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SIMATIC powerrate
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FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
FAQ POWERMANAGER 3.5: Energy Datapoint Archiving Smoothing

There is a problem with archiving energy values in Powermanager V3.5. This problem can occur if a new project is created in PM V3.5 or if an older PM version is upgraded. The problem occurs whenever a device is created or the device configurations are changed.

ID: 109775552
FAQ Powermanager V3.6 - Desktop UI (Web UI)

As soon as several clients try to access the system, they receive the error message shown below and are automatically disconnected from the system.

ID: 109775494
FAQ How do you process 64-bit power counter values with a SIMATIC S7-300/S7-400 controller without information loss?

Using 64-bit power counter values

ID: 79161565
FAQ How can you set the time of an S7-300/400 controller from WinCC when SIMATIC powerrate and a "Named Connection" are being used?

With SIMATIC powerrate time synchronization of the S7 controller is necessary because the time is used for the time stamp and synchronization of the measured values and messages.

ID: 67852262
FAQ What should you watch out for when manually entering energy meter values in SIMATIC powerrate?

Description As well as automatically capturing energy values the PRE_SUM / PR3_SUM capture blocks also support the manual input of energy meter values in the WinCC user interface. Please note the following points. Capture mode of the PRE_SUM / PR3_SUM blocks Weighting factor for scaling the input values Handling of units other than kilowatt hours (kWh) ...

For products: 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX.
ID: 105824690
FAQ How do you create SIMATIC powerrate reports on a PC without WinCC being installed?

Description Since it cannot always be ensured that a WinCC station (WinCC PC) is available for use by the company's energy officer, a means must be provided to create SIMATIC powerrate energy reports on a non-WinCC computer (Office PC). ...

For products: 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX.
ID: 105903240
FAQ What should you watch out for when installing, licensing and configuring SIMATIC powerrate in the server/client mode?

Description Below we provide you with important information about installing, licensing and configuring SIMATIC powerrate in the server/client mode. Installation ...

For products: 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX.
ID: 99412536
FAQ Which settings must you make to use automatic SIMATIC powerrate Reports in the WinCC Service operating mode?

Description If you want to operate a WinCC project in the 'Service' operating mode, we generally recommend opening the SIMATIC powerrate Reports on a second computer. If this is not possible, you must change the DCOM settings as described in the instructions below to enable setting of the automatic SIMATIC powerrate Reports. ...

For products: 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX.
ID: 94735748
FAQ What should you watch out for when setting or changing archiving parameters in SIMATIC powerrate (blocks PRE_SUM, PR3_SUM; Parameters: ARSNO_C, ARSNO_S, ARSNO_V)?

Parameterization of function blocks (general) Function blocks are parameterized at their call interface. Furthermore the function blocks have an instance data block (I-DB). In addition to static program variables the parameterization at the call interface is also stored in this I-DB. There are two distinct cases: An interface parameter is not given a value when the FB is called. ...

For products: 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX.
ID: 92190378
FAQ How do you connect and display non-electrical measuring points with SIMATIC powerrate?

Description The FAQ response shows how to connect and visualize non-electrical measuring points in SIMATIC powerrate. ...

For products: 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX.
ID: 80951289
FAQ What are the benefits of virtual measuring points in the Reporting Tool of SIMATIC powerrate?

Description The SIMATIC powerrate power data management software captures and archives power consumption values of all the connected measuring points (measuring devices). These measured values can be output in Excel reports using the 'Powerrate Reports' reporting tool supplied with SIMATIC powerrate. ...

For products: 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX.
ID: 79161605
FAQ After an update from SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 to V4.0 SP1 how can you utilize the advantages of the block interface with an S7-300?

Description Compared to SIMATIC powerrate V4.0, for operation with an S7-300 and WinCC, SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1 includes an improved data interface on the block side for the archive data to be sent from the controller to WinCC. ...

For products: 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX.
ID: 60307962
FAQ With SIMATIC powerrate V4 and an S7-400 how can you increase the time the FIFO buffer holds?

Initial situation The number of measured values to be buffered is so great that the FIFO buffer is no longer sufficient. ...

For products: 6AV6372-1DE04-0AX.
ID: 52255681
FAQ With SIMATIC WinCC powerrate V3, how can you increase the time the FIFO buffer holds?

Initial situation The number of measured values to be buffered is so great that the FIFO buffer is no longer sufficient. ...

For products: 3ZS2795-1CC30-.Y.0
ID: 52257614
FAQ Why are reports not created automatically in SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate / SIMATIC WinCC powerrate?

Description In order to have reports created automatically in SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate / SIMATIC WinCC powerrate, you must copy the 'PRE_Reports.pas' action into the WinCC project, folder '\Computer_name\pas'. The action is located in the directory ...

ID: 39740669
FAQ Is raw data communication via "Named Connections" supported in WinCC V7.0 SP2 and WinCC/powerrate?

In SIMATIC WinCC V7.0 SP2 raw data communication 'BSEND/BRCV' from WinCC to the S7-300 via 'Named Connections' is supported by SIMATIC powerrate. ...

ID: 49732129
FAQ SIMATIC POWERRATE V4.0: What should be done if archive tags are created in duplicate when first using the wizard?

Initial situation You have a WinCC project that has been configured with a version previous to SIMATIC  powerrate version V4.0. You have manually created a raw data tag that is to be used when creating archive tags in the Tag Logging archive. You are using the SIMATIC powerrate Wizard V4.0 for the first time. ...

ID: 49199912
FAQ How can you avoid the message "Parameter download error" in SIMATIC powerrate when transferring the configuration data of the load management block?

This FAQ has been created and tested for WinCC with SIMATIC powerrate. The instructions also apply for SIMATIC powerrate for PCS 7....

For products: 3ZS2785-1CC30-.Y.., 3ZS2795-1CC30-.Y.0
ID: 47361931
FAQ How do you use SIMATIC powerrate library blocks in PCS 7?

Description In addition to the manual 'Power management for PCS 7 - SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate ' (Entry ID: 26702077) these configuration instructions are meant to give you practical help when starting to configure SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate. It describes the main configuration steps to enable optimum usage of the important functions of SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate. ...

For products: 3ZS2785-1CC30-.Y..
ID: 46463467
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