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Product note End of the SIMATIC S5 product life cycle

For the SIMATIC S5 system, the product life cycle ends on 30 September 2020. As of 1 October 2020, spare parts will not be available and repairs will not be possible. Until 30 September 2020, spare parts can be obtained subject to availability and possibly only in exchange.

ID: 109776026
Certificate General Product Approval, UL, UL

UL: NRAQ.E116536 USA, Link: Online Certification Directory, Programmable Controllers ( Steuerungen, Dez. Peripherie, Basic Panels 1st/2nd Gen., Key/Comfort/Micro/Mobile Panels.. ) UL-File: NRAQ.E116536 USA

ID: 102378296
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, RCM, ACMA

RCM (C-Tick) Declaration of Conformity of Australia/ New Zealand, SIMATIC ET 200 RCM SIMATIC ET 200/ V1 / 04.2009

ID: 17046056
FAQ Configuration of certain DP slaves is not possible in COM PROFIBUS V5.x

QUESTION: Why can I not configure certain DP slaves in COM PROFIBUS V5.x although it was possible under COM PROFIBUS V3.x? ...

ID: 16892937
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, Manufacturer

ET100U No. ET 100U/V1/08.00

ID: 16697495
FAQ Coupling ET200U DP (6ES5 318 8MB12) to an S7 master

QUESTION: Why is my ET200U slave not recognized by the S7 master? ANSWER:...

ID: 217419
FAQ Configuring an ET200U always with an even number of modules

QUESTION: What should you watch out for when configuring an ET200U? ANSWER  ...

ID: 14080999
FAQ Various PROFIBUS DP-Protocols for IM 318

QUESTION: What do I have to take into consideration when I want to connect a ET200U DP-Slave (IM 318) to a S7 control? ...

For products: 6ES5318-8MB13, 6ES5318-8MB11, 6ES5318-8MB12
ID: 13298826
Product note Supply of ET 100U Intelligent Terminal to Be Discontinued

Concerns products with the Order No.'s: 6ES5 318-8MA12 IM 318-8 interface module 6ES5 835-3SC12 COM ET 100U, 3.5' diskettes 6ES5 835-3SC12-0KL1 COM ET 100U copy license 6ES5 895-3SC12 ...

ID: 4555355
Product note COM PROFIBUS V5.0 - Product Information

Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s: 6ES5 895-6SE03 COM PROFIBUS V5.0 for Win NT/9x 6ES5 895-6SE12 COM PROFIBUS with manual, German 6ES5 895-6SE22 COM PROFIBUS with manual, English 6ES5 895-6SE32 COM PRO ...

ID: 4205220
Manual ET 200U Distributed I/O Station

03, Operating instructions, EWA 4NEB 812 6087-02

For products: 6ES5318-8MC11, 6ES5318-8MB11, 6ES5318-8MB12
ID: 1142468
Product note _ET 200U Interface Modules (IM 318-B and IM 318-C) to Become Mature Products

Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s: 6ES5 318-8MB13 IM 318-B, distributed, SINEC L2/DP 6ES5 318-8MC12 IM 318-C, ET 200U, SINEC L2-DP/FMS 6ES5 998-5ET11 ET 200 manual, German 6ES5 998-5ET21 ET 200 m ...

For products: 6ES5318-8MC12, 6ES5318-8MB13
ID: 4205050
FAQ Relationship of addresses in the ET200 U and slot assignment of the AG 95U DP Master

FRAGE: With ET200 U slaves how should I assign the addresses for analog modules? ...

ID: 786399
Download Sample block for format adaptation of ANSI/IEEE standard formats and floating point formats in SIMATIC S5 notation

DESCRIPTION: The self-extracting file ansi_s5.exe contains IEEE:GP, the S5 function block, and a brief description (in German). The function block can be implemented for format adaptation of ANSI/IEEE standard formats and floating point formats in SIMATIC S5 notation. It includes the following functions: ANSI/IEEE format => S5 floating point format S5 floating point format => ANSI/IEEE format ANSI/IEEE format => ANSI/IEEE for ...

ID: 136429
FAQ Implementing the ET 200 Handheld on ET 200 Slaves

QUESTION: On which ET 200 Slaves can I implement the ET 200 Handheld? ANSWER:...

ID: 186884
FAQ COM PROFIBUS V3.0 in conjunction with ET 200U/DP Siemens

QUESTION: - ANSWER: If the ET 200U Station is parameterized with COM Profibus V3.0 according to DP Siemens protocol, the low and high bytes are reversed for all analog values. ...

For products: 6ES5318-8MB12
ID: 150482
Product note New Version of the ET 200 Hand-Held Unit

Concerns the product with Order No.: 6ES5 782-2MB11 ET 200 Hand-held unit ...

ID: 4781236
Product note IP 262, Revision Level 3 - Reading of Binary Inputs

Concerns products with the Order Nos.: 6ES5 262-8MA12 IP 262 closed-loop control module, K controller 6ES5 262-8MB12 IP 262 closed-loop control module, S controller ...

ID: 4138932
Product note ET 200U Combi Slave Interface Module - New Revision Level Z02

Concerns the product with Catalog No.: 6ES5 318-8MC11 IM 318-C, ET 200U, SINEC L2-DP/FMS ...

For products: 6ES5318-8MC11
ID: 4128072
Product note Manuals for ET 200U

Concerns products with the Catalog Nos.: 6ES5 998-3ET31 ET 200U Manual, French 6ES5 998-3ET41 ET 200U Manual, Spanish 6ES5 998-3ET51 ET 200U ...

ID: 4135339
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