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Download Support Packages for the hardware catalog in the TIA Portal (HSP)

Attached are the latest Support Packages for several TIA Portal versions ready for downloading.

ID: 72341852
Manual SIMATIC Ident Configuration Guide

07/2019, Operating Instructions

ID: 67384964
Application example RFID Basic Examples

With the SIMATIC Ident product portfolio, Siemens offers a wide range of hardware and software components to make your automation solutions as simple and efficient as possible. On the topic of RFID, we provide you with minimalist basic examples as a configuring aid for standard configurations to explain the basics of engineering.

ID: 109483416
Application example RFID basic examples: SIMATIC RF200 via RF170C

SIMATIC RF200 readers are integrated in a distributed manner into a control system via an ET 200pro via the RF170C communication module. The S7 block “ident blocks" or “ident profile" are used to control this configuration.

ID: 109483369
Application example RFID Basic Examples: SIMATIC RF300 via RF170C

Via the RF170C communication module, SIMATIC RF300 readers are integrated into a control system on a distributed basis using an ET 200pro. The “Ident” / “Ident Profile” S7 blocks are used to control this configuration.

ID: 109483370
Product note  New version V15 of the Ident Systems Software & Documentation DVD

Effective immediately, the Ident Systems Software & Documentation DVD (6GT2080-2AA20) will be delivered with version V15.

ID: 109768155
Catalog/Brochure Catalog ST 70: Products for Totally Integrated Automation-SIMATIC

2019, Catalog

ID: 109744167
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, RCM, ACMA

RCM (C-Tick), ACMA, Supplier's Declaration of Conformity Australia for Industrial Communication ABN 98 004 347 880

ID: 60501322
FAQ Which connectors and cables can you order for the distributed IO systems ET 200eco, ET 200eco PN and ET 200pro?

Overview of the connectors and cables that can be ordered for the distributed IO systems ET 200eco, ET 200eco PN and ET 200pro.

ID: 50102465
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, Manufacturer Declaration, Manufacturer

Declaration of Conformity EMC for Morocco for SIMATIC MV, SIMATIC RFID and SCALANCE products A5E46886796A/001

ID: 109764594
Catalog/Brochure Catalog IC 10 • 2019 - SIRIUS Industrial Controls

ID: 109747945
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, Manufacturer

EU-Declaration of Conformity for PROFIBUS I PROFINET and Indstrial Ethernet Communication Modules for Industrial Identification Products (RFID, OPTICAL READERS) PD-PA-CI-IID-0A2-151020

ID: 109482797
Manual SIMATIC Ident RFID systems Ident profile and Ident blocks, standard function for Ident systems

10/2018, Function Manual, C79000-G8976-C387-04

ID: 109762333
Certificate General Product Approval, China-RoHS, Manufacturer

Statement on the China RoHS directive, SIMATIC NET

ID: 109738732
Application example Performance data overview

It is important to estimate the response times in a system made up of controllers, distributed IO, PCs or also components of the industrial identification already during the planning phase of a plant. With measured performance data on industrial communication with SIMATIC S 7 components, you receive secure statements here.

ID: 25209605
Application example Determining the transmission time for typical RFID configurations between S7 stations and transponder

SIMATIC offers a versatile range of RFID systems for effective identification in production technology. In order to make the right choice in the concept phase of an RFID system, it is important to be able to assess the communication performance of a planned SIMATIC configuration.

ID: 82255083
Application example Industrial Identification with SIMATIC MV320 and MV340 via RF170C

The optical handheld readers SIMATIC MV320 and MV340 for 1D and 2D codes enable you to transfer the reading results directly to a SIMATIC PLC. For this purpose, the SIMATIC RF170C communication module can be used. Connection can be established via PROFINET or PROFIBUS.

ID: 109755705
Download PROFIBUS GSD files : ET 200pro

DESCRIPTION: Station type: ET 200pro (IM154-1AA01) Order no.: 6ES7 154-1AA01-0AB0...

ID: 21221197
Download PROFINET GSD files : ET 200pro

DESCRIPTION: Station type: IM154-4 PN HF Order no.: 6ES7 154-4AB00-0AB0, 6ES7 154-4AB10-0AB0, 6ES7 154-6AB00-0AB0, 6ES7 154-6AB50-0AB0 ...

ID: 21915937
Certificate General Product Approval, UL, UL

UL-Listing Canada: "Programmable Controllers " E248953

ID: 27840279
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