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Product note Product Discontinuation and Total Discontinuation of SIMATIC HMI Accessories

The list of SIMATIC HMI accessories has been revised. As a result, the delivery status of various products is changing. A current list of the HMI accessories can be viewed in an Excel file. By means of filter functions, selections and searches according to various criteria can be performed. ...

ID: 40466415
Product note Product Phase-Out: COROS LS-C on 07/01/2003

After extensive use and long operating time of the HMI system COROS LS-C since 1986, the operator stations and communication processors of COROS LS-C will be phased out on 07/01/2003 without further notification.

ID: 14505612
Product note "Older Products" Technical Support for COROS beginning 04/01/2002

For the old systems COROS LS-A, -B and -C or IS-C, an 'Older Products' technical support will be offered beginning 04/01/2002. This service ensures the support for COROS products and is billed through the Automation Value Card. ...

ID: 10605181
Product note Termination of the Year 2000 Updates of COROS LS-C and COROS IS-C

The year 2000 update packages as well as all other update packages of COROS LS-C and COROS IS-C will be terminated on 11/01/2001. ...

ID: 8707125
Download S5 function blocks V5.52

DESCRIPTION: Attached are the SIMATIC S5 function blocks of COROS LS-C for operating the following modules: ...

ID: 1882999
FAQ CP error message 45900 or 48063 as of the year 2000

QUESTION: As of the year 2000 there are CP error messages 42100, 45900 or 48063. What is the cause of this? ...

ID: 1695413
FAQ Abort during installation (OS-C30, OS-C41)

QUESTION: After mounting a new hard disk with OS-C30 or OS-C41, COROS LS-C can no longer be installed completely. There is an abort with the 2nd installation floppy disk. What could be the cause of this? ...

ID: 1214383
FAQ With COROS LS-C the BIOS date stops

QUESTION: I have reset the BIOS date once in the Year 2000 (see FAQ with Entry ID 803954 ). Why doesn't it continue correctly? ...

ID: 866354
FAQ Year 2000 changeover with COROS LS-C

QUESTION: With COROS LS-C stations with PC- or PG-based hardware do I have to reset the time in the year 2000. How should I proceed? ...

ID: 803954
FAQ Failure of the system time function ( OS-C10 , VDU2000 )

QUESTION: What are the causes of system time function failure ? ANSWER:...

ID: 35869
Product note Release for sale WF470-WIN

The software will be supplied on CD. German, English, French and Cyrillic will be available. A German version will be available effective 1.4.99; the foreign languages effective 01.06.99. This new software will replace the previous WF470 configuring software (6FM1470 6UA30 1MA.). The ZULIWF and K...

ID: 4295155
FAQ Behavior of COROS LS-C in the year 2000

QUESTION: - ANSWER: The following functions have been tested:...

ID: 405044
Product note COROS LS-C year-2000 update packages

With immediate effect, the year 2000 updates for COROS LS-C versions V5.0 and later are released for delivery _1. Product description_ The year-2000 upgrade kits to version V5.7 cover all COROS LS-C d ...

ID: 4294974
Product note COROS LS-C year 2000 update packages

Continuation of SIMATIC HMI User Information No.1998/06/002. (4) COROS LS-C OPEN COROS LS-C OPEN presents the same problems as COROS LS - C itself. In other words problems only arise on 29.02.2000. ...

ID: 4294961
FAQ Behavior of COROS IS-C in the Year 2000?

DESCRIPTION: IS-C version V2.0007 (Terminal firmware: V5.52 and V5.51) (the current versions were tested in each case)...

For products: 6AV1970-0MC00-0AA2, 6AV1970-0MC00-0AA1
ID: 702797
Product note Announcement of Type Deletion of COROS LS-C

Following a long and successful product life cycle of over 12 years, notice is hereby given that COROS LS-C is to be deleted as of 1/1/1998. _1. Type Deletion_ ...

ID: 4292178
Download Sample block for format adaptation of ANSI/IEEE standard formats and floating point formats in SIMATIC S5 notation

DESCRIPTION: The self-extracting file ansi_s5.exe contains IEEE:GP, the S5 function block, and a brief description (in German). The function block can be implemented for format adaptation of ANSI/IEEE standard formats and floating point formats in SIMATIC S5 notation. It includes the following functions: ANSI/IEEE format => S5 floating point format S5 floating point format => ANSI/IEEE format ANSI/IEEE format => ANSI/IEEE for ...

ID: 136429
FAQ Language change in COROS LS-C

QUESTION: How can you change the language in COROS LS-C? ANSWER: Call COROS basic menu, then press F1 - Configuration, F6 - Administration, F1 - System adaptation, F7 - Access paths. ...

ID: 35860
FAQ Replacement for SIGMA VGA card (OS-C30/C41)

PROBLEM: The replacement for the SIGMA VGA card can only be implemented in OS stations with multiplexer ...

ID: 212213
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