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Product note Product Discontinuation and Total Discontinuation of SIMATIC HMI Accessories

The list of SIMATIC HMI accessories has been revised. As a result, the delivery status of various products is changing. A current list of the HMI accessories can be viewed in an Excel file. By means of filter functions, selections and searches according to various criteria can be performed. ...

ID: 40466415
Product note Discontinuation and Announcement of Production Stop for various SIMATIC HMI Cables

Discontinuation and announcement of production stop for various cables. ...

ID: 19313149
Product note Product Cancellation of various HW for the SINAS Navigation System

The marketing of complete SINAS systems is being stopped. As result, the SINAS HW listed below will be cancelled. Customers interested in SINAS will be attended to on our behalf by Siemens CT in Munich. The support pertains to the customer-specific consultation and SW development performed on beh...

ID: 13944970
Product note Printing Error in the ST80 Catalog and the PC-based Automation Order Document

Unfortunately, the printed catalogs ST80 - 2002/2003 and the PC-based automation order document - April 2002 in German contain a printing error with regard to the innovated Panel PC 870's ordering data. ...

ID: 11627576
FAQ Year 2000 compliance of DIMOS 256 modules with the MLFB No. 6ES5256-3AA11 / -3AA21

QUESTION: - ANSWER: Version 7.0 and higher of DIMOS 256 is year 2000 compliant. The change from the maintained version 6.10 to version 7.0 was made on 01.02.1991. Intermediate releases were not maintained. Customers who still have the previous version of the module that is not year 2000 compliant can replace it with a version 7.0 module. The replacement must be purchased. Upon the replacement the backup battery is also checked, because it doesn't function any long ...

ID: 1000046
Product note Important Information About Y2K-Compatibility of DISIT/COROS - M

We can provide you with an update for our old DISIT/COROS systems for SICOMP R/M which ensures that those systems are year-2000 compatible. This means that as well as the software update, the necessary hardware, op ...

ID: 4296031
Product note SIMATIC ProTool/Lite, ProTool and ProTool/Pro V5.1

Continuation of SIMATIC HMI User Information bulletin 1999/03/003. Designation !Order number -----------------------------+------------------ ProTool User Guide !6AV6594-1AA05-0A.0 Configuring Line Devices ! ! - German ...

For products: 6AV9..
ID: 4295445
Product note SIMATIC ProTool/Lite, ProTool and ProTool/Pro V5.1

Continuation of SIMATIC HMI User Information No.1999/03/002. _3. Ordering_ Designation !Order number -----------------------------+------------------ ProTool/Pro V5.1 1)2 ...

For products: 6AV9..
ID: 4295417
Product note SIMATIC ProTool/Lite, ProTool and ProTool/Pro V5.1

Versions 5.1 of the configuration software SIMATIC ProTool/Lite, SIMATIC ProTool, and SIMATIC ProTool/Pro with documentation in German and English (French, Italian and Spanish as of M04/99) are released with immediate effect. Version 5.1 of the runtime software SIMATIC ProTool/Pro for standard PC...

ID: 4295426
Product note Software Update Service (SUS)

ProTool Version V5.1 and STEP 7 V5.0 see the introduction of a re-defined Software Update Service. Description ! Part number ! ! ! ---------------------- ...

ID: 4295435
Product note SIMATIC ProTool Version 4.01 in Chinese

Version 4.01 of the SIMATIC ProTool configuration software is now available. _1. Supplementary Notes and Limitations_ ProTool V4.0 already perm ...

For products: 6AV9..
ID: 4293089
Product note Software Maintenance Service for SIMATIC ProTool/Lite and ProTool

The software maintenance service for the ProTool/Lite and ProTool configu- ration software is now available. The highlights of the maintenance service are - Automatic supply of the latest updates and upgrades - Contract period: 1 year ...

For products: 6AV9..
ID: 4293156
Product note SIMATIC ProTool Version 4.01 - Cleaned of Errors

The SIMATIC ProTool configuration software, version 4, SIMATIC ProTool/Lite, version 4, and the associated upgrades will be delivered as cleaned versions, 4.01, with immediate effect. _1. Clean Up as Version 4.01_ _1.1 SIMATIC ProTool a ...

For products: 6AV9..
ID: 4292989
Download Sample block for format adaptation of ANSI/IEEE standard formats and floating point formats in SIMATIC S5 notation

DESCRIPTION: The self-extracting file ansi_s5.exe contains IEEE:GP, the S5 function block, and a brief description (in German). The function block can be implemented for format adaptation of ANSI/IEEE standard formats and floating point formats in SIMATIC S5 notation. It includes the following functions: ANSI/IEEE format => S5 floating point format S5 floating point format => ANSI/IEEE format ANSI/IEEE format => ANSI/IEEE for ...

ID: 136429
Product note Announcement of Discontinuation of BEDI for CP527/528 and OP30

As of 1/04/1998 the BEDI option package for process diagnosis based on GRAPH5/II for the CP527, CP528 and OP30 is to be discontinued. _1. Discontinuation of BEDI Operator Interface and_ _Diagnostic System ...

For products: 6AV9..
ID: 4292416
Product note SIMATIC ProTool, ProTool/Lite, ProAgent, Native Drivers V4.0

Version 4.0 of the SIMATIC ProTool and SIMATIC ProTool/Lite configuration software together with documentation in German or English has now been released. SIMATIC ProAgent V4.0 along with Native Drivers V4.0 for connecting the TD17, OP7, OP17, OP25, OP27, OP35, OP37, TP27 and T ...

ID: 4292231
Product note SIMATIC ProTool, ProTool/Lite, ProAgent, Native Drivers V4.0

Continuation of SIMATIC HMI user information No. 1998/03/002. Product Description ! Order No. -----------------------+-------------------- OP3 starter kit ! with ProTool/Lite V4.00! and configuration ...

ID: 4292220
Product note Not Applicable to English Edition

_Not Applicable to English Edition_...

ID: 4282144
Product note VIDEOMAT IV Vision System - New Version

Concerns products with the Catalog Nos.: 6GF2 005-0BA01 VIDEOMAT IV, grey-scale, 3 monochr. cameras 6GF2 005-0BC01 VIDEOMAT IV, grey-scale, 6 monochr. cameras 6GF2 005-0BD01 VIDEOMAT ...

For products: 6AV9..
ID: 4274780
Product note Supplementary Information on the Software Update Service

The following points concerning quantity discounts and master licenses should be noted when ordering our Software Update Service: Correction to Catalog ST ...

ID: 5638942
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