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Product note Status change for SIMATIC HMI products

This product notification provides information about upcoming status changes to SIMATIC HMI products because our SIMATIC products are subject to PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

ID: 109486162
Certificate General Product Approval, UL, UL

UL Online Certifications Directory, Information Technology Equipment Including Electrical Business Equipment (USA) E115352 USA

ID: 102378758
Certificate Marine / Shipping, LR (Lloyds Register), LR (Lloyds Register)

Lloyds Register of Shipping Approval (LRS) for OP3, OP5, OP7, OP15, OP17, TD17 (English) Certificate 00/20062(E3)

ID: 15250374
Certificate Marine / Shipping, ABS / American Bureau of Shipping, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Certificate for SIMATIC HMI Operator Panel System (englisch) SIMATIC OP... , TP... , MP... , KTP... , KP... , KP/KTP... , KP/TP... 15-HG1381955-1-PDA Juni 2015

ID: 33974070
FAQ Which connector cables are available for connecting to SIMATIC Panels?

This FAQ response gives you an overview of where you can find information about plug-in connecting cables of the various HMI operator panels for the configuration download, firmware updates and for resetting to factory settings, and about the process connection to CPUs.

ID: 19109408
Certificate Marine / Shipping, DNV / Det Norske Veritas, DNV (Det Norske Veritas)

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Shipping Approval for OP3, OP5, OP7, OP15, OP17, OP25, TD17 (English) A-14016

ID: 15248140
Certificate Marine / Shipping, GL / Germanischer Lloyd, GL (Germanischer Lloyd)

German Lloyd of Shipping (GL) Approval for OP3, OP5, OP7, OP15, OP17, OP25, TD17 (English) 12 064 98 HH

ID: 15250052
FAQ Which HMI components can you connect with S7-200 CPU and what should you watch out for when doing so?

Configuration Notes:   You can connect a SIMATIC S7-200 CPU with different types of HMI devices. Here you must take into account differences in communications protocols, baud rates and the number of connections possible. The HMI device always plays the active part in the communication. This entry covers the following two aspects: One HMI component can communicate simultaneously with multiple SIMATIC S7-200 CPUs ...

ID: 14188898
Certificate Marine / Shipping, BV / Bureau Veritas, BV (Bureau Veritas)

Bureau Veritas of Shipping (BV) Approval for OP3, OP5, OP7, OP15, OP17, OP25, TD17 (English) Certificate 11548/C0 BV

ID: 18313643
FAQ Which panels are certified for the FM explosion protection standard for North America?

Product information This entry contains all the SIMATIC HMI panels that have an FM certificate for the explosion protection standard. The FM certification is valid exclusively for North America. ...

ID: 36489314
Certificate Marine / Shipping, PRS / Polski Rejestr Statkow, PRS (Polski Rejestr Statkow)

Polski Rejestr Statkov (PRS) Shipping Approval for OP3, OP5, OP7, OP15, OP17, TD17 (English) TE/1897/883241/11

ID: 15250375
FAQ How can you transfer a WinCC flexible project via MPI/PROFIBUS to a Windows-based panel?

  Instructions: For transfer of a WinCC flexible configuration via MPI or PROFIBUS you must make settings on the Windows-based panel and on the configuration PC. ...

ID: 23802404
Certificate General Product Approval, UL, UL

UL-Approval USA of "Information Technology Equipment" PC, PG, SIMATIC NET, TD, OP (English) Certificate NWGQ.E115352

ID: 17797670
Certificate General Product Approval, UL, UL

cUL-Approbation Canada for "Information Technology Equipment " PC, PG, SIMATIC NET, TD, OP (English) Certificate NWGQ7.E115352

ID: 20710247
FAQ How do you synchronize the date and time between an OP3 and an S7-200 CPU?

Instructions: There are two possibilities for synchronizing date/time between a S7-200 and the OP3: Transfer date/time from the S7-200 to the OP3 Transfer date/time from the OP3 to the S7-200 ...

ID: 14782704
FAQ How can you calculate the actual local time (summer time or winter time) in the S7-300/400 CPU and then use it on the panel as system time?

There is no time conversion of the S7-300/400 CPU clock to summer or winter time in automation facilities with integrated time synchronization.

ID: 19324378
Certificate Marine / Shipping, RMRS / Russian Maritime Register, RMRS (Russian Maritime Register)

Russian Maritime Register (RMR) Shipping Approval for SIMATIC HMI Panels (Russian/English) Certificate 07.04057.250

ID: 27141714
Product note SIMATIC TD17, OP3, OP7 and OP17, Discontinuation effective 10/01/2007

Effective 10/01/2007, the Text Panels TD17, OP3, OP7 and OP17 will be discontinued and can after this date only be delivered as a spare part (replacement of defective components). Replacement options ( 6875 KB ) (download size 7 MB) to the succ ...

ID: 26162343
FAQ How can you optimize the response time when changing screens via the controller?

Instructions: You change the screen on the OP by pressing a button to set a bit in the PLC. Depending on the status of this bit the PLC job screen change is executed or not. This procedure takes a relative long time, because the interface area must be polled first in order to recognize that PLC job is to be executed. ...

ID: 21362434
FAQ How do you configure screen selection on a line or graphics operator panel via controller job 51?

Instructions: Proceed as follows to configure screen selection via the controller. At the end of this entry is a free download of a sample program. ...

ID: 24229613
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