Field PG lithium-ion batteries (Status: 01/2018) are available in this entry.

ID: 109739006
Download SIMATIC Field PG M3 - current BIOS version

To achieve the best possible performance, stability and reliability for your SIMATIC Field PG, always use the latest BIOS version.

For products: 6ES7715-...
ID: 48791866
Download BIOS updates and updates of the Intel ME BIOS Extension for SIMATIC IPCs and Field PGs as reaction to security advisories

List of the updates for SIMATIC IPCs, SIMATIC Field PGs, PCS 7 Systems, SINUMERIK and SIMOTION. Troubleshooting for security advisories.

ID: 109747626
FAQ Why does the newly purchased battery pack not charge in the SIMATIC Field PG?

The correct battery pack as a spare part for the Field PG M3 or M4 is currently the SIMATIC Field PG M5 battery pack. This type of battery pack requires you to do a BIOS update.

ID: 89257613
FAQ How do you shorten the update process of Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 after reinstallation or after an image restore?

Optimum procedure for installing the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 updates.

ID: 109742166
FAQ Which ports are used by WinCC Advanced, WinCC Runtime Advanced, WinCC Runtime Professional, Basic Panels, Comfort Panels, Panels and IPC?

Single ports are assigned to different IP services in the communication. This entry provides additional information to the manual information about ports used by WinCC (TIA Portal).

ID: 80917729
FAQ How do you enable automatic logon with Microsoft Windows?

When a computer starts up (SIMATIC IPC, for example), you are asked which user name you want to use to log on to the system. This interrupts the automatic startup, which is undesirable, for example, after a power failure.

ID: 23598260
FAQ How do you disable upgrade notices and automatic download of Windows 10?

The Note icon for upgrading to the new Windows 10 is displayed in the taskbar on all SIMATIC Field PGs with the current operating system Windows 7 SP1. If the upgrade has been reserved, it is also downloaded automatically in the background. In this way, unheeded installation of Windows 10 might lead to compatibility problems with the installed SIMATIC software.

ID: 109480154
FAQ What are the article numbers of the backup batteries for SIMATIC IPCs and SIMATIC Field PGs?

Backup batteries are used to maintain basic functions in the case of a power failure. We explain here how you can determine the article number of the backup battery of your SIMATIC IPC or SIMATIC Field PG.

ID: 64351747
FAQ How do you access a 12MB SMC when access with a notebook or Field PG has aborted?

In most cases the reason for this behavior is a driver which cannot process the 12MB memory card.

For products: 6ES7954-8LE01-0AA0
ID: 75164975
Product note Field PG M3 Service Offer: Conversion of units with 2 GB or 3-GB RAM

Field PG M3 units with 2-GB or 3-GB RAM can be converted by the Repair Center in Stuttgart to 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) RAM. Together with the conversion to 8-GB RAM the units will be equipped with a SSD hard drive to further enhance their performance. If required, the conversion can include a changeover ...

For products: 6ES7715-...
ID: 99682394
Product note Sales and Delivery Release for SIMATIC PG Operating System Packages Windows 7

Microsoft has announced its termination of the Extended Support for Windows XP Professional effective April 2014. Without the security updates from Microsoft new potential security gaps will no longer be closed by Microsoft. This means that in the future mobile PGs and Engineering Stations in pro...

ID: 90883054
Certificate General Product Approval, CCC, CQC

Cancelled for SIMATIC Field PG M3 (chinese, english) 2011010902464486 (cancelled)

ID: 61589465
Certificate General Product Approval, CCC, CQC

Cancelled CCC for SIMATIC Field PG M3 (chinese, english) 2011010902464486 (cancelled)

ID: 49200265
FAQ What should you watch out for when using Windows XP / Server 2003 on IPCs?

Description Microsoft has announced the end of Extended Support for the operating systems list in Table 01. ...

ID: 82555422
FAQ What should you watch out for when restoring a Field PG M4 with Windows 7 from the Restore DVDs supplied?

Description By default the Field PG M4 has two partitions (Drive C: and drive D:). In general drive C: is the system partition and drive D: the data partition on which the project data is stored. When the system is restored, drive C: is restored with the default programs and drive D: is restored as empty. During this procedure the user is requested to assign a user name and password. Windows Setup then installs an administrator account. For example, the user 'pg_user' receives adm ...

ID: 81784325
Application example Setup and Configuration of a Redundancy via PRP and HSR

Task The enhanced level of automation of industrial plants in order to raise productivity and quality, increases the dependency on the availability of automation systems at the same. Failure of an automation system can cause high costs due to production failure and downtimes. If Ethernet is used ...

ID: 78790945
FAQ How can you improve the boot behavior of SIMATIC IPCs and the SIMATIC Field PG M3?

Description Now and again, booting can take a long time with the SIMATIC IPCs and the SIMATIC Field PG M3. A black screen is displayed during this time. The long boot time does not affect the devices, computing functions or applications in any way. ...

ID: 58276798
Product note Now Available: SIMATIC IPC BIOS-Manager V3.3 (WinPE) for SIMATIC IPCs

  The 'SIMATIC IPC BIOS-Manager V3.3 (WinPE)' software, a further development of the proven tool to manage and process SIMATIC IPC BIOS data, is now available. ...

ID: 68849050
Product note Type Discontinuation of the Field PG M3

With immediate effect, all Field PG M3 versions (order no. 6ES7715-...) are type discontinued (end of production).  Two Chinese versions of the Field PG M3 will remain available until the Field PG M4 has been CCC certifiied. For details see entry ID (68400935). For further information please...

ID: 68402186
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