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FAQ How do you set SIMATIC WinCC to use the time stamp of the remote TeleControl Station in the archive tags?

Proceed as follows to display tags with the time stamp of a remote TeleControl Station in SIMATIC WinCC V7 and WinCC Professional.

ID: 109480596
FAQ Why are your tags not displayed although a connection has been established?

Your connection to the controller is established, but the tag values are not displayed. They have Quality Code 4C (initialization value).

ID: 2907787
ID: 24845198
FAQ How do you efficiently and reliably program the processing of character strings (pointer to char, "String") in WinCC C scripts?

In the case of the processing of strings in C scripts in WinCC, it might happen that memory areas are overwritten and this might result in crashes, system blocks and impairment of performance.

ID: 7929092
Product note SITRAIN course: WinCC V7

Basic course/System course for WinCC V7; Product training; Type: Classroom training course; Duration: 5 days; different regions/sites

ID: 109758633
Product note SITRAIN advanced course: WinCC V7 and WinCC Options

Advanced course for WinCC V7 and WinCC options; Product training, Type: Classroom training course; Duration: 5 days; different regions/sites

ID: 109758660
FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
Application example Increasing the availability of WinCC systems by using a WSUS (Microsoft Windows Server Update Service) for the planned installation of selected Windows updates

This application example describes how to configure the Microsoft Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) and set up the Windows Clients for receiving Windows updates via the WSUS.

ID: 109754089
FAQ How are WinCC projects from V4 through to V7 consistently migrated to the new WinCC versions?

The attached PDF document contains detailed instructions for migrating a WinCC project consistently from V4 through to V7. Moreover, it contains information on the necessary order numbers, licenses and all you need to know about the upgrading of a WinCC project.

ID: 44029132
FAQ How do you remotely access WinCC stations (WinCC V7 and WinCC Professional)?

Below we provide the options available for remotely accessing WinCC stations.

ID: 78463889
Application example Connection between software controller and WinCC V7 via Windows network

Establish an HMI connection between a SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller and SIMATIC WinCC V7.4 SP1.

ID: 109763254
FAQ Which Microsoft Patches ("Security Patches" and "Critical Patches") have been tested for compatibility with SIMATIC WinCC?

Microsoft regularly rectifies security gaps in its products and makes these fixes available to its customers in the form of official patches.

ID: 18752994
FAQ How do you run a remote session together with Siemens Industry Technical Support?

Technical Support provides you with the option of running Remote Support using "Desktop Assistance". Desktop Assistance gives you fast and effective support for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting in the automation system of your machine or plant.

ID: 106665159
ID: 109763006
ID: 109763050
FAQ Why can the SQL server not access the database?

You want to start your WinCC project and you get the error message: "Microsoft SQL Server can't access the database, please check the access rights"

ID: 109763104
FAQ After loading, why does the WinCC client not establish a tag connection to the server?

You load your project into the WinCC client and start Runtime. However, in Runtime no tag connection to the server is established. There are different causes for this problem.

ID: 109763106
FAQ Why can you not connect with an S7-1500 (V2.0) in the WinCC SysDiagControl?

In the Runtime of your WinCC V7.x project you get the error message "No connection to the data server" in a connection with an S7-1500 (V2.0) in the WinCC SysDiagControl.

ID: 109763107
FAQ Why does the switch-over of the client not work when one server of a redundant server pair fails?

You have configured a redundant server pair and are connected with a client to one of the two servers. If the server to which you are connected fails, the client should automatically connect to the second server. If this does not happen, there might be different causes.

ID: 109763108
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