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FAQ What are the order numbers for the backup batteries and accumulators for the operator panels?

Description:   The table below gives the order data for the backup battery and accumulators. ...

ID: 15261312
FAQ How can you also store other files that belong to the project or plant on the MC/MMC?

Instructions You can store any files that are to do with the plant on the MC/MMC.  ...

ID: 15399111
FAQ How do you copy the user program from the load memory into the main memory without PG with a S7-300 CPU with MC slot?

Description When a memory card with user program is slotted into a CPU, the CPU copies the runtime-relevant program sections into the main memory. Slot the memory card. Do an overall reset. CPU copies the runtime-relevant sections of the program from the load memory into the main memory. In particular this initializes the data blocks in the main memory (their initial values are reset). ...

ID: 8580607
FAQ What is a hardware interrupt and how do they work in the S7-400 system?

Instructions: Events can occur in the current process which require responses which are quicker than are possible in the current program cycle. Events also occur which do not last long enough to be identified in the current program cycle. Therefore, there is hardware interrupt processing in SIMATIC S7-400 controllers. ...

ID: 23659324
FAQ How do you delete the data on an MMC (micro memory card)?

Description Proceed as follows to delete the blocks on an MMC in the CPU. Slot the MMC to be deleted in the CPU. In the SIMATIC Manager switch to Online mode via 'View > Online' or via the relevant button. Select the block folder in the Online window. Mark all the blocks in the folder. Right-click and select 'Delete' (you can acknowledge the message indicating that system functions cannot be deleted). ...

ID: 13992345
FAQ How does the CPU 31x/31xC/C7 react when an MMC fault occurs during the save procedure?

Description The service life of an MMC depends mainly on the number of delete and programming procedures.  ...

ID: 19142352
FAQ How do you connect a 2-wire measuring transducer to analog module 6ES7 331-1KF0.-0AB0, a compact CPU or a C7 device?

Connecting 2-wire measuring transducers to analog module 6ES7 331-1KF0.-0AB0, a compact CPU or a C7 device For analog modules that can be configured for 2-wire measuring transducers, please refer to the descriptions in the relevant manuals. ...

ID: 18475312
FAQ How can you backup your program from the load memory?

Instructions: In the case of CPU modules that have a built-in EPROM, you can copy the contents of the load memory to the built-in EPROM so as not to lose data in the case of power failure without battery or overall reset. ...

ID: 299133
FAQ How can you ensure full battery capacity of the Mobile Panel 277 (F) IWLAN even after a long period of time?

To ensure full capacity of your batteries even after a long period of time, you should let the battery empty completely during operation and then recharge it completely. If you do not use the mobile panel for a long period of time, then please remove the battery from the device before storing it switched off. Otherwise, the battery indicator on the Mobile Panel might show too low a value or the 'Empty battery' vibrating alarm might be set off even though it might still be possib ...

ID: 33002875
FAQ How can you obtain an overview of the memory concept of SIMATIC S7-300 CPUs and C7 devices?

Description: The attached document contains a description of the various memory concepts. To give you a better overview, the various memory concepts in the document are described in separate tables. The last chapter of the document includes a list of the various SIMATIC S7-300 controllers and C7 devices and their associated memory concepts. ...

ID: 7302326
FAQ What should you pay attention to when configuring a Project ID area pointer?

Configuration Notes: To check the compatibility between controller and panel you can run a project ID. For this you must create the Project ID area pointer in the WinCC flexible project and define the data area. ...

ID: 24640859
FAQ What should you pay attention to when configuring a project ID on the Mobile Panel 177 / 277 with battery pack?

Description: In order to prevent incorrect operation via a mobile panel in a plant for which the configuration has not been created, you should configure a project ID via area pointer in addition. ...

ID: 24480066
FAQ Why is no connection set up from the operator panel to the controller via interface IF1 A (IF1 B) (IF2)?

Description: With operator panels which use the serial interface for project transfer and also for communication with the controller, no connection is set up. ...

ID: 24516725
FAQ Why does the retentivity behavior of the S7-300 CPUs and C7 devices without MMC (Micro Memory Card) influence the contents of the variables?

  Description: The retentivity behavior of the separate variables is important for developers when creating programs. Developers usually have variables in their programs, whose contents are to be retained even during POWER OFF (retentive) and other variables that then have to be reset to a defined value (non-retentive). In SIMATIC STEP 7 developers can therefore configure retentive address areas for data, markers, S7 timers and S7 counters which they can then use for ret ...

ID: 598803
FAQ What is the effect of the STEP 7 function "Copy RAM to ROM"?

  Description: This entry describes how the SIMATIC S7 function 'Copy RAM to ROM...' works. We will be looking at how it works on data and code blocks in SIMATIC S7-300 CPUs and C7 devices (with reference to the controller part) taking into account various storage concepts. Since deleting the EPROM memory is also partially executed via the 'Copy RAM to ROM...' function, this entry also includes an overview of how various storage media can be deleted. There is also a brie ...

ID: 15389520
FAQ S7-400: Saving the user program to FLASH EPROM when the module is slotted in the CPU

Instructions: You can proceed as follows when you load the user program to a FLASH card: Switch the mode selector of the CPU to STOP. Slot the FLASH card into the CPU (or the MC is already slotted). Do an overall reset of the CPU. Load the user program with STEP 7: Mark 'Blocks' in your project. Via 'PLC' -> 'Load user program to memory card' you save the program to the MC. ...

ID: 22123632
FAQ Overview of components integrated in a C7 complete system

QUESTION:   Which components (S7 CPU and HMI panel) can be integrated in which C7 complete systems? ...

ID: 19969281
FAQ Input delay of the technology digital inputs Length Measurement, Reference Point Switch and Latch in CPU 31xC and C7 613/635

QUESTION: What is the input delay of the technology digital inputs Length Measurement, Reference Point Switch and Latch in CPU 31xC and C7 613/635? ...

ID: 12894864
FAQ Operator menu for keyswitch operation with C7 complete device

QUESTION:   How do I get into the operator menu for keyswitch operation with the C7 complete device? ...

ID: 16504327
FAQ Abort with protocol error 8004 when copying from RAM to ROM 

QUESTION: Why do the CPUs of the compact devices C7-621, C7-623, C7-624 and C7-626 abort copying from RAM to ROM with the error message 'Protocol error 8004'? ...

ID: 10545306
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