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SIMOTION D - Drive based
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Application example Drive Optimization Guide

Guideline for drive optimization of servo motors with SINAMICS S120, S210 and V90.

For products: 6AU1..
ID: 60593549
Application example SIMOTION: Serial communication with CM PtP ( Freeport, 3964(R), Modbus RTU or USS )

With the help of the library "LPtP" you can use the ET200 SP CM PtP or ET200 MP CM PtP with the protocols Freeport/ASCII, 3964, 3964R, Modbus RTU or USS at SIMOTION.

ID: 109756200
Application example SIMOTION G-Code Interpreter

The standard application SIMOTION G-Code Interpreter offers the possibility to program kinematic systems with G-Code. The following functions are provided: 3D interpolation, kinematic transformation, M-functions / R-parameters, management of G-Code programs, example projects for SIMOTION and HMI.

For products: 6AU1.., 6AU1810-..., 6AU1820-..
ID: 109477030
Application example SIMOTION Winder

The standard package SIMOTION Winder is providing applications for un- and rewinders, e.g. for converting machines, film equipment, printing machines, coating systems, spooling systems or textile machinery. Features: Diameter calculation, dancer-roll or load-cell tension control, indirect tension control, taper tension, torque pre-control.

For products: 6AU1..
ID: 35818687
Application example SIMOTION Print Standard Add-On Drive Optimization

Drive optimization functions during runtime for machnies with continous web.

For products: 6AU1..
ID: 109747734
Application example SIMOTION Converting Library

The converting library gives help to SIMOTION users for planning and programming of production machines for converting processes. The library provides commonly used applications, e.g. filters, ramp gen., PID, diameter calc, setpoint, and limit detect which can be individually adapted to specific applications and machines.

ID: 48805235
Application example SIMOTION/SIMATIC/SINAMICS - Converting Toolbox

Do you want to significantly reduce your engineering time based on fully functioning solutions and tested know-how? Our Converting Toolbox is the perfect solution to achieve this: The package, which has been specifically created for this purpose, includes a whole raft of preconfigured software functions and applications for production machines with continuous material webs

ID: 109744606
Certificate EMC, RCM, Manufacturer

RCM Declaration 667.DCO.C.40.1808.001

ID: 109761893
Download SIMOTION D - Firmware (Kernel)

ID: 31045047
Download SIMOTION Firmware Support Package

Download of the SIMOTION Firmware Support Package for SIMOTION firmware version change (Runtime kernel) via device update tool

For products: 6AU1.., 6AU1810-..., 6AU1820-..
ID: 33119786
ID: 109760548
Product note Delivery Release for Motion Control System SIMOTION - Software Version V5.1 HF6

Effective immediately, SIMOTION software version V5.1 HF6 is released.

ID: 109761103
Application example SIMOTION Traversing Drive

The standard application SIMOTION Traversing Drive is providing open application standards based on the motion control system SIMOTION for winding and spooling of round- and flat-material, e.g. for wire, cable, paper or non-wovens, etc. Features: Precise positioning of traverse wound material, parameter change on the fly, plausibility check of parameters.

For products: 6AU1..
ID: 36037374
Product note Product discontinuation of SIMOTION Firmware (Kernel) versions V4.3 SP1 HFx and lower

Product discontinuation is scheduled for October 1, 2018. Product maintenance for the affected version has been discontinued.

ID: 109760364
Application example Configuring technology objects with SIMOTION SCOUT TIA and SINAMICS S210

Integrate SINAMICS S210 with GSD file and moved them via the axis control panel of the SIMOTION technology objects.

ID: 109759892
Product note Compatibility list of software products in the SIMOTION environment

A number of additional software products can be used in conjunction with SIMOTION. For SIMOTION, it must be ensured that these software products (with the corresponding versions) are fully compatible with one another.

ID: 18857317
Application example SIMOTION, SIMATIC: Communication Library LCom for Ethernet Communication

In the field of automation, the TCP protocol based on Industrial Ethernet is typically deployed for safe, time non-critical (> 25 ms) and multi-system communication.

ID: 48955385
Application example Print Standard Module for SIMOTION Project Generator

With the Print Standard module for SIMOTION Project Generator you can create a machine project with the application modules “Print Standard”, “Winder” and “Register Control TRC3000/TRC7000”. Thereby you can increase the efficiency during development and commissioning your machines.

For products: 6AU1..
ID: 109749798
Application example SIMATIC/SIMOTION Virtual Commissioning with Hardware in the Loop

To lower risks and effort of the real commissioning of a machine, virtual commissioning is an efficient alternative. This application example describes how to build up a hardware in the loop scenario with a SIMOTION or SIMATIC controller. Using NX MCD, SIMIT and SIMIT Unit you can virtually commission your machine.

ID: 109758739
Catalog/Brochure Catalog D 31.1: SINAMICS Inverters for Single-Axis Drives Built-In Units

PDF Update 06/2018, Catalog, E86060-K5531-A111-A1-7600

ID: 109755273
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