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SIMATIC Flat Panel
Product note
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Product note Discontinuation Flat Panel Monitor 15" keyboard device in 4:3 format

The 15" Flat Panel Monitor in keyboard design in 4:3 format has been discontinued and is now only available as spare part.

For products: 6AV7861-2KB10-1AA0
ID: 109752618
Product note Product discontinuation: Flat Panel 12" (4:3)

The 12" Flat Panel monitors in 4:3 format are being discontinued with immediate effect. Remaining stock has been sold off.

ID: 109750314
Product note Product phase-out Flat Panel 10.4" in 4:3 format

The flat panel monitor with 10.4" display diagonal in 4:3 format was declared a phase-out product as of July 5, 2016. Discontinuation is scheduled for July 1, 2018.

For products: 6AV7461-7TA00-0AA1
ID: 109748756
Product note Product phase-out Flat Panel 12" in 4:3 format

All flat panel monitors with 12" display diagonal in 4:3 format were declared phase-out products as per Oct. 1, 2016. Discontinuation is scheduled for October 1, 2017.

ID: 109743613
Product note Delivery release of Industrial Flat Panels IFP2200 PRO and IFP1900 PRO suitable for support arm and extension components

The Industrial Flat Panel IFP2200 PRO" and IFP1900 PRO suitable for support arm and extension components with new all-round IP65 protection are immediately released for delivery

ID: 109740539
Product note Delivery release for IFP1900 and IFP2200 Ethernet monitors

The new variants of the SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panel monitors with Ethernet connection are released for delivery.

ID: 109478969
Product note Delivery release Industrial Flat Panel IFP1900 PRO

The new Industrial Flat Panel PC IFP1900 PRO in 19" design with all-round IP65 degree of protection is now released for delivery!

ID: 109478696
Product note Extension Units KP8 Released for Delivery

The Extension Units KP8 and the associated starter packages are herewith released for delivery. They are required for use of the new Key Panels (KP8) together with the SIMATIC HMI PRO units. ...

ID: 50817858
Product note Flat Panel Monitors: Phase-out of the 17" Touchscreen Front

With immediate effect, the 17' touchscreen model of the Flat Panel is being phased out. As an alternative, the fully compatible 19' versions are available. ...

ID: 43676095
Product note IP65 Stainless Steel Keyboard for SIMATIC HMI PRO Devices available now

The IP65 stainless steel keyboard for SIMATIC HMI PRO devices is the perfect supplement for the comfortable entry of larger amounts of data. ...

ID: 43266052
Product note SIMATIC Flat Panel 12" and 15" Key Monitors Released for Delivery

The spectrum of industrial Flat Panel monitors has been expanded: The new key units with 12' and 15' screen diagonal are herewith released for immediate delivery. ...

For products: 6AV7861-2KB10-1AA0, 6AV7861-1KB10-1AA0
ID: 40943603
Product note Delivery Release: SIMATIC HMI SCD1900 (19" Widescreen Monitor)

The new SCD1900 in 19' widescreen format represents an innovative and at the same time low-priced product for the visualization in the PC environment. The device is available ex stock. ...

ID: 35941903
Product note SIMATIC Flat Panel PRO 19" Monitor Released for Delivery

The new SIMATIC Flat Panel PRO 19' monitor has been released for delivery. It is an industrial grade monitor for mounting directly on a support arm. The unit has allround IP 65 degree of protection and can be mounted up to 30m away from the PC. ...

For products: 6AV7861-6TB10-1AA0
ID: 34792819
Product note SIMATIC Flat Panels (extended): ATEX 22, Shipbuilding Certifications

All Flat Panel monitors (extended) now possess the shipbuilding certifications from the leading organizations. The 17' and 19' units possess the ATEX 22 certification (EX dust protection) in addition. ...

ID: 30321173
Product note New SIMATIC Fully Enclosed HMI Units Released for Delivery

  The new fully enclosed SIMATIC HMI units are designed for mounting on a support arm or stand support.   The new SIMATIC Flat Panel Monitor PRO 15' and SIMATIC Thin Client PR ...

ID: 31626140
Product note SIMATIC Panel PC 477B/ 577B / 677 / 677B / Flat Panel Monitors: Increase of Max. Ambient Temperature to 50 °C

The maximum permissible ambient temperature during the operation for most models of the Panel PC 477B Panel PC 577B Panel PC 677 Panel PC 677B Flat Panel Monitor ...

ID: 29649143
Product note Delivery Release: SIMATIC Flat Panel Monitors with new Touch Controller

Effective immediately, the Flat Panel Monitors of the older type are equipped with a new touch controller, and 19' models with a touch sensor possessing even higher linearity. The new devices are fully compatible with and replace the previous ones. These devices will be discontinued after the rem...

ID: 29247163
Product note New HMI Accessory Part: Touch Stylus available (Sales/Delivery Release)

As a new accessory part for HMI touchscreen devices, a touchscreen stylus for mounting next to the HMI device is now available. ...

ID: 27098313
Product note Delivery Release: SIMATIC Flat Panel Monitors 17" and "Extended"

The range of the flat panel monitors has been considerably expanded. The new 'Extended' models with extended function scope and the units with 17' screen size are hereby released for delivery. Initial deliveries have been taking place since the beginning of April 2007. Concerning the announc...

ID: 25502809
Product note Delivery Release: SIMATIC Flat Panel Monitors

  Effective immediately, the new SIMATIC Flat Panel Monitors are available for delivery.  ...

ID: 21896260
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