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Mobile Panels 2nd Generation
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FAQ Which information does Technical Support need to best help you when you have performance problems with panels?

​​You have contacted Technical Support because your panel because you are having problems with the performance of a SIMATIC panel (the device is slow or the software freezes). The following FAQ response includes a checklist that you should run through so that Technical Support can best help you.

ID: 109767947
FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
FAQ Information about product-related environmental protection

Validity: Products of the Operating Company DI (Digital Industries) and Business Unit SI CP (Control Products) of Siemens AG.

ID: 39200038
FAQ How do you create your own certificates for panels?

Data security when transferring via the internet must be ensured for the remote control of HMI operator panels via Sm@rtClient. Client and server certificates are installed for this. The FAQ response describes how to create self-signed certificates and where these are stored on the PC and operator panel.

ID: 109763500
FAQ Which SIMATIC HMI products and SITOP products support OPC UA?

Discover without time-consuming searching in the manuals the forms in which SIMATIC HMI products and SITOP products support OPC UA.

ID: 109763315
FAQ How resistant to chemicals are the SIMATIC HMI operator panels and Industrial PCs?

Information about the chemical resistance of the fronts/surfaces of our SIMATIC HMI operator panels.

ID: 39718396
FAQ How do you evaluate the "RUN / STOP" mode of the CPU via an HMI operator panel?

Evaluating the RUN / STOP mode of the CPU via the system function "GetPLCMode".

ID: 109481628
FAQ What information is available about licenses for WinCC (TIA Portal)?

The attached PDF document provides information about the licensing of WinCC (TIA Portal).

ID: 74796111
FAQ What are the functional differences between the different log storage locations in the SIMATIC Comfort Panels and Runtime Advanced?

List and description of the different log formats.

ID: 58112130
FAQ How do you restore the language set in Runtime after a restart?

Power failure-proof language setting

ID: 59186503
FAQ How do you change the size of the onscreen keyboard on a SIMATIC HMI operator panel?

Changing the keyboard size

ID: 84096857
FAQ How do you migrate a project integrated in STEP 7 from WinCC flexible to WinCC (TIA Portal)?

Migration of an MP 277 Touch operator panel integrated in STEP 7 V5.x to a WinCC (TIA Portal) project and then device replacement with a Comfort Panel.

ID: 54695062
FAQ Why is the selected communication driver marked red in the "Connections" menu in the HMI configuration?

Cause and solution and information about which current and older panels can communicate with SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs.

ID: 109475049
FAQ Why can you not transfer the HMI configuration to the panel?

There are different solutions if you should encounter problems when transferring the configuration file to the HMI operator panel. Possible causes are listed and remedies given for clearing them.

ID: 88633853
FAQ How do you encrypt the connection between SIMATIC Logon and a Comfort Panel or a WinCC Runtime Advanced?

This entry will show you how to establish an encrypted connection between a SIMATIC Logon server and an HMI operator panel.

ID: 109480490
FAQ Which SIMATIC HMI operator panels and Industry PCs have a shipbuilding certificate?

Shipbuilding certificates of the classification societies for SIMATIC HMI operator panels and Industry PCs

ID: 36727563
FAQ How do you use the control program to determine the connection box to which the KTP Mobile Panel is connected?

Evaluation of the internal connection box ID in the controller.

ID: 109479251
FAQ Why is it not possible to make a project transfer or firmware update with Mobile Panel 2nd Generation in TIA Portal V15.0?

When you transfer the firmware image version V15.0.0.0 with WinCC (TIA Portal) V15.0, you get various error messages.

ID: 109753749
FAQ When scrolling through alarm logs, how do you avoid the view being reset when new alarms arrive?

When scrolling through alarm logs in an alarm display, the window content suddenly shifts if a new alarm arrives while viewing. This FAQ response describes how to retain the scroll position in the view despite arrival of new alarms.

ID: 109737950
FAQ How do you read out or write tag values with an Excel application?

This FAQ response describes how you can access the tags of an operator panel with an Excel application.

ID: 69846238
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