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SINUMERIK CNC Automation System
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FAQ Why is the license for SINUTRAIN V4.5 Ed.3 not recognized in Windows 10?

SINUTRAIN for SINUMERIK Operate V4.5 Ed.3 was originally only released for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, but was then subsequently also released for Windows 10.

ID: 109800751
FAQ SINUMERIK 828: Which Balluff components are released for Tool Ident (6FC5800-0AP52-0YB0)?

The following Balluff RFID components are released with SINUMERIK 828 V4.95 and higher and the option Tool Ident (6FC5800-0AP52-0YB0):

ID: 109797865
FAQ Where can you find the manuals, operating instructions and CAx data for products of the SIPLUS extreme family?

SIPLUS extreme - manuals, operating instructions and CAx data

ID: 92052303
FAQ SINUMERIK - Why does the screen disappear after a short time on the VNC viewer?

When the VNC viewer is started, the screen appears correctly at the beginning. After a short time (up to 5 minutes) the screen disappears and only a gray screen is shown until the VNC viewer is restarted.

ID: 109798494
FAQ Conversion list Phase Out SIRIUS ACT (3SU1) metal plastic command and signalling devices, IKON key-operated switches and compact indicator lights

Conversion aid for customers using 3SU1 metal plastic pushbuttons, IKON or compact indicator lights

ID: 109795248
FAQ Licensing of Runtime Options with SINUMERIK and SINAMICS with Web License Manager

The logistics path of electronic CoL and what you have to consider when licensing.

ID: 109782608
FAQ HMI Lite ordering and licensing

How do I order and license the correct version of HMI Lite for my plant or system?

ID: 109481173
FAQ SINUMERIK MC, MCU1720 and WinCC : Execution from External Storage (EES)

How can I select via WinCC a part program from the external storage (EES) with the SINUMERIK MCU1720.

For products: 6FC5222-1AA00-0AA0
ID: 109784511
FAQ SINUMERIK ONE or Create My Virtual Machine: Why do the signals of the machine control panel (MCP) not arrive in the PLC-program?

In contrast to the rest of the PLC peripherals, which are configured in STEP 7 in the hardware configuration, you have to parameterize the machine control panel (MCP) in the start-up OB100 with the help of the function FC1.

ID: 109779196
FAQ SINUMERIK 840D: Replace NCU57x.5 by NCU 57x.5B

Question What must be observed when replacing an NCU 57x.5 by an NCU 57x.5B in case of spare parts replacement?

ID: 61930580
FAQ Sinumerik Run MyRobot /Direct Control - maximum cable lengths between robot and control cabinet

How long is the maximum length of the robot connection cable (floor cable)?

For products: 6FC5800-0AN54-0YB0, 6FC5800-0AR05-0YB0
ID: 109783769
FAQ Where can I find information on dangerous goods at SIMOTION D and SIMOTION P (lithium battery)?

Below you will find information and documents for the lithium battery used in SIMOTION D and SIMOTION P. One lithium battery is installed per device

ID: 50112580
FAQ SINUMERIK 840D sl and S120: Braking module on PLC with stop reaction of the machine

How do you achieve a stop reaction or a feed stop of the NC control if the braking module has a fault?

For products: 6FC53..-.....-....
ID: 109781268
FAQ SINUMERIK: Can I take over the drive configuration of a real SINUMERIK ONE or SINUMERIK 840D sl into CreateMyVirtualMachine?

When reading an archive of the SINUMERIK One or 840D sl, only the NC-side drive parameters are taken over, the drive data are not taken over and require manual configuration.

ID: 109780785
FAQ SINUMERIK: How to evaluate multiple temperature sensors in the drive

Temperature evaluation via encoder and TM120

ID: 109780564
FAQ SINUMERIK Operate: Enable remote control for external VNC viewer

By default, only "remote observation" is allowed for remote access to SINUMERIK Operate with an external VNC viewer, but no "remote control". This entry describes, which settings are required to enable "remote control".

ID: 109765064
FAQ SINUMERIK: Feed limit with active Traori

Axes in an active transformation are limited to 90% of the maximum dynamic parameters in velocity and acceleration.

For products: 6FC53..-.....-....
ID: 109781548
FAQ How does the licensing process work for SINUMERIK MC and SINUMERIK ONE?

The licensing process requires a license key that you can download from the Web License Manager.

For products: 6FC58..-.....-...., 6FC58..-.....-....
ID: 109781217
FAQ SINUMERIK: Why does the system perform a configuration update after the changing of a component (PCU 50.3 or hard disk, for example) at every restart?

The problem may be caused by McAfee Solidcore or similar programs (for example, Cimcor CimTrak or programs from Lumension, Tripwire, Bladelogic or Ionx, etc.) that block the changes.

ID: 109781054
FAQ SINUMERIK PCU50.5 for POWERLINE: Installation of the PG/PC interface

With PCUs 50.5-C with windows XP operating system, sometimes no MPI drivers are installed and in the Control Panel the "PG/PC interface" is missing. In this case, you will need to reinstall the MPI drivers.

For products: 6FC5210-0DF52-2AA0
ID: 109764042
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