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SCALANCE W786 RJ45 for outdoor use
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FAQ How do you configure and diagnose the SCALANCE W devices via SNMP?

The SCALANCE W devices can be configured and diagnosed with SNMP. This document describes frequently used OIDs to adapt various options.

ID: 109765124
FAQ Which quantity frameworks hold for a SCALANCE W client module that is configured as L2T client?

If you are operating multiple nodes on a SCALANCE W client and would like to transfer PROFINET IO data cyclically, then the sum of the user data of all the nodes must not exceed a value of 2300 bytes per cycle.

ID: 26562314
FAQ How do you set up a WDS connection between SCALANCE W modules?

WDS stands for "Wireless Distribution System" and is the wireless connection of multiple access points (APs) with each other in order to extend the range of a radio network without having to connect the extension access points via Ethernet.

ID: 23584230
FAQ How do you download the 3D, CAx and ePLAN data for the SIMATIC products?

You can use the CAx download manager to access the latest product data for your CAD or CAE system.

ID: 89671877
FAQ Which SCALANCE W products with Standard 802.11n replace the old devices without Standard 802.11n?

With the implementation of the new WLAN Standard 802.11n in the SCALANCE W products, the modules have been completely innovated and the old devices discontinued. The new devices cannot be used as replacements for the old devices.

ID: 109479635
FAQ How do you insert a C-PLUG or what is the purpose of a C-PLUG?

The C-PLUG (configuration plug) is an interchangeable medium on which the configuration data of a device is automatically saved. This enables you to exchange a defective module simply by replugging the C-PLUG to a new module.

ID: 24030688
FAQ What do you do when you get the error message "No Write Access because PROFINET Device is in Data Exchange"?

This error message is displayed when you want to change parameters in a PROFINET IO device but an "Application Relation" (AR) has been established between the IO controller and the IO device.

ID: 109754932
FAQ What can you do if your SCALANCE W700 can no longer be reached via WBM or CLI?

Below are possible causes for you no longer being able to reach the SCALANCE W700 via the Web Based Management (WBM) or the Command Line Interface (CLI).

ID: 109755370
FAQ How do you record the network traffic on the SCALANCE W with Wireshark?

The SCALANCE W devices with firmware V6.1 (CLI) and higher and V6.2 (WBM and CLI) and higher support the "Remote Capture" function. The "Remote Capture" function permits you to record the network traffic from remote interfaces at the Access Point with Wireshark.

ID: 109750887
FAQ Why is the WLAN client connected to the Access Point but the PROFINET connection to the distributed IO is not established and what does the MAC mode do on the WLAN client?

With a SCALANCE W that is parameterized as WLAN client you can set 4 different MAC modes. The MAC mode decides how the WLAN client behaves with respect to the Access Point and whether the PROFINET connection to the distributed IO can be established.

ID: 109474556
FAQ Which ports are used by the various services for data transfer via TCP and UDP and what should you watch out for when using routers and firewalls?

The various services each use their own port for data transfer via TCP and UDP.

ID: 8970169
FAQ SCALANCE W: Which five "additional channels" are available to you thanks to SRD without radar recognition?

With SCALANCE W firmware V6.1 and higher the channels have been released for short-range radio / SRD (Short Range Devices). You can use channels 149 to 165 of the SCALANCE W network components for the Short Range Devices in compliance with the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) standard.

ID: 109747065
FAQ What information do you get from the signal recorder of the SCALANCE W components?

The signal recorder is a useful tool for obtaining initial information about the transmitting aperture illumination and connection quality of a plant. The signal recorder is available in the SCALANCE W components with firmware version V5.2 and higher.

ID: 109470655
FAQ How do you read out the connection information of an access point about its clients via SNMP?

Using SNMP you have the option of acquiring system and diagnostics information from a device that supports SNMP. This includes the connection information of an IWLAN Access Point SCALANCE W.

ID: 109744342
FAQ Which information does Technical Support need regarding inquiries about SCALANCE products?

In order to have the Technical Support answer a service request precisely and quickly, a description as precise as possible of the unclear issue is necessary. Below is a list of the information required by the Technical Support for inquiries about SCALANCE products.

ID: 109738574
FAQ What are the protection classes of the electrical equipment of automation technology?

Electrical equipment must be of a specific protection class corresponding to its loading through foreign objects and water in compliance with DIN EN 60529.

ID: 109737167
FAQ What is the meaning of the message about different firmware versions with a PROFINET IO device and how do you use the Online Diagnostics for network components?

In the diagnostics status of a PROFINET IO device there is message when the configured version of the firmware is different to the version loaded in the device.

ID: 109486120
FAQ What information do you obtain with the spectrum analyzer of a SCALANCE W access point?

How to operate the spectrum analyzer of the SCALANCE W access points firmware V5.2 and higher and the information you can obtain.

ID: 109483544
FAQ How and for what do you use the the script function in SCALANCE products?

The script function permits end users to download Command Line Interface (CLI) command sequences from a text file and immediately execute them.

ID: 109483262
FAQ How do you find the UL certificates for SIMATIC modules?

The following instructions show you how to find the UL certificate on our Support pages taking the example of an S7-1500 digital input module (article number: 6ES7 521-1BL00-0AB0).

ID: 102840331
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