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FAQ How do you use the Unified Write Filter in Windows 10?

You can use the Unified Write Filter in Windows 10 by utilizing the input prompt or the Windows PowerShell.

ID: 109759859
FAQ Why do problems occur when operating SIMATIC devices with touch screen displays?

In industrial environments it might happen that electromagnetic fields interfere with the functionality of SIMATIC devices with touch screen displays. Although the SIMATIC products have been tested and certified in compliance with the relevant CE standards, it is possible that additional connected devices (USB, VGA, LAN, etc.) nevertheless cause EMC problems and affect the SIMATIC devices.

ID: 109759818
FAQ How do you install .NET Framework 3.5 on SIMATIC IPCs (for WinCC TIA Portal, STEP 7 TIA Portal or WinCC V7, for example)?

Retro-installing .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016

ID: 109745988
FAQ How resistant to chemicals are the SIMATIC HMI operator panels and Industrial PCs?

Information about the chemical resistance of the fronts/surfaces of our SIMATIC HMI operator panels.

ID: 39718396
FAQ How many industrial monitors (IFPs) can you connect to one SIMATIC IPC?

You can connect 1 to 3 monitors to a SIMATIC IPC. The maximum distance is limited by the transmission technology implemented and can be up to 100m.

ID: 109483774
FAQ Important settings when using Motion Control functions with an Open or Software Controller

If you are using a software controller on a SIMATIC IPC without NVRAM, it might happen that if the IPC is not shut down properly, there is data loss, the absolute value encoder adjustment, for example.

ID: 109758852
FAQ How do you enable operation via multi-touch?

You are using an input device that supports multi-touch. However, inputs via the touch-sensitive display are not recognized correctly or not at all.

ID: 109752279
FAQ What is the meaning of the error entries in the Application EventLog with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB?

In Windows 10, through special hardware features the LTSB Service Channel from Microsoft permits the operating system to be properly licensed and used unrestrictedly without activation. With the SIMATIC IPCs this modification is made with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB preinstalled ex works.

ID: 109751611
FAQ Why does calling "gpedit.msc", the editor for local group policies, lead to an error message?

Calling "gpedit.msc", the editor for local group policies, can lead to an error message of the administrative templates after the initial start or after a reinstallation of the MUI operating system.

ID: 109749575
FAQ How do you call the right-click pop-up menu on a SIMATIC IPC with touch screen?

A right-click over the touch screen can be implemented in different ways depending on the operating system and touch technology used.

ID: 109743263
FAQ Why does the internal PC communication with the S7-1500 Software Controller not function without a connection Ethernet cable?

Internal PC communication connections can be established via the PC's network interface without using a network cable. For this to work properly you must disable the "Media Sensing" function.

ID: 109740471
FAQ How do you shorten the update process of Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 after reinstallation or after an image restore?

Optimum procedure for installing the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 updates.

ID: 109742166
FAQ Why are USB 3.0 devices recognized by Windows even though the USB port is disabled?

USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces have to be disabled separately.

ID: 109742381
FAQ Which modules of the Siemens portfolio support PROFIenergy functions?

In production sites, breaks occur consistently. With PROFIenergy you can turn off specific consumers that are not needed during the break and in this way significantly reduce energy costs.

ID: 95848378
FAQ On the Microsoft Windows license sticker (CoA sticker), why is there a silver scratch-off panel that partially covers the product key?

The silver scratch-off panel is an additional security feature to protect the product key against unauthorized use by third parties.

ID: 109744977
FAQ How can you have all the diagnostics data displayed on a SIMATIC IPC with the software SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor?

If the DiagMonitor running in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 only shows the status of the hard disks and the number of operating hours, then you should install the Microsoft updates KB3033929 and KB2921916.

ID: 109743291
FAQ With IPC6x7D / IPC8x7D why is it necessary to do a BIOS update prior to using the software SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator V3.x?

With IPCs of the type IPC6x7D and IPC8x7D with an old BIOS it might happen that the IPC no longer starts after a reboot triggered by the software "SIMATIC Image&Partition Creator". To avoid this you update the BIOS.

ID: 109485719
FAQ Why might a Windows error message be displayed when a SIMATIC IPCs are started up for the first time?

What this error message means and how to remedy it: "The Computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows Installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the Computer, and then restart the Installation."

ID: 109485784
FAQ How do you speed up the opening of the "Onscreen Keyboard" with SIMATIC IPCs?

With the SIMATIC IPCs it can take a long time for the "Onscreen Keyboard" software to open, depending on the type. The behavior might occur if an IO field has been selected in WinCC Advanced Runtime and the "Onscreen Keyboard" is supposed to open.

ID: 62612047
FAQ What options exist for ordering missing plug-in terminal strips for the power supply of Panels, Panel PCs and Box PCs?

Specific plug-in terminal strips are required to assemble power supply cables for operator panels. This entry shows you the options for procuring these terminal strips.

ID: 14353804
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