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TM 121C Safety Unit
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Application example SIMATIC/SIMOTION Virtual Commissioning with Hardware in the Loop

To lower risks and effort of the real commissioning of a machine, virtual commissioning is an efficient alternative. This application example describes how to build up a hardware in the loop scenario with a SIMOTION or SIMATIC controller. Using NX MCD, SIMIT and SIMIT Unit you can virtually commission your machine.

ID: 109758739
FAQ Which encoders can be used for the SIMOTION in combination with SINAMICS, SIMOVERT-MASTERDRIVES and SIMODRIVE 611 Universal?

List of usable encoders for SIMOTION

ID: 18769911
Manual SINAMICS, SIMATIC, MICROMASTER, SIMOTION, SINUMERIK, SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES, SIMODRIVE: Change regarding thermal motor protection for frequency converters

10/2013, Product information, A5E32971294A AA

ID: 81755004
FAQ SIMOTION: Which supplementary conditions apply for mechanical settings on modulo axes?

Supplementary conditions for mechanical settings on modulo axes (long-term stability / long-term accuracy)

ID: 40786053
FAQ Which TCP ports must be enabled in a router (or firewall) to permit access to a SIMOTION controller or SINAMICS drive via Ethernet?

TCP ports required for access to SIMOTION / SINAMICS

ID: 48711436
FAQ CCC certificate for the export to China

QUESTION: How can I determine whether a CCC certificate is required for exports to China? ...

ID: 46382761
Application example SIMOTION Injection Moulding Electric IME 5000

Task & solution: The automation solution for fully electric injection molding machines – IME 5000 ...

ID: 41307048
FAQ SIMOTION: Upgrading I-Device from V4.1 to V4.2 or higher

Question: How can a SIMOTION project, which was created with SCOUT V4.1 and which uses PROFINET I-Device functionality, be edited using SCOUT V4.2 or higher? ...

ID: 49911496
FAQ SIMOTION: Error message 20005 with type 3 and reason 0x0h

QUESTION: What may be the reason for the error message 20005 with type 3 and reason 0x0h? ...

ID: 46495391
FAQ SIMOTION: Reasons for the configuration error message "20006 with reason 3041" resp. error message "Configured modulo length / gear factors cannot be displayed"

QUESTION: How to change the configuration data if the configuration error message 20006 with reason 3041 is output when configuring an axis? ...

ID: 40836386
Product note Discontinued, SIMOTION Safety Unit TM121C

The SIMOTION Safety Unit TM121C will be discontinued effective 01.12.2009. ...

ID: 39847874
FAQ Safety Unit TM121 C (Version V2.0 and V2.00a), faulty discrepancy of the 2A outputs

QUESTION: A mechanic press is stopped just before the bottom dead center and the fault F070 displayed on the Safety Unit. Faults 5070, 5071, 5060 and 5061 (faulty discrepancy of the 2A outputs) are output in the fault memory. ...

ID: 25939141
Certificate Test Certificates,

04 014

ID: 18946030
FAQ Important notes for using a CP5511 on a laptop (Microsoft Windows 2000/XP).

QUESTION: What has to be taken into consideration when using a CP5511 in a newer type of laptop (from year of manufacture 2002 onwards)? ...

ID: 23511255
FAQ Safety Unit TM 121C, Remedial measure for diagnostic message F 108.

QUESTION:  The watchdog monitor of the SIMOTION Safety Unit TM 121C generates diagnostic message F 108 (watchdog pulse generator). How can I get rid of this message? ...

ID: 17567455
FAQ Safety Unit TM 121C (V1.0, V2.0), acknowledgement take-over for operating mode change between “ Automatic Continuous Stroke” operating modes.

QUESTION:  When a direct changeover occurs between 'Automatic Continuous Stroke” operating modes the acknowledgement is taken over via the control element and is not reset. This applies when the “Start Release” function is used (external start via digital input). It has been assumed that two “Automatic Continuous Stroke” operating modes have been parameterized and released via an “External Start”. If one of the two ...

ID: 17567132
Certificate Functional Safety/Safety of Machinery, Type Examination Certificate, BGIA

Type Test Certificate Safety Unit TM121C 04 014

ID: 18947660
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