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Product note List of software packages with SIMATIC IPC

The list of available software packages (software with SIMATIC IPC) has been updated.

ID: 99860269
Product note SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor – New delivery options

The SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor can now be ordered on a USB flash drive or via Online Software Delivery (OSD).

ID: 109764172
Product note Cancellation of the option SSD 80 GB for SIMATIC IPC627D/827D/677D

The option SSD 80 GB is no longer offered.

ID: 109762391
Product note SIMATIC IPC Operating System Packages for Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016

The SIMATIC IPCs can be ordered ex works with various pre-installed and turnkey operating systems.

ID: 109753875
Product note Phase-out code for SSD option 80 GB with SIMATIC IPC627D/827D/677D

The SSD option "80 GB" is assigned the status "phase out". The end of the availability for orders depends on the incoming orders and is scheduled for around July 2018 or later.

ID: 109757354
Product note SIMATIC IPC627D/827D/677D - 3.5" SATA hard disk upgrade to 500 GB/1 TB

We will introduce higher capacities for SIMATIC IPC hard disks (SATA HDD, 3.5") in the near future. This hard disk upgrade does not change the price and the order numbers remain the same.

ID: 109756043
Product note New option for SIMATIC IPC627D/IPC827D/677D: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB 64-bit MUI

The LTSB product version of Windows 10 Enterprise is especially suitable for use in industrial applications and will replace Windows 7 in the long term.

ID: 109755148
Product note SIMATIC IPC627D/827D/677D - New scope of delivery: USB flash drive replaces DVD media

The scope of delivery for SIMATIC IPCs will be changed in the near future. This change involves the media supplied for documentation, drivers and operating systems. In the future, this data will be provided on a USB flash drive instead of various DVDs.

ID: 109756048
Product note Windows 10 for SIMATIC IPC627D/IPC827D/677D is available for delivery effective immediately.

For the SIMATIC IPC627D, SIMATIC IPC 827D and SIMATIC 677D, "Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2015, 64-bit, MUI" is immediately available as an option (IoT: Internet of Things, LTSB: Long Term Servicing Branch).

ID: 109744061
Product note Available now: SIMATIC IPC DiagBase V1.5.1 (software) for SIMATIC IPC

The new version of the diagnostics tool "SIMATIC IPC DiagBase" can now be downloaded free of charge from the Service&Support pages of Industry Automation & Drive Technologies. Additional information is available on the download page. Internet: Entry ID: 29316343

ID: 109478168
Product note The IPC Configurator options SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor und Image & Partition Creator are being updated.

As of 05/2015, the software products SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor and SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator, which can be ordered with the Configurator, will be updated. The order numbers will not be changed.

ID: 109476950
Product note Released for Delivery: Hard Disk in Swap Frame for SIMATIC IPCs627D/827D/677D

The new option "Hard Disk in Swap Frame" is now available for the Industrial PCs SIMATIC IPC627D/827D/677D. This option increases the service friendliness and system availability of SIMATIC IPCs.

ID: 109469883
Product note Available now: SIMATIC IPC DiagBase V1.5.0 (software) for SIMATIC IPC

The latest version of the diagnostic tool "SIMATIC IPC DiagBase V1.5.0" is now available for free download from the Service&Support pages of Industry Automation & Drive Technologies. More information is provided on the download page on the Internet: Entry ID: 29316343

ID: 109474669
Product note WES7 P Option Released for SIMATIC IPC627D / 827D / 677D

With immediate effect (11/2014) the configuration option Windows Embedded Standard 7 Professional (WES7 P) has been released for delivery for the Industry-PCs SIMATIC IPC627D / IPC827D / IPC677D. ...

ID: 106369490
Product note Delivery Release for SIMATIC IPC677D with 15" Multitouch Option

The Industry PC SIMATIC IPC677D is now optionally available with 15' multitouch front. ...

For products: 6AV7260-.....-...., 6AV7260-0....-....
ID: 106369431
Product note The SIMATIC IPC677D with single-touch fronts in 15" and 19" is now available.

The SIMATIC IPC677D industrial PC is now available with 15' or 19' single-touch fronts. ...

ID: 101096916
Product note Delivery Release for SIMATIC IPC677D with Multitouch fronts in 19" and 22"

The SIMATIC IPC677D is now optionally available with 19' or 22' Multitouch fronts. ...

ID: 97649572
Product note Updated List of Software Packages with SIMATIC IPCs & New Packages with WinCC V13

The list of software packages available with SIMATIC IPCs has been updated.  For packages with WinCC V13, there are new order numbers due to changed system requirements. ...

ID: 89598678
Product note SIMATIC IPC677D (Panel PC) Released for Delivery

The SIMATIC IPC677D featuring the latest Intel Core i technology is herewith released for delivery. ...

For products: 6AV7260-2....-...., 6AV7260-.....-....
ID: 87602726
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