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DP/RS 232C link
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Certificate General Product Approval, China-RoHS, Manufacturer

Statement to China-RoHS directive for SIMATIC ( Panel, ITC, IPC, PG, ET200x, S7-xx, LOGO!, Cables, Network Compontents... ) China-RoHS SIMATIC all V1.5

ID: 109738555
FAQ What is the difference between the PROFIsafe address types 1 and 2 in relation to the uniqueness of the PROFIsafe address?

The PROFIsafe address is for the unique addressing of the F IO and for protecting standard address mechanisms like IP addresses. Here, the uniqueness is defined differently with the F IO of the PROFIsafe address type 1 and with the F IO of the PROFIsafe address type 2. The differences are explained below.

ID: 109479905
Download PROFIBUS GSD files : LINK

DESCRIPTION: Station type: DP/DP Coupler, Release 2 Order no.: 6ES7 158-0AD01-0XA0...

ID: 113602
Catalog/Brochure Catalog IK PI - Industrial Communication SIMATIC NET

2015, Catalog, E86060-K6710-A101-B8-7600, E86060-K6710-A101-B8-7600

ID: 109745642
Catalog/Brochure Brochure - IO-Link for transparency down to the lowest field level

Simple wiring, fast fault diagnostics, efficient engineering

ID: 109750215
Certificate Marine / Shipping, PRS / Polski Rejestr Statkow, PRS (Polski Rejestr Statkow)

Polski Rejestr Statkow (PRS) for Programmable Logic Controller ET200 ...(English) Cert. TE/1900/883241/11

ID: 17056086
FAQ Why can't you connect PA slaves directly to an interface for PROFIBUS DP slaves?

Description: PROFIBUS PA slaves can only be connected to a DP/PA coupler or to a DP/PA link/coupler combination. ...

ID: 22729521
FAQ What must you watch out for when connecting PROFIBUS PA devices to the PROFIBUS DP?

  Configuration notes: These devices are connected to the PROFIBUS DP directly with a DP/PA coupler or via a DP/PA link. ...

ID: 21562130
FAQ How many DP/PA couplers can be operated after a DP/PA link?

  Configuration notes: You can operate up to five DP/PA couplers after a DP/PA link....

ID: 22729070
ID: 22730197
FAQ Connecting more than 125 DP slaves to a shared DP master system

QUESTION: Is there any way of connecting 130 DP slaves, for example, to a shared DP master? ...

ID: 16790859
FAQ Behavior of the DP/DP coupler when a master system fails

QUESTION:   How do I recognize failure of a DP master on the other side of the DP/DP coupler?  ...

ID: 18852586
FAQ Configuring I/O addresses with DP/AS-i Link 20E

QUESTION:   Can I configure different input and output addresses with the DP/AS-I Link 20E? ...

ID: 19992394
FAQ Mixed mode on the DP/DP coupler

QUESTION:   Can I use the DP/DP coupler (order number: 6ES7 158-0AD01-0XA0) to connect a DPV0 master with a DPV1 master? ...

ID: 19623232
FAQ Configuration of the I/O Data on DP/DP Coupler

QUESTION:   Why does the DP/DP coupler (6ES7 158-0AD0x-0XA0) not go into the faultless operation, although the sum of all I/O data was seemingly configured correctly on both sides? ...

ID: 19281019
FAQ Reading the input data of a DP slave configured by a different DP master

QUESTION:   Can a DP master read the input data of a DP slave configured by a different DP master? ...

ID: 19081112
FAQ Calling the diagnostics alarm OB (OB82) after starting up the DP/RS232C-Link

QUESTION:   Why is the diagnostics alarm OB (OB82) called after starting up the DP/RS232C-Link and how can I prevent this? ...

ID: 19101665
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