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Mobile Wireless Antennas
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Application example Monitoring Energy Consumption with LOGO! 8 and LOGO! CMR (Set 2)

The energy consumption of street lights can be monitored by means of a LOGO! 8 connected to an energy meter. If the energy consumption is above or short of a certain value, a warning message is sent by the LOGO! CMR via SMS. In addition, it is possible at any time to request the current energy consumption via SMS.

ID: 109062859
Catalog/Brochure Catalog ST 70: Products for Totally Integrated Automation-SIMATIC

2019, Catalog

ID: 109744167
Application example SIMATIC S7-based Telecontrol via DNP3 Protocol

The control station communicates with the outstations via Ethernet using the DNP3 telecontrol protocol.

ID: 87447188
Application example Time-controlled lighting with LOGO! 8 and LOGO! CMR (Set 1)

The lighting is controlled by LOGO! 8. This is connected to a LOGO! CMR. By selecting different operating modes, you decide whether the lighting is switched on or off at sunset or sunrise. In addition, it is possible to manually enter a switch-on or switch-off time for the lighting via SMS or locally on site.

ID: 109063024
Product note  Elimination of yellow inspection stickers on SCALANCE modules

 Elimination of yellow inspection stickers on SCALANCE modules

ID: 109766528
Application example Connecting a SIMATIC RTU3030C to a Control Center Running SIMATIC WinCC TeleControl

The battery-powered SIMATIC RTU3030C monitor the fill level of remote rain overflow basins. At regular intervals, the RTUs log on to the cellular network and establish secure VPN tunnels to the SINEMA Remote Connect Server in the control center.

ID: 109743687
Application example Monitoring of Remote Measuring Points using an RTU3030C and TeleControl Server Basic V3.1

The battery-powered SIMATIC RTU3030C monitor processes in remote plants. The RTUs log into the cellular network at configured time intervals and transmit current data to the TeleControl Server Basic in your control center. In order to display the data, you can use any OPC UA client. Optionally, the communication can be secured via a VPN tunnel.

ID: 109739240
Catalog/Brochure Catalog IC 10 • 2019 - SIRIUS Industrial Controls

ID: 109747945
Certificate General Product Approval, China-RoHS, Manufacturer

Statement on the China RoHS directive, SIMATIC NET

ID: 109738732
Manual SIMATIC NET: Glossary - Specialist terms

11/2017, Reference Manual, C79000-G8976-C259-07

ID: 50305045
Certificate Railway, Confirmation, Manufacturer

Declaration of Conformity für SCALANCE M - Mobile Radio Antenna PD-PA-CI-IWC-Rail-002-161130

For products: 6GK5896-6MH00-0AA0
ID: 109743821
Certificate General Product Approval, Manufacturer Declaration, Manufacturer

CCC Statement regarding the CCC certificate -

ID: 109743044
Product note Unrestricted delivery release: ANT896-6MM Antenna

Effective immediately, the ANT896-6MM antenna has been released by PD PA CI for delivery. The E1 approval for the antennas has been granted.

For products: 6GK5896-6MM00-0AA0
ID: 109739949
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, RCM, ACMA

RCM (C-Tick), ACMA, Supplier's Declaration of Conformity Australia for Industrial Communication and Identification ABN 98 004 347 880

ID: 109485656
Application example Communication between two LOGO! Controllers by means of LOGO! CMR and SMS

In order to supply a remote, elevated region with water, a water reservoir is installed and filled by a pump in the valley. The pump is to be switched on and off, depending from the filling level of the water reservoir.

ID: 109483740
Application example Safety for Buildings with LOGO! 8 and LOGO! CMR (Set 12)

The LOGO! 8 and the LOGO! CMR can be used to monitor a building and notify the user locally or via SMS in the event of a risk.

ID: 108416478
Product note Sales and limited delivery release: Mobile network antennas ANT896-6MH and ANT896-6MM, antenna connection cables for railway applications and SMA/SMA elbow adapters

The mobile network antennas ANT896-6MH and ANT896-6MM, the antenna connection cables for railway applications with connection versions N/SMA Male/Male, N/RSMA Male/Male, N/N Male/Male and QMA/N Male/Female in various lengths, as well as the elbow adapters SMA/SMA Male/Female are released with immediate effect for sale by PD PA CI. Start of delivery is 15 September 2015 and is subject to the following constraint.

ID: 109479886
Manual ANT896-6MH (omni antenna 0.79/ 2.7 GHz) - Operating instructions

03/2015, Operating Instructions, C79000-8974-C396-01

For products: 6GK5896-6MH00-0AA0
ID: 107536676
Catalog/Brochure Catalog IK PI - Industrial Communication SIMATIC NET

2015, Catalog, E86060-K6710-A101-B8-7600, E86060-K6710-A101-B8-7600

ID: 109745642
Catalog/Brochure Katalog IK PI - 2015, Kap. 7: Industrial Remote Communication


ID: 109765556
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