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Pushbutton Units and Indicator Lights SIRIUS 3SB3, 3SB1, 3SF5
Product note
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Product note Discontinuation of Labeling Plates 3SB3902-0.. and 3SB3903-0.. as per 10/01/2011

Labeling plates 3SB3902-0.. and 3SB3903-0.. will be discontinued as per 10/01/2011. The substitutes are completely identical with the discontinued order numbers. ...

ID: 53421747
Product note Product Discontinuation of Accessories: Enclosure Nut for Plastic Version 3SB3931-0AB

The enclosure nut for the plastic version will be discontinued as per 09/30/2011. Date for the Product Discotinuation : 2011-09-30...

For products: 3SB3931-0AB
ID: 51120781
Product note Delivery release: EMERGENCY-STOP Complete Devices with Mounting-Monitored Contact Block

EMERGENCY-STOP mushroom pushbuttons are now also offered as complete devices with mounting-monitored contact blocks. Date for the Release for Delivery : 2011-01-17...

ID: 48395506
Product note Mall configurator for SIRIUS 3SB3/3SF5 pushbuttons and indicator lights

Mall configurator for SIRIUS 3SB3/3SF5 pushbuttons and indicator lights – the integrated full-range portfolio for all applications. ...

ID: 41993251
Product note Delivery release: Oil-Resistant EMERGENCY-STOP Actuator

EMERGENCY-STOP actuator for extreme ambient conditions Date for the Release for Delivery : 2009-12-21...

For products: 3SB3500-1HA20-0PA0, 3SB3500-1FA20-0PA0
ID: 41154989
Product note Product Discontinuation: Discontinuation AS-Interface F-Adapters 3SF5402-1AA01 for EMERGENCY-STOP

Date for the Product Discotinuation : 2010-04-30...

For products: 3SF5402-1AA01
ID: 39175938
Product note Delivery release: AS-Interface F-Adapter for EMERGENCY-STOP Actuator 3SB3 with Insulation Piercing

The AS-Interface F-adapter serves the connection of an EMERGENCY-STOP commanding device from the 3SB3 range to the bus system AS-Interface. ...

For products: 3SF5402-1AB05, 3SF5402-1AA05
ID: 39013298
Product note BG Certification for the Contact with Mounting Monitoring 3SB34*

A BG approval is now available for the new contact....

For products: 3SB3400-0M, 3SB3403-0M
ID: 37410572
Product note Discontinuation of Symbol Collection DIN 30600 - Technical Report 4

Ordering of symbols for commanding and signaling devices...

ID: 31383612
Product note Delivery release: EMERGENCY-STOP Mushroom Pushbutton with Mechanical Switch Position Indicator

Introduction of a new 3SB3 EMERGENCY-STOP mushroom pushbutton with front mechanical switch position indicator. Date for the Release for Delivery : 2008-06-16...

For products: 3SB3500-1HA26, 3SB3000-1HA26
ID: 29586428
Product note Delivery release: Mounting-Monitored Switching Element and General Information on 3SB3

New: Mounting-monitored switching element / designation 'Emergency-OFF' changed to 'Emergency-STOP' / introduction hyper LED / reference to catalog error ...

For products: 3SB3400-0M, 3SB3403-0M
ID: 27023795
Product note 3SB3 Introduction of New Standard Components

Reset button in blue; double pushbutton, illuminated with pictographs; AS Interface enclosure with M12 plug ...

ID: 26093684
Product note New Floor Plates for Metal Enclosures (3SB3873SF581*)

New floor plates for improved accommodation / lateral stability of floor-mounted switching elements. Empty enclosures on stock as of CW 4, stocks for complete enclosures cleared by CW 10 at the latest. ...

ID: 25037475
Product note EMERGENCY-STOP Mushroom Pushbutton with a Green Ring as Optical Position Indicator

  EMERGENCY-STOP position indicator...

ID: 24182991
Product note Discontinuation of Special Closures for 3SB3 Key-Operated Switches

  Discontinuation of special closures for RONIS & O.M.R. key-operated switches ...

ID: 23971590
Product note 3SB3 Label Inscription

  Standardization of all inscription and drawing texts on the 3SB designation labels. ...

ID: 23322202
Product note 3SB3/3SF5: Coupling Elements Available for our Plastic Enclosures E-Mail Address for Order Forms

Abstract of the subject: New coupling elements available for plastic enclosures: 3SB3901-0CS: M20 – M20;...

For products: 3SB3901-0CU, 3SB3901-0CS, 3SB3901-0CT
ID: 23114972
Product note SIRIUS 3SB3 / 3SF5 NEWS

SIRIUS 3SB3 / 3SF5 NEWS Two-hand operator panel (metal) with a new design The new metal two-hand operator panels have been adapted to the molded plastic versions and are now available. The new metal version is as easy to mount as the established molded plastic version. The base plate is included ...

ID: 22785548
Product note Release for general availability, pushbutton panel PP031-MC

As was announced in Prodok 98/151, effective immediately PP031-MC has been released for availability from week 24 together with PP031-MC/HR. In addition to the standard versions, project-specific equipped versions can be supplied directly from the factory with Order Nos. 6FC5203-0AD26- 0AA0 and 6...

ID: 4230639
Product note Product announcement, Push Button Panel PP031-MC

Today's PP031 pushbutton panel has widely established itself, especially in automobile projects. In discussions with end customers and machine OEMs, we have received various requests regarding expanded functionality and flexibility of use, which will be implemented in the new PP031-MC. The schedu...

ID: 4229326
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