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SIMATIC ProTool/Lite and ProTool
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FAQ How do you do an operating system update on operator panels or perform a "Reset to factory settings"?

Below we provide you with an overview of when you must update an operating system and how to do the update depending on the software used.

ID: 19701610
FAQ Why can ProTool no longer be started from STEP 7 after WinCC flexible has been installed?

Description If you install WinCC flexible on a computer on which ProTool is already installed, under certain circumstances ProTool can no longer be started from STEP 7. You can use the following remedies for this: Up to and including WinCC flexible 2008 As from WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 ...

ID: 22057057
FAQ How can you start specific items in the Control Panel directly from the Runtime on an operator panel?

Description For various applications it might be necessary to start a system function of the HMI operator panels during running operation. This can be done either directly in the Control Panel or in Runtime using the 'StartProgram' function. ...

ID: 26117046
FAQ How do you back transfer the projects of an operator panel and what should you watch out for?

Contents: In this FAQ we describe how to back transfer projects, which operator panels support this function and what you should pay attention to. ...

ID: 21907703
FAQ Which external storage locations are available for archiving data on the various operator panels (WinCC flexible/ProTool)?

Configuration Notes Depending on the operator panel there are different external storage locations to ...

ID: 20681208
FAQ How can you transfer data via USB from a WinCC flexible configuration computer to a Windows-based operator panel and which USB cables can be used for this?

Description The document attached for downloading contains information on the topic of ...

ID: 19142034
FAQ What should you watch out for to ensure successful installation of ProTool Lite, ProTool and ProTool/Pro?

Instructions Please proceed as explained below before starting to install ProTool Lite, ProTool or ProTool/Pro (referred to as 'ProTool' below).

ID: 18695605
FAQ Why can you not transfer the configuration from the PC to the Windows CE-based panel?

Description When transferring the project to the panel, you get the message below and the transfer is aborted. ...

ID: 5827904
Product note Product Discontinuation for SIMATIC ProTool/Lite, ProTool, ProTool/Pro and ProAgent

After extensive applications and a long time of use, the supply of all products related to SIMATIC ProTool will be discontinued as per October 1, 2010. This means that on October 1, 2010 the corresponding products incl. the ASIA variants will be deleted from the product program and cease to be av...

ID: 42628254
FAQ What settings do you have to make to be able to print on a network printer with a Windows-based panel (except the 170 series)?

Requirements Windows-based panel with Ethernet interface Crossover network cable or hub and standard network cable PC with Ethernet interface Printer with drive floppy disk or CD and connecting cable ProTool V6.0 SP2 or WinCC flexible ...

ID: 18720136
FAQ Which program changes have to be made in an S5 controller if a line or graphics operator panel with PROFIBUS connection is replaced by a Windows-based operator panel?

Configuration Notes: If you wish to exchange a line or graphics operator panel, which is connected to a SIMATIC S5 controller via a PROFIBUS DP link, for a Windows-based operator panel, this necessitates the program changes described below. ...

ID: 31676209
Download Downloads for ProTool/Lite, ProTool, ProTool/Pro V6.x

DESCRIPTION: Downloads for ProTool/Lite, ProTool, ProTool/Pro V6.x . Service Pack 3 for ProTool/Lite, ProTool, ProTool/Pro V6.x ...

ID: 11772575
Download PROFIBUS Diagnostics Package for SIMATIC S7 and TD/OP

DESCRIPTION: There is a diagnostics package available for PROFIBUS diagnostics. It comprises the following components: ...

ID: 5362473
FAQ How do you configure a WinAC MP controller (STEP 7 and ProTool) with PROFIBUS connection?

Description: There are two possible ways of starting to configure a WinAC MP controller. Either by using a sample project or by configuring a new project. ...

ID: 21303119
FAQ How can you calculate the actual local time (summer time or winter time) in the S7-300/400 CPU and then use it on the panel as system time?

There is no time conversion of the S7-300/400 CPU clock to summer or winter time in automation facilities with integrated time synchronization.

ID: 19324378
FAQ How can you do a report logging, a hard copy or report printing on a printer with Windows-based ProTool panel via HyperTerminal?

Description: The HyperTerminal from Microsoft can only be used via the serial connection with a Windows-based panel for report logging, hard copy or report printing. ...

ID: 18842175
FAQ What should you watch out for when you archive tags in a csv file in Windows-based systems?

Naming conventions for archive tags: When you archive tags in a csv file, you should ensure that the names of the archive tags do not contain any language-specific characters (for example, ä, ö, ü, ...). ...

ID: 18285487
FAQ How do you synchronize the date and time between a Windows-based operator panel and the S7-300/S7-400 controller with ProTool?

Instructions: This entry cannot be used for the TP170A. Information on time synchronization between a TP170A and the S7-300/400 with ProTool is available in Entry ID 23972509. ...

ID: 24079457
FAQ Which settings do you have to make so that a ProTool project or WinCC flexible project can be transferred via TeleService Adapter IE?

Using the TS Adapter IE: Using the TS Adapter IE (TSA-IE), you can transfer the configuration of a panel or PC connected to an Ethernet network via the telephone network. ...

ID: 26999934
FAQ How do you configure Asian characters in ProTool V6.0 and higher?

Instructions: The requirement for configuring Asian characters in ProTool V6.0 is a corresponding Asian version of Microsoft Windows 98SE, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional (ProTool V6.0+SP2 and higher) or a regional version of Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional (ProTool V6.0 SP2 and higher) with Asian language support installed and the Asian system language set. You do not explicitly need an English version of either sys ...

ID: 2182387
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