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FAQ What are the causes when connection to an OPC UA server fails?

When establishing a connection to an OPC UA server you should observe a number of points to make the process run smoothly.

ID: 109766709
FAQ Which SIMATIC HMI products and SITOP products support OPC UA?

Discover without time-consuming searching in the manuals the forms in which SIMATIC HMI products and SITOP products support OPC UA.

ID: 109763315
FAQ Which connectors and cables can you order for the distributed IO systems ET 200eco, ET 200eco PN and ET 200pro?

Overview of the connectors and cables that can be ordered for the distributed IO systems ET 200eco, ET 200eco PN and ET 200pro.

ID: 50102465
FAQ How do you put an RF2xxR ASCII into Scan mode?

The SIMATIC RF200 ASCII Reader offers the so-called Scan mode in addition to its Normal mode.

ID: 109761206
FAQ How to you format the user data of the Inventory command to match the Inventory data structure?

A SIMATIC RFID system can use an Inventory command to read out Inventory data from one or multiple transponders. In an S7-1200/S7-1500 controller this data is stored in an "Array of Byte" by the "Inventory" or "Ident Profile" function block. You can transfer the array to an existing data structure to make it easier to interpret.

ID: 109752738
FAQ Why do you get an error message when chaining commands in combination with the ident block "AdvancedCmd" or "Ident Profile"?

With Ident Profile and the AdvancedCmd block it is possible to send chained commands. Chained commands are sent completely to the reader without waiting for the result of the first command. This function makes it possible for you to execute different transponder commands with one single command start.

ID: 109750663
FAQ What are the options for backing up/restoring the configuration of the SIMATIC RF600 readers RF650R, RF680R and RF685R?

You have several options for backing up/restoring the configuration of the SIMATIC RF600 readers RF650R, RF680R and RF685R. Here is a list of these options each with a brief description.

ID: 109483482
FAQ How do you operate an ET 200M IM 153-2BAx1/-2BAx2 on a redundant ABB system, the AC800M?

The ABB system does not fully support the standard redundancy in accordance with "Specification Slave Redundancy V1.2, Nov. 2004 by the PROFIBUS User Organization; Order No: 2.212".

ID: 24220825
FAQ How can I resolve an "SFC" type conflict in projects with protected blocks in TIA Portal V13?

When the ident application blocks can`t be compile anymore after upgrading a project from TIA Portal V12 to TIA Portal V13, then use the solution which is shown in this entry.

ID: 98278916
FAQ Which labeling signs and lettering systems are available in IP65/IP67 for the distributed IO SIMATIC ET 200?

Description In this entry we show which labeling signs and lettering systems are available for the distributed IO SIMATIC ET 200. ...

ID: 99499649
FAQ How do you configure the module parameters and address the HW_CONNECT variable to connect the RF180C/ ASM456 to the S7-1200/ S7-1500 CPU with the "Ident Instructions" block library?

Description This FAQ response describes what you should watch out for when connecting the interface modules RF180C and ASM456 to a SIMATIC S7-1200/ S7-1500 CPU by means of the 'Ident Instructions' block library. ...

ID: 88779859
FAQ Why does the RF200/RF300 reader not recognize the transponder despite correct init run (RESET)?

Description You have correctly initialized the reader (the LED on the reader lights solid green). The attendance check is switched on in the reader. ...

ID: 86141008
FAQ Why do you get the error message MOBY-Error 03 when you execute a write or read command when connecting the RF630R to a CPU?

Description RF630R with antenna was connected to an interface module and parameterized with function block FB45. INIT Run of the reader has been executed without error message Data medium is recognized and presence bit set on the FB45 With the write or read command for processing the data medium the function block FB45 reports the error MOBY-Error 03 ...

ID: 84467237
FAQ How do you change the static IP address of an RFID 181EIP communication module V4.0?

Description The RFID 181EIP communication module requires an IP address for operating on the Ethernet. The RF181EIP V4.0 onwards is set to DHCP as delivered and for safety reasons it must be changed and set to a static IP. This IP address is assigned to the RFID 181EIP by the server concerned. ...

For products: 6GT2002-0JD20
ID: 68365281
FAQ Why does the read/write device not recognize the Moby D transponder?

Description When parameterizing the standard blocks, the parameter for the type of transponder is often forgotten. There are ISO and I-code transponders. You must configure the parameter field_ON_time in the standard block FC45/FB45 according to the type of transponder. Otherwise the read/write device does not recognize the transponder and cannot process it. ...

ID: 34602561
FAQ Which communication modules are available for connecting the MOBY U identification system to the automation level?

You connect the MOBY U Reader to standard field buses (like PROFIBUS or PROFINET) of the automation level (SIMATIC S7, for example) by means of the RS422 interface of communication modules. ...

ID: 65593352
FAQ How do you parameterize the RF180C V1.0 communication module with STEP 7 V5.5 and GSDML file V2.2?

Description The RF180C communication module is a module for operating RFID components via PROFINET IO on random controllers. ...

For products: 6GT2002-0JD00
ID: 56749117
FAQ How do you connect the MV440 sensor to an S7-300 controller using ASM456?

Description: Using the ASM456 interface module, you can connect the MV440 sensor to a SIMATIC S7-300 controller via PROFIBUS. Here, we show the settings required using a sample project that is available for downloading at the end of this entry. ...

For products: 6GF3440-0CD10, 6GF3440-0GE10, 6GT2002-0ED00
ID: 38845041
FAQ Why does the RFID standard block FB45 / FC45 report "error_bus 80A2" when using an RF170C?

Description: When parameterizing the RF170C communication module, you must set the DP Alarm Mode of the ET200pro header module to DPV1. ...

ID: 34515706
FAQ What should you watch out for when using an ASM456 in a Y-link (IM153)?

Description: If you are using the ASM456 in a Y-link (IM153), this might affect operation of the PROFIBUS. ...

ID: 32151540
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