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FAQ Which licenses can you use for new SIMATIC NET PC software?

Up to and including the SIMATIC NET CD Edition 2005+HF1 (V6.3) it was possible to order the SIMATIC NET CD separately as an upgrade without the SIMATC NET license key in order to upgrade the SIMATIC NET PC software. Here, old SIMATIC NET license keys were accepted by new SIMATIC NET PC software, so that they could continue to be used.

ID: 22090049
FAQ Which versions of WinAC (Basis, RTX, Slot) and SIMATIC NET are compatible with each other?

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 21169761
FAQ SINAMICS S120, Line Modules: PROFINET Communication in TIA Portal

Question Which telegrams can be used in the TIA Portal V11/V12 for communication of a DRIVE-CLiQ feed on a CU320-2 PN? ...

ID: 80688690
FAQ What requirements must be fulfilled and what should I watch out for when executing Routing?

Description: The following requirements must be fulfilled for the 'Routing' function with SIMATIC S7 modules via MPI, PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet connections: ...

ID: 2383206
FAQ What are the special features of the changed startup behavior of the OPC data access server with SIMATIC NET CD Edition 2006?

Configuration note: When OPC groups are activated, the OPC DA server loaded with SIMATIC NET PC software CD Edition 2006 is initially only able to return 'OPC_QUALITY_WAITING_FOR_INITIAL_DATA=0x20' for items with VT_EMPTY-type data values. ...

ID: 24360824
FAQ Why do no PROFINET components appear in the primary setup tool or in STEP 7 -Display Accessible Nodes-?

  Description: Industrial Ethernet components can appear on the network in STEP 7 under 'Display Accessible Nodes', whereas PROFINET components cannot. The same applies in the primary setup tool, although the following message can also be displayed here: 'Error 1:232 A protocol error occurred'. ...

ID: 23585653
FAQ What options do I have for accessing an OPC server via an office network?

Configuration Notes: There are two possible options for making a remote connection from an OPC client: Remote connect via DCOM configuration ...

ID: 9126125
FAQ How can I update/upgrade or download SIMATIC NET software for Windows XP SP2?

Description: You must note the following points for updating/upgrading and downloading: SIMATIC NET older than version V6.3 is not released for Windows XP SP2. ...

ID: 21980615
FAQ How do you address variables areas of the SIMATIC S7-200 CPU via the SIMATIC NET OPC Scout?

Instructions: When addressing the data area of a SIMATIC S7-200 CPU via the OPC Scout, note that you must take into account the OPC server object model when creating a variables link. Access to the variables area is always via the DB1 of the S7-200 CPU. The example below of a variables area in DB1 of the S7-200 CPU explains how to proceed with SIMATIC NET OPC Scout. ...

ID: 14197487
FAQ SIMATIC NET CD - Installation

  Installing with the SIMATIC NET CD                          ...

ID: 21328217
FAQ Default properties of the DCOM-Interface under MS Windows XP

QUESTION: Where can I find the default properties of the DCOM-Interface under Microsoft Windows XP Professional? ...

ID: 16503255
ID: 12259435
FAQ Settings of the DPRAM area and interrupt for CP5412(A1)

QUESTIONS:   Which settings of the DPRAM area and interrupt are required for CP5412 (A1)? ...

ID: 19361452
FAQ East Asian Language Versions with SIMATIC NET V6.1

QUESTION:   How do I deinstall the SEA languages on my Panel PC 670 with WinXP MUI SEA, or how can I login onto, or shut down, my Panel PC 670 with WinXP MUI SEA after having installed SIMATIC NET V6.1 SP? ...

ID: 18630705
FAQ Which Details does Technical Support need regarding Inquiries on SIMATIC NET

QUESTION: Which Details does Technical Support need regarding Inquiries on SIMATIC NET? ...

ID: 18363915
FAQ Insert a Simatic PC station into an existing STEP 7 project with the commissioning wizard of the SIMATIC NET CD (starting at 07 /2001)

QUESTION: Can I insert a PC configuration into an existing STEP 7 project automatically which was created with the commissioning wizard of the SIMATIC NET PC software (starting at CD 07/2001)? ...

ID: 15120916
FAQ "Error during complete restart of the module" when downloading the PC station with STEP 7 or SIMATIC NCM PC

QUESTION: Why do I get the following error message when downloading the PC station: 'Error during complete restart of the module'? ...

ID: 17313385
FAQ Point-to-point connection via MPI between CPU and PC

QUESTION: Why doesn't my point-to-point connection from the PG/PC to the CPU via MPI work? ...

ID: 6895511
FAQ How do I create a Fetch/Write-connection (S5-compatible communication) to SIMATIC S7 for the SIMATIC NET-OPC Server via Ethernet with the SIMATIC NET CD 07/2001 or higher?

Instructions:   This example deals with a common network adapter which performs the Fetch/Write-Communication via the OPC Server with a S7-Control at the Ethernet-Network. ...

ID: 16649795
FAQ Teleprogramming via INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET with STEP 7

QUESTION: What settings do I have to make to be able to practice teleprogramming with STEP 7 via Industrial Ethernet? ...

ID: 1943727
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